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The Retirement Home / Live Streaming
2014 Aug 07, 20:52:12
Allo everypony, As the open server weekend comes upon us i will be livestreaming most of my adventures in Equestria on

This will be my first ever livestream as i have not been able to do such things before due to crappy internet. In anycase i will be known as Forest Rain while in game (no relation to the actual Forest Rain on YouTube.) I hope to have fun and have a great first stream.

Some information on what i will be using to stream is OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. It is completely free to use and i may or may not be on my Mac to do this. It depends on if you want to hear the voice and face of the broadcaster... (Me!)

Anyways lets have some fun!

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And just to say my name on is the same as it is here. If you want you can join me as i test the delay of my broadcast to the actual movement on the stream. I have narrowed it down to about 15 seconds but thats just my eyes checking. Roar!

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I am live right now at
Introductions Archive / Allo Everyone
2014 Apr 19, 18:02:09
Allo, I'm Niyx. A 19 year old guy that lives in Canada. I hope to have fun here and expand this community.