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Started by lazyloll, 2015 Feb 06, 13:46:40

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I love the Spyro the Dragon series for the PSX. Although i haven't played all the games, it made my childhood magical and memorable cause of it.

I still miss jumping from a tall cliff and gliding my way to a faraway island just to grab a chest filled with rich jewels.

Or maybe just rampaging around at high speeds, bullcharging the monsters to oblivion!  lol

I think i'll get to it again someday...  :c

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I loved Spyro!

Spyro Year of the Dragon was my first Playstation game, and it was so cute, fun and colorful...!

I went back eventually to play the other two. The first game wasn't as good, but it came out at a time when 3D platforming was a brand new concept, so of course it's not going to be perfect.

Ripto's rage however was fantastic. Flawed I'm sure, but I remember it far exceeding my expectations.

As for any games beyond those first 3, I remember getting annoyed by lag and loading screens, so I didn't really play much after that lol

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I found the original trilogy of Spyro games on my PS3's PSN.

If I ever have the money, I'll consider getting them.

But there were a few games after that which were slightly okay so I don't know how I'm supposed to get them. Not that it matters though.

We'll see.

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