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Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] Mint Kingdom
2015 Aug 09, 01:54:27
August 14-16 next is the next OSW.
Yey another OSW. Lets hope the clients work across the board this time.

Otherwise i hope to see all of ya in the OSW.
Quote from: Mizuki on 2015 Jun 02, 21:38:30

Well to get back on topic... i wish i had the money to go Everfree NW. That said i also wish it could come up to Canada... Calgary specifically...
Not to burst any ones bubble but unless the devs on this site specifically say that there is going to be a OSW sometime in the future i would not even trust what other places say.
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] Mint Kingdom
2015 Apr 15, 02:37:31
So who in mint kingdom is still active?
I asked Natfoth earlier ingame and he said they are still working on fixing the quest... i hope i can get the headphones this OSW though...
It is truly a bug the devs have been trying to fix it for the past day now.
The mac build is working! though for how long i cant say...

I can confirm i am in cloudpolis the mac build works!
Quote from: Natfoth on 2015 Apr 10, 12:33:56
Uses a newer and updated compiler which was introduced with Unity 5.

Uploading another build for 32 bit WinOS. Will post once the new build is live.

Could you also do a new build for the OS X version? Its unbelievably dead
Quote from: Permutator on 2015 Apr 10, 04:22:15
It seems to. I haven't tested it thoroughly; I just made a character, logged on, and ran around a bit. Teleportation might not be working, but I probably just forgot how to do it.

That is quite the great news
Quote from: Permutator on 2015 Apr 10, 04:10:33
I think you got your builds mixed up. Running Linux, the command "./loe" gives me "Cannot open assembly './loe': File does not contain a valid CIL image."; "mono ./loe" is the same, but, on a whim, I tried "wine ./loe", and it seems to work perfectly. :o That's a Windows binary!

So, a fix would be excellent, but Unity tends to play nice with Wine, so I can cope for now.

The Linux build works well with wine?
Guild Archive / Re: [Herd] Mint Kingdom
2015 Apr 10, 02:11:42
I will hopefully be in tomorrow if the devs fix the mac client
Quote from: Equestrianman21 on 2015 Apr 10, 01:27:36
Lousy piece of crud won't play because the Classic environment is no longer supported. :I

the mac client got compiled wrong. I hope they fix it
Quote from: Kelvin on 2015 Apr 10, 00:16:01
the both download link doesn't work for me~ >.<

If your using IE you need to switch to a different browser. MEGA is unable to work on IE properly, switch to FireFox or Chrome to get the downloads
Quote from: Kelvin on 2015 Apr 10, 00:12:36
i got a problem~ >.<
my computer is 32 bit and the 32 bit version didn't work for meh~  D:
and i download the 64 bit version and its not working too~ >A<
quick somepony fix it~  ono

Just a note one cant play a 64 bit program on a 32 bit platform.
The app is broken on the mac download. 18mb's of dead app at that. Cant even look at the package contents
In interest of time zones im MT so its 10 after 9 now.

I hope the dev's pop a comment in with a status update

Well nevermind then Lets get downloadin
Quote from: Tabbynya on 2015 Apr 09, 16:14:01

The wiki says 8 hours till open server, and no download link...?

*begins freaking out*  DD:  >A<  O: 

I agree! >A< >A< >A<
The joys of pre-alpha servers.
Im live on

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