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Soooo...Rayman, anyone? Rayman is my most favourite game series, next to Spyro the dragon, so any other Rayman fans out there? ;) (And I'm not talking about Raving Rabbids but if you're a fan of that that's cool too) Also, what is your favourite Rayman game? 2 and 3 are tied for me...

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rayman legends


When I was younger I played Rayman 2 The great escape, I still like that game a lot till this day, and it was really hard too, also played origin and legends I think it was called where they take it back to its roots of sidescroller.
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Rayman is pretty cool! I remember playing Rayman for PC. It was pretty challenging, and fun to boot ^-^
I still have yet to beat it to this day, though.... I really aught to fix that!


All I'll say is this:
RAYMAN M. (Or Rayman: Arena, elsewhere)
I loved and hated this game as a child, but I definitely loved it more than hated it.
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Rayman was and still is a great game series! The cartoonish style, the characters, the gameplay, the levels.
I just loved the games.
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BTW, Rayman Legends is FREE on Xbox One for March.

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