Cats or Dogs?

Started by bobbykill201, 2014 Dec 23, 15:07:09

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Which pet is better?

16 (69.6%)
4 (17.4%)
I can't decide
3 (13%)

Total Members Voted: 20

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I personally like cats better, I just find to be related to them, in a way  ovO
But if people like dogs better, that's fine. :)


i'm more a of a dog person, i had(and still have) my first dog since the age of 9, then i got another one 6 years ago and my grandmother has 6 dogs in her house,so i grew liking more dogs, i like cats too but they are a bit unpredictable, one moment they're playing and in a second they can scratch you all over for no apparent reason(like a cat from a friend sometimes she comes and sit besides me or start playing then all of a sudden the next thing i feel is the bite).
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Cat, because they show affection in a subtle and more different way than dogs do and they won't bite much unless you know how and where to pet them. ovO

They're cute, and likes to sit on my keyboard which acts like a hand warmer to me. :3


Definitely cat, they are a bit more independent and often quite friendly if you're calm, have had a few cats let me pet them even, I just like em, plus they're nowhere near as noisy as dogs can be, cats won't make my hearing worse with barking to be let out all the time.
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Can't decide.  Each has unique likeable qualities.


I like dogs, but I've always been a cat person for as long a I remember. Besides, kitties don't give you too much trouble as dogs will.


A preference for cats, but dogs are okay too. (Individuals and YMMV.)

But I don't keep pets. I'm not that mean.
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I've lived with dogs my whole life, so I have a special affinity for them.  But I appreciate fuzzy animals as a whole and have wanted to at least have one cat in my life.  Though I'm not sure how I'd deal with them being a little more individual: I like to snuggle with my canines.  ^-^


I like cats more personally. It could just be because i've had wonderful cats and my only dog is a big meanie. Cats just seem more intelligent and independent. And they love snuggles :3

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Me gustan los gatos.


i like apples
in love with my two dogs and cats

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