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Started by Sweet Brew, 2016 Jul 19, 04:16:19

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Sweet Brew

So me, PeaceKeeper and Blue Cute pegesus all got this awesome idea.
We were all laughing our heads off at some of these WikiHows and wanted to share them, but namely we wanted you to share funny ones you've found as well!

Here are some starters! ^-^

How to act like an animal
How to be a Brony
How to act like Discord
How to tell them you are a brony

Look for other funny 'WikiHow' articles and post them yourself!
Though could have funny pictures or just be funny in nature.
Just make sure they apply to all forum rules, so read the whole thing before you post it!

Peace Keeper

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Representing the Element of Peace, my name is Peacekeeper, and I am an Evershade Crusader. I am also a proud member of Chat-o-Landia. My talent is preventing conflict and maintaining order.


2016 Jul 19, 20:59:37 #2 Last Edit: 2016 Jul 19, 21:01:51 by CrabApple

Honestly whoever they hired as an artist needs to work on facial expressions lol

Blue Cute Pegasus

there there, have more weirdos wikihow post XD

How to Explore Brony Culture

Im blue cute pegasus :3
I <3 making friends :D

Sweet Brew

Quote from: CrabApple on 2016 Jul 19, 20:59:37

Connection? :3

Quote from: Blue Cute Pegasus on 2016 Jul 19, 23:43:37
there there, have more weirdos wikihow post XD

How to Explore Brony Culture

In number 16, the girl on the left has a "What the derp???" face on! lol

How to act like a wolf!
How to act like an owl!

No, it will not make you more like Adam Young.

Midnight Breeze

They also have a long-lost step-sister called Howcast on Youtube. It seems to just be a generic life advice vlog for the most part, but some of their videos are really frickin' weird.

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