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Under our account profiles you could able to see tags such as "view profile", "send personal message", "email" (if user put it) and also tag for sites (icon as planet earth). I noticed that one have dissapered from my forum profile and in forum settings I don't see no options to add/change that.

Was it intentional?
 Tara Strong (voice actor of Twilight Sparkle) asking from brony community to help her friend, 14 yeas old girl Olivia who is also friend to her 2 sons who are friends to Olivia since kindergarten to help fund Olivias huge medical bills and operation. The girl battling metastasized lung cancer diffuse large B cell lymphoma and immune system complications.

Olivia's folks have thrown everything at pursuing the medically-indicated standard of care for her disease: chemotherapy regimens, broad-spectrum antibiotics, whatever it takes to keep her alive.
Here you can find all information of the story  as well as the link for the fund.

I really felt bad for simply just reading such bad news and then leaving mining my own business. Spreading the word - the least thing I could do to help, especially to a person who might die very soon...  >.<
When you feel something so good, that you need to use bigger words?
I ussualy in these situations use words like: Colossal , Phenomenal, Incredible!  O:

What about you?
Spoiler alert! Don't read any further if you didn't watched S5E18!

After recent cmc episode, we saw that they finally get their cutie marks. As much as I'm proud of them, this also could be a sind that show is getting close to grand finale. Although I could be wrong.
Ponies in armour, isn't exiciting? Share your favorite images of them!

I don't know about everyone else, but I really love knights with some cool armour.
Let's have a pony knight duel!  B)

Shy Knight
Spoiler: show

All hail the Empress!
Spoiler: show

white and snowy pony
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Mountain pony
Spoiler: show

Give some love to AJ as well  :]
Spoiler: show

And finally the most known knight in Equestria....Somra
Spoiler: show

That's enough for now. And now I wish to see some of yours!  :celestia:
Like everytime when he is main character of the episode, they are ussualy are quite bad. But when he is not main focus he shows probably the best of his character: supportive, smart, loyal with mix of funny, sarcastic, childish and selfish sometimes. I especially like Spike in Season1-2 and in S3 premiere.
So I finally decided to watch Doctor Who series all thanks for inspiration of pony Doctor Whooves from MLP and all the fan content for him  (:
I decided to start at 9th Doctor, but I just can't find any videos on the internet  DD:
Send me any website suggestings, where I could watch full lenght episodes for free and in decent video quality. I'm really out of ideas and luck...  :c
64 bit version with and with out patch it keep crashing after selecting the server.
On 32bit version the main menu has extremly small fps and I unable to click on anything (I mean I click but nothing happens) , so I tried 64bit, but got this problem now...  :l
Resolved Issues / Game progress
2015 Feb 01, 16:31:58
My idea is that after each OSW show in LoE news what new elements and features has been added in LoE, including what buggs has been fixed so far. This will help peoples to be up to date and see the progress of this game. What do you think?  :P
Documentary film about bronies.

I don't live in America to see the film in theaters and I could not find anywhere on the internet where I could watch this film.
Can someone who knows any links where I could watch it  [for free if it's possible] send me one please?
Resolved Issues / Chat additional info
2014 Jun 13, 09:05:44
Can we have back the players statistics under the chat? Where shown who is online and when there was most peoples online for today and of all time
 When you click on more in emotiocal tab, the new window pop out, but the very 1st emotion (this one  :\ ) doesn't work if you click on it. Other emotions works fine and put symbols in chat to form  the picture.
S4 finalle was exiciting! But at the same time there was few things that I didn't liked and made me feel dissaponted :s

1st of all I expected that Discord would have do some of his chaos things when he betrayed ponies and joined Tirek. Also expected some of resistant from Discord when Tirek tried to suck his magic. I mean come on! Discord you are spirit of Chaos, one of the most powerful being that had ever walked on the land the Equestria! And Discord was just stand there and did nothing. I'm sure he was still stronger than Tirek even after he gained so much magic from ponies :/

Rainbow colored main six transformation? Not of the big suprise since Hasbro is meant to do this to sell toys. As long as it's only temporary effect I guess I can deal with it

Twilight's famous oak library tree was destroyed?! NOOOoOoOoO! DD: it hit me really hard.... It feels like that something very close to my heart has been taken way from me  ono and replaced with that stupid castle that's every little 5 year old girl princess dream... So many good old memories and books has been lost forever in ashes  >.<

Spoiler: show