Amazing desserts

Started by MrSpyro, 2014 Sep 12, 21:49:54

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Post really good desserts you've had in this thread.


My mom just made this "dump cake" with cherries and pineapples, and topped with some ice cream, it was just incredible! The best part is there's more for tomorrow!
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Good geez do I miss cups of dirt...Best childhood dessert ever...

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Post below on the most delicious looking food you can find




i love watermelon and owls so it looks good and cool

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owls bye they are cool animals  :o
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Quite good... :-3

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I'd like some of this...

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Spoiler: Strawberry Cheesecake. Oh my...I'd like some of this... • show

Emit, you mischievous little...
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Look how big they are



An amazing cookie! *-*
Spoiler: Cookie • show

Donut steel!
Spoiler: I want this... • show

Oh, this looks amazing!
Spoiler: Icecream! • show

This is a caramel apple pie, How cool is that? :-3
Spoiler: Caramel Apple pie • show

Summer pudding!
Spoiler: Not Winter putting • show

Want want want! O:
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There is this frozen Yogurt store by the name of twisty treats, and it's soooo yummy.
You fill up a cup, and then you get to top it with whatever you want, be it fruit, sauce, or candy pieces >u<
I like loading mine up with strawberries, cheesecake bits, and marshmallow sauce!


Trifle. I love Trifle ;)

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wow OH RIGGT I just remembered a recipe for homemade icecream, it's technically still summer so you can try it... take one bag of whipped cream powder, add it to umm... I dunno 500 ml of milk, add fruit jam of your choice, shake well and put it in the freezer. You can also use normal fruit if you don't have any jam and you din't have to freeze it, then it's like a... a... how is it called... geez...
A... I'll surely remember...
... nevermind, it's yummy


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As you can tell from most of my posts here...I also like Strawberries. ;)


There's a restaurant my family go to called Smith N Westerns. It has a west/cowboy theme (I have made many an Applejack joke), and on birthdays, you can get the Bellybuster. It's a GIGANTIC, 8 inch wide, 10 inch deep sundae with chocolate sauce, M & M's, marshmallows, cream, wafer, ice cream, hot chocolate fudge at the bottom.... =P
Plus it comes with a giant (almost flare-like) sparkler in it :D
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Chocolate Pizza ovO  (made this one a number of times) ^-^

Or as my friends like to call it; "A Slice of Diabetes"

Baklava   :3

Pastry soaked in sweet syrupy gooooodness~
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Oh man baklava is just pure sweetness and oil >.< I don't like it, the only good thing is the crust on top.



I have the feeling that I've developed diabetes just by looking at the chocolate pizza and baklava o_o
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