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Original Characters / Re: SandFire OC's
2018 Jul 18, 12:47:19
Dreaming dots
Earth pony

Cresent Scarlet
Earth pony

Viridity Incresent
(Adopted from MagnaLuna)
Granted, but people you know are secretely replaced amd youll never know who

I wish for a plushie of Nightshade Star
Granted, but you can not sleep anywhere else.

I wish clouds didnt exsist.
Granted, but you can only fly at midnight for one second.

I wish for cookies
Sign-Up Threads / Her Loyal Guild (Sign up)
2017 Nov 30, 22:43:33
Welcome to Her Loyal Guild Applictions,
Here you can go on many adventures, while working with a team and maybe become an elite.
Working with mages we have devised a system so that no one shall be lost during an adventure, but they will be sent to the nearest safe haven for precautions in which they will have a choice to wait or try to meet the rest of the team together. The adventures are missions for you to choose, Happy Adventuring!(edited)
(Each place we visit shall have different restrictions which may or may not effect everyone)
*More info- the mage system shall work on accessories such as hats, scarves, necklacces, ect.

Sign up Template
Accessory (For saftey sytem):

Name:Blizzard Shield
Gender: Mare
Age: 25
Appearance:Bigger than the average pegasus she is light blue, with a dark blue mane and tail, the mane being in a pony tail style
Skills: Able to survive in very cold temputures as well as cuase them
Backround:Already being an elite in the guild she takes on the task to train the new comers into the guild life as well as taking any missions were the tempature are frigids.
Accessory: A black scarf with small logo of a white half circle on it.

Granted, these wishes are now put through a filter thats selects easy ones for you...or was it hard ones..Eh, I'm sure you will figure it out.

I wish for a gaint plushie of Silver Gust.
Granted, but your where Europe will be in too many years to count. Welcome to Pangia!

I wish for a freindly plushie buddy
Granted, nopony shall corrupt your wish, though that wont stop them from telling you how the wish corrupted it self

I wish for my plushie to arrive sooner.
Granted, they notice you but for all the wrong reasons.

I wish for Candy Cookies plushie
Granted, but you have no way to use that power.

I wish for non spoiled apples
Granted, you find boring things to be a tiniest bit more intersting

I wish for apples
Ummm something hamilton related got it!

You! Invite pones to the partya
I dont know what a saxomophone is so heres a trumpet.

I wish for unlimited cookies!
Banned cuase i dont what to see unbanned.
"If you only need to face a group of erronous ponies why didnt you and your 'recruiters' do it than?" Essense said in an annoyed tone. Getting the feeling it wasnt just a group of ponies ahead if these others were also recruites as well
Granted, but its not the same. It will never be the same again.

I wish for a Nightshade Star Plushie/
Canterlot Archives / Re: Haunted (Jump-in)
2017 Sep 18, 11:05:34
**I have no idea what to do with this rp anymore.. any suggestion..**
"I was under the impression I was helping the other stallion...changling.." Essense said with annoyance at all that was happening.
Granted its works quicker since its doesnt have any apps or the ability to get apps. Congrats!!!

I wish for a plushie.
Essense watches as the one stallion changes and leaves backing up from this new stallion. After being a good distance she says, "Who are you and why are they leaving?"