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The Retirement Home / A few bugs
2015 Feb 21, 02:52:21
I've only played for a few hours this OSW, but I've come across some issues. They keep repeating themselves/aren't going away and are preventing me from playing any more.

Although I created a unicorn, her abilities and attacks were all set to an earth ponies. I tried deleting characters and recreating them, resetting the game and my computer, and reinstalling the game. I even tried creating a pegasus, but that one ended up with earth pony attacks too.....the earth pony worked out okay though.....

After a few times speaking with NPCs, the talk option stopped appearing. I couldn't get this back either, even after resetting. The whole menu that's supposed to pop up with 'Talk' or 'Shop' was gone. This also happened to train stations, preventing me from going anywhere.

Directional controls stopped after a few minutes of play. I couldn't walk anywhere or jump!

While I was able to fly as a pegasus, the camera often clipped through buildings and made it hard to see. There were a few times where I couldn't zoom in or out to give myself more space to see.
Tamagotchi + MLP =  *-*

Please, I'm serious. This. NEEDS. To happen! Tell the Hasbro! Tell your fellow Brony! Scream it out from the streets!

Think of it, care for your very own Discord, or Princess Luna, or Sunbutt! All in 8-bit goodness! Maybe even in color! Collect a bunch and have them play with each other! Maybe some don't get along and send gifts of poop to each other! This is pure gold people! I mean, yeah they probably couldn't call them Tamagotchis, what with the different companies and all. But nothing to stop them from making MLP Virtual pets! We need to make this bigger....
 Can anypony say, OVERHAUL? Yes! That's right! I'm doing a complete re-vamp of my original character. For the longest time, I've felt this sense of... unsatisfactory? I just couldn't get into her story enough to write much about it. But I have found the solution! Are you ready for it?

Saph is a dragon!

Spoiler: show

Yes! A boni-fied scaley, fire-breathing dragon! And I couldn't be more excited! I've always loved dragons, in stories movies or in my MASSIVE collection of figures, stuffies, posters and furniture. They'll all over my brain, why I didn't think of it before, I have no idea. But I do know I can thank Minecraft for this realization! Mine Little Pony to be exact.

SO! Since my redesign of Sapphire (no longer going to come up with an excuse for my poor spelling) is of the reptillian form that I am much more familiar with, I'll be doing all of the art myself. Illustrator is downloading as I type! (it's literally the only program I know how to use....photoshop can wait)

I'll also need to make some major changes to her story. *Is beyond excited*  *-*
Introductions Archive / So excited!!
2014 Jan 14, 01:59:28
I'm so happy my friend recommended this to me! She has an account on here as well (I have a feeling someone has been using my OC again...*suspicious glance*) Any-whooo! As you can see, my name is Saipphire Constella! I LOVE to RP! *hint hint* I have lots of hobbies too! (None of which include actual star gazing, figures!)

My OC is an astronomer living in the Foal Mountains. Her family is known for their star charts and research into "moon grown" plants. She adores Luna more than anything else in the world (Who can blame her? Best pony is best after all!) and is fully and completely devoted to her night sky (Not to mention OVERLY passionate). She sleeps during the day and does all of her work at night. Anypony who knows her tends to be weary or even harsh towards her, especially after a particular summer sun celebration. When there was no sunrise, it was reported than she had been seen dancing on the roof of her house.

Look forward to playing with all you bronies out there!  <3

P.S. Twist gets a emoticon but not Luna? BLASPHEMEH!!