Thank you for playing in our open server weekend!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Jan 27, 04:27:34

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Your welcome.

Even though I was unable to do my livestream/videos of myself playing it like I wanted to because of all of the problems that I should of known would happen.

Maybe I should just give up and not even try to do it anymore if you guys do a 4th one...

I don't know anymore.

All these problems... they're just... annoying...


They're not being resolved...

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Quote from: mrbluecheese on 2014 Jan 27, 17:57:52
Wait, wasn't there an episode of this? The one where multiple Pinkie's exists?  O:

I didn't say he was Pinkie, I just said he loves Pinkie the best. His pony's a brown pegasus stallion (whereas Thrills' is obviously Pinkie/Pinkie-like).
Quote from: Thrills on 2014 Jan 27, 17:58:04
Yeah probably :D I love myself too (as in being Pinkie Pie) And well... I did get alot of friends (I think above server average so maybe 60-70 ponyfriends) xD But when they put it back... I'll be there! *has Gummy* And he's coming with me!

And I'll be there too. With a friend or two, or three or four. Someday.


The LOE test was amazing... there were a lot of glitchs but that's expected, once this game is finsihed I just migth leave LOTRO and play this! lol, one question though, I made a list of bugs I found so I could sent them to the programmers, might help them work it out and stuff, I'll be having all of my computers info and stuff in it so they know if it might be a problem with only ONE type of graphics card or something, but where would I submit this? But anyways the game is pure Friendship...and we all know that Friendship is magic!


I wish I was able to log in during the weekend! I couldn't even access the website. DD:

I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade. Just wishing I actually had the chance to play. I'd had a lot of fun in the previous one, so I had anticipated a similar amount in this one - guess I shouldn't have been so hasty to assume. *shrug*


I only wish I could have joined in  :c. I hope next time significantly more bandwidth is available so I (and everyone else) can connect to fully enjoy the game.


Thanks for having us!
It was a lot of fun exploring what you've made and I know lots of us are looking forward to seeing what the future holds!


Anybody know if there will be another stress test later in the year and not just once a year?


I imagine they'll have another one sometime this year....but who knows until they announce it right X3


Well I was gonna say that it's my pleasure to be on this test once again even though this is the third time I've been into this game. I may be guessing that next test would be on summer (maybe), but We'll see how that works though. On the positive side, I just had fun looking around through the game, but I was just way too quiet to talk.

LoE was amazing though, but I just can't wait to see more and not to mention making how these servers suppose to represent for which or what regions so that's 1 question I like to know also Stabilizing the Servers as well. It may be laggy, but I can just deal (or afford what i can) with it.
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2014 Jan 27, 21:17:33 #49 Last Edit: 2014 Jan 27, 21:24:49 by WritingRattler
Aw man. My bro told me about the server being open this weekend. He neglected to inform me that it was just open for the weekend. :s
I got plenty of time on there during the weekend despite the constant difficulties logging on or staying logged in.

I really enjoyed all the new areas and even the swim animation of the ponies. I explored areas that I don't think were supposed to be accessible, including the waterfalls that lead to death if you go far enough. :D

I can't figure out how to post pictures from my computer on here though.... o.O

[glow=red,2,300]Please tell me that we'll still have access to the ponies we created during the weekend[/glow]. I had to re-create my OC, and this time I created 2 more ponies. ;)

Can't wait for moar ponies!

Also, I noticed the creators changed the names of everything, including the names of the towns. I noticed that Ponyville was Ponymore or something. You guys forgot to change the title on Twilight Sparkle's library. I noticed on the 2nd floor of the library that it still had the name "Ponyville". [glow=red,2,300]Take a look at it, developers.[/glow]

I can't believe you are able to create such environments and actions on the scale you have. Just don't put too many textures or people's computers may have a hard time keeping  up. Mine's not one of them  0:)

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2014 Jan 27, 22:21:58 #50 Last Edit: 2014 Jan 27, 22:24:08 by Buddy Minute
This game was magical. I can't say that enough. I made one of each pony and all of them were great. I would have thought earth ponies would be boring, but that was a stupid thought. Running with a group of other ponies is just cathartic. Plus, I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves seeing all the OCs. I saw a group of six ponies who were similar to the mane six...but not. There was a Twilight Star, Apple Jake, etc.

I had problems with some controls, not all of them seemed to work. With Pegasus, key 7 "excited" didn't seem to do anything. Not sure if that's a glitch or maybe something on my end?

@ WritingRattler I saved all my pony export codes, I assume they work on the pony creator?
I'm an idiot for not testing this first. No it doesn't work. I'm sad  ono
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When will the severs come back up? :s Had a lot of fun even though I played for a few hours.  X3


Quote from: Sunny Showers on 2014 Jan 27, 04:33:57
I wish it didn't have to end... Sure, the chat was clunky, there wasn't much questing, but the experience! The experience was magical! To be able to explore Equestria and hang around with your fellow bronies... It was magic.  ono

yea i had to get on my husband's computer. the controls are completely broken in mac. fun tho!


Shame I found out about this game a couple hours after the open weekend closed. Can't wait for the next one! :D
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Quote from: WritingRattler on 2014 Jan 27, 21:17:33
I can't figure out how to post pictures from my computer on here though.... o.O

In order to post pictures from your computer on here, host them on an image hosting website. The one I personally use is post img, though I'm guessing you can use just about anything.

Quote from: Buddy Minute on 2014 Jan 27, 22:21:58
I had problems with some controls, not all of them seemed to work. With Pegasus, key 7 "excited" didn't seem to do anything. Not sure if that's a glitch or maybe something on my end?

It might be a glitch because key 7 didn't work for me either.


Wasn't able to login the whole weekend... Always some error message, in local or global login  :I ...

Hope I'll be able to play next time !



While the game may not be complete, it's complete enough to make me happy.  In fact, I spent the entire time I was in the game just running flying around looking at stuff.*-*  I would have expected a project of this scale to require Hasbro's funding.  I liked the fact that I could play on any server with the same characters, and I hope that feature is going to stay. 


P.S. The sit, lay,  dance and facehoof animations are adorable   ;)

Itty Bit

I wasn't able to play much thanks to working all weekend, but I certainly did have lots of fun!
Thank you guys for allowing us another chance at playing :)


I want to know when the next one is already! I want to PARTY hard and be PINKIELICIOUS! ^_^
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2014 Jan 28, 13:37:27 #59 Last Edit: 2014 Jan 28, 13:47:49 by Night Breeze
You created a sickening sweet and highly addictive game, frosted with a great community.
I already miss the spontaneous parties everywhere.  :D

I hope you manage to fix the chat randomly jumping to the topmost line. That really was driving me crazy  ovO

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