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Off-Topic Archive / Re: Favourite Planets
2017 Mar 22, 05:51:04
I would probably pick either Pandora from Avatar or Tython from Star Wars: The Old Republic
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2017 Mar 21, 12:48:39
This song I swear really good
I'm watching some videos on Channel Awesome at the moment
I like Nostalgia Critic  :3 :D
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2016 Dec 26, 08:05:40
I had pizza n garlic bread for lunch today, yay  :D
Off-Topic Archive / Favourite Planets
2016 Dec 26, 06:57:00
Come one, come all, please feel free to tell us your favourite planets, they can be either from reality or fiction.  :ellowee:
Since I live in England I cannot be able to attend, but I wish all those who are able to all the luck possible.  :D
Quote from: NightMoonMare on 2016 May 19, 17:44:30
Good luck to all those who have applied, hope you all accomplish what you seek!  ^-^

I wish them the same.
Recently I've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. So far the lore, characters and some of the missions in it have been quite interesting and so is the music, even if isn't new.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Favourite quotes?
2016 Mar 16, 14:22:02
'Perhaps the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he never existed' - T.U.S

'Respect Ma Athoratah!' - Eric Cartman
Mine is not as inspiring as some others, but my background is New York City.
Currently I'm playing some World of Warcraft, Minecraft and a bit of Candy Crush as well. Just let tin' ya'll know  :]
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2016 Feb 16, 11:09:52
If I were living in the USA and I could drive, I would want to join those who are going there.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2015 Nov 29, 15:42:31

(I do NOT own MLP:FIM, it belongs to Lauren Faust)
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Weird Dreams
2015 Nov 08, 13:41:07
Quote from: Jcfraven on 2015 Nov 08, 13:05:47
I don't think she is/was going through that, what I'm saying is that was a dream I had.

I mean in the dream, in case she was abused and stuff like that.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2015 Nov 08, 12:38:44

Quite atmospheric and dark, then again, it is music from World of Warcraft.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Weird Dreams
2015 Nov 08, 12:36:22
Quote from: Jcfraven on 2015 Oct 20, 17:39:54
I've had many, but one really strange one occurred a few weeks ago.

Warning: A bit on the sensitive side of things, with a bit of a deep topic.

Spoiler: show

I was at school, at night, at some AFJROTC Party, I think, and I was away from all the festivities, in the more-quiet Group Staff Room. From there, something caused this girl, who I don't remember who it was, though I have a guess, to start crying uncontrollably, and step outside. I went out there, alongside some others, very concerned, and she only said bits and pieces of her thoughts(to my memory), including phrases such as: "I have no control anymore of myself.." "I need help.." and some other stuff alike, that I don't remember(only the first one I'm certain of). We ended up calling someone/something(I can only assume 911 or related), and staying with her, until I woke up(I think I was woken up before its conclusion).

I never have grasped what that dream was supposed to mean, as I know only one person that would do something to that effect, and he's a guy, and being treated/dealt with(I think). I've struggled with that dream, and want to find the answer as to what it was trying to mean, but it could've just been a fluke random dream.

That's quite sad hearing about what the girl was going through.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Weird Dreams
2015 Oct 20, 12:38:02
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2015 Oct 17, 16:24:31
I've been thinking of making a topic like this for ages :)
Well...last night I dreamt me and my brother were in the game "SOMA". If you know the game, then you know it was QUITE stressful. Granted, seeing my brother duke the monster was hilarious...until it turned on me, that is :I
Really? Quite bizzare, I may have had a similar dream, it was where me and a small group of heavily armoured people found ourselves in a small bunker and when we got out, we found we were on a very tall rusted tower like structure and we sky-dived all the way down it. When we got to the ground we saw a large pile of bones that soon formed a massive dinosaur-like skeleton and after a few minutes we owned it by shooting at it constantly with unlimited ammo.