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Started by Arctic Circuit, 2014 Oct 19, 23:31:28

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Arctic Circuit

Post your favorite plush toy or all the ones you own it's your choice

These were the first and favorite plush toys I have
Don't eat these they were teleported...


Chishio Kunrin

Toys R Us has Rarity and Trixie plushies whose horns light up, and right now, I think that's the best thing ever! *-*

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Itty Bit

Gelly Bean. I've almost had her for 5 years now, and I still love her to bits ^u^


I can't take any pictures,but I'll list some things:...
Theres a fat little blue Dragon plush that I've had for years that I loved a lot when I was younger.
Then I have two Spyro plushies, one bipedal (Classic) and one on all fours (Skylanders).
I have two other little purple-dragon plushies who I have again owned since I was little.
And I have two Shoyru plushies (Neopets.), a little mcdonalds one and a bigger talking one. (Of course, it doesn't talk anymore...)
That's all I can think of for now...
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No pic, but a life-size Funko Rainbow Dash. Best for snuggles at night.
By Sulfur

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Lync Volan

i only have 3 collectors Plushy's at the moment but i also have a life sized dog plushy and a long armed/legged monkey i left in new york
i used to have a Zubat and and Meowth hand sized plushy but lost them
and a Human Sized Pikachu but that was lost some how by my little brother

^i took this image once cause someone was asking me what my Reading Area was like


These are my two favourite stuffed animals at the moment:

The one on the left is a super soft, lavender colour bear that Inamed "Purple".  (Violet in my mind is compared to a very, very dark shade of blue)
The one on the right is a bear I've had for numerous years now, who've I've named "Steven" off something that happened around my freshman year of high school.

Lync Volan

i find it amazing that i call strangers "Steven" in my mind and your bears name is Steven :3


Lync Volan


The Plushie I own is the very truth of the world, the bindings of the fabrics of reality. And when he walks the lands of Earth once more, a new era shall begin. (Sorry I've been playing Elder Scrolls games   X3)

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