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Started by Fluffy Cloud, 2014 Oct 15, 22:02:14

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Fluffy Cloud

The title explains all. Post your favorite video game characters. Try to keep from posting major Nintendo, Sega, or Capcom characters.

Aside from Kirby and Mega Man, my favorite video game character so far is Sig from the Puyo Puyo series. His story modes are usually silly and fun, and all he cares about is bugs.
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One does not simply choose a favourite game character ovO

But if I were to choose one in terms of appearance, I'd probably choose Klonoa.

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although his games are HELL and absolutely RAGE LVL 100

I also like Kirby and Miles "Tails" Prower though.

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Oh, that's hard to say, really.

But if I have to pick, I'd say Knuckles the Echidna. Straightforward, naive and strong as all hell.


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my favorite videogame character is with no doubt Big Boss from the Metal gear series, im now waiting for the release of The phantom Pain, and that will be enough reason for me to buy a ps4 just for that game

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Randam Saiko

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I don't have a favorite video game character. It's just too hard to choose one! So I'll just post characters I like who are probably relatively unknown. Such as Eryth Millfall.

She dual-wields twin Derringer pistols "Golden Dawn" and "Nameless". She also throws a Spinning Cross that slows down time while it is hitting an enemy. In one of her games (Gundeadligne, a side-scrolling "bullet hell" shmup), she can actually turn around and shoot behind her. I kinda wish more shmups had that mechanic. And I love her outfit! I've never seen a cosplay of her, unfortunately.


Huh. ...Actually...

I would very much like to add that Phoenix Wright is also one of my all-time favorite characters ever. Thank you for your patronage, nerds!  ^-^


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I can't choose a favorite, so I'll post my top 3...

[spoiler] Sly Cooper, character design is from the third game, Sly Cooper: Honor Among Theives (PS2)

Okami Amaterasu, from the game Okami (PS2)

And I'll throw Istara in here too from Musashi: Samarai Legend. The graphics were anime style, with cell-shading and everything. Not the main character, but I totally wish she was 8) (PS2)

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Let's see...my favorite characters are:
Sieg Wahrheit
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Alex J. Mercer
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Alex Mercer. Just like Night pony!

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And Pit!

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All time fave is probably...

Etna (Specifically from Disgaea 1.  I prefer that design):
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Nothing really tops her in my book, though there are other characters I'm fond of in Disgaea, as well as other games.

Lync Volan

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well "Alkaid" is one of my favorites given i haven't played part 2 of the game yet

another one would be "Lightning" but i think you said you didn't want any "major characters"

i haven't played the 3rd game yet but i plan too

and "Leaf" being the last of my 3 favorites but i bet she counts as Major :c

i'm pretty sure i have more favorites but i can't think of them right at this very moment  X3

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James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2. Everything he does just urges an in-depth review!
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DotA2: Spectre.
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Left 4 Dead: Francis.
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Portal 2: GLaDOS.
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Since I rarely if ever pick favorites, ill just name a few that come to mind:

Sheograth! From Elder Scrolls. Cheese.
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Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2, for being pretty much the most entertaining villain in videogames!
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Three Dog, from Fallout 3. If only there was a real radio station with a DJ that awesome!
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To me these kinda of characters really bring a game to life, much more than the usual blank-slate protagonist, cliché villain #50712 or nameless evil entity the 946th.

Also, 'Sieg Wahrheid' is a hilarious name. 'Victory Truth', harhar I guess his parents were hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy. I mean no offense of course, maybe it sounds cooler when you don't know what the words mean :D
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Gnar from league of legends just because...

he's just a fluff ball in a dino onesie

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