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Sign-Up Threads / Her Loyal Guild (Sign up)
2017 Nov 30, 22:43:33
Welcome to Her Loyal Guild Applictions,
Here you can go on many adventures, while working with a team and maybe become an elite.
Working with mages we have devised a system so that no one shall be lost during an adventure, but they will be sent to the nearest safe haven for precautions in which they will have a choice to wait or try to meet the rest of the team together. The adventures are missions for you to choose, Happy Adventuring!(edited)
(Each place we visit shall have different restrictions which may or may not effect everyone)
*More info- the mage system shall work on accessories such as hats, scarves, necklacces, ect.

Sign up Template
Accessory (For saftey sytem):

Name:Blizzard Shield
Gender: Mare
Age: 25
Appearance:Bigger than the average pegasus she is light blue, with a dark blue mane and tail, the mane being in a pony tail style
Skills: Able to survive in very cold temputures as well as cuase them
Backround:Already being an elite in the guild she takes on the task to train the new comers into the guild life as well as taking any missions were the tempature are frigids.
Accessory: A black scarf with small logo of a white half circle on it.

Welcome to the Helping With Hooves Medic Troopers
Though we are currentlly small with a number of : 1
We will try are hardest to get you the help we can as soon as we can
This group effort is lead by the filly known as Dreaming Dots
'Led by a filly for the Right choices, Not the hard ones'

Some things of note: As we are a small we are not the most well equiped for medic duties. The hope is that the more that join us the more we can help. Wether it be on site healing, providing a potion or *shudders* an apple, as well as just having someone to talk to we can do our best to help.

Application form:
In Game Name:
Gender:(Kids will be Colts and Fillies while adults are Stallions and Mares)
Special talent (Not required as this is a volunteer effort):

My Form for Dreaming Dots.
Spoiler: show
In Game Name: Dreaming Dots
Race/Species:Earth Pony
Gender: Filly
Special Talent: Connecting the dots for mysteries.

Canterlot Archives / Haunted (Jump-in)
2017 Apr 25, 22:18:09
We would love to invite you and others to the grand mansion of ???? party. As some of you may know this mansion has been abadoned for some time. Not to worry it will be after the party refurbished to standards set by todays world. Why we wouldn't refurbish it now well its that we are going to give the mansion to one lucky party goer of course there are stipulations. Such as you must stay on the Mansion grounds throughtout the event which will be signaled through a fantastic firework display that only we can access. We hope to see you soon and wish you luck. Love ????

Showing up to the 'party' after being lost with others since the roads there were hard to see thanks to the confusing layout and the heavy fog happening around the area. Walking in you see a pony run through the entrance area with a lantern very quickly heading of into a side passage of the house.
Spoiler: show
Name: Shadow Fire

Gender: Mare

Race: Pegasus

Lives: Anywhere and everywhere (Traveler)

Personality: Shy, keen on making friends, nervous for the new things, but brave for the old, and nervous of bullies

Looks like: Shadow Flame is smaller than most adult pegasus her age. She was a darker gray coat with orange mane and tail with a streak of black going through it. Her eyes are a bright green.

Skills: Able to control weather and make clouds to a very high standard

Look/Visual Description:
Sign-up/jump in
A festival was happening throughout the town. The fillies and colts were running around with joy playing and laughing all day as well as the mare and stallions smiling at the silliness enjoying all the activities.
Due to all the laughter and happiness, plus the large amount of magic being used, the sky became charged with excessive magic. Unfortunately, with such a tremendous amount of magic gathered and used accidentally, it struck one pony and was split into four ponies. Here is their tale.


Lotus was pulling guard duty for the festival by watching wares of the ones who are presenting at the main stage. Currently he was watching some mages items. Suddenly some of them started to glow and hum from the excess magic from the festival
Hearing something happening Lotus looked around to see the mage whos st running straight for him yelling something at him but alas Lotus couldn't hear him over the loud humming that was around him. Suddenly a light flashed and left over was the now dusted magic item and four silimiar but different ponies. The mage walks over and asks "What happened here?!" The mage said as they blinked the light out of their eyes as they looked at the pony that was now four.
Canterlot Archives / Dimesions
2017 Feb 20, 17:43:51
Discussions on Dimensions.
Like what dimensions are we are going to and other out of character decisions.

The first dimension I'm planning on is a dimension where Nightmare Moon takes over or a dimension where things are slightly different.

Which do you think would be best for the first world.
Canterlot Archives / Dimesions (sign-ups)
2017 Feb 15, 16:18:30
((Story and dimension information will be in teal like it is here.))
The room lights up revealing a white tiled room with a glass room, grey runes surrounding it. The scientist began to walk around the room organizing and preparing for the tests each ruin lights up with a different color until the room in the center begins to buzz with magic. One scientist that begins to walk to the waiting room to get the testers for the new magic. Opening the door he walks in and says, "The final stages are being prepared right now. If there are any questions I will answer them now if not we will begin shortly." The scientist proceeded to walk to the center of the room.
Certain events happen in such a way that magical things can happen. But when not regulated due to one thing or anotber can build up an cause it all to release one night. It just happens to be an a muesum that put up its scariest art peices for Nightmare Night. Some like treats others like tricks. The rest arent ammused with them and want out to be more and bring there evil on the world. It just happens that the only thing standing in their way is you and your freinds.

This is a jump in type halloween rp. The rules of course are standard loe ones.

Here is the ooc for Her Loyal Temple. We can discuss what its needed to pass the room, ideas for puzzles in other rooms, and team situations and promblems. ((Like team mates afk or your oc's having a fight in the temple.))
Sign ups are here --->

Shadow walks up to the deck where everyone is waiting.

Welcome to HER LOYAL HEART.  As you can see it's a beautiful airship we will be arriving to our destination shortly
First you were all hired and brought here due to some qualification that I don't know.
Second, You are all going to some mysterious jungle, which I am not allowed to tell as it is a danger to you all if your not on the air ship. Which brings me to point THREE. Don't go into the jungle. You will go only to the temple and this airship.
Four: You will be working for two teams that your separate investors hired you for.  They are against each other in every sense of the word right now as sad as that might be.
Five: The artifact you are looking for is called the BLESSED APPLE. All non ponies be careful. This used to be an old conversion tool. Granted back than it was willing but that was before discords times so anything could of happened to it.
Six: This temple is called the Temple Of The Cured and Cursed. So be careful all mention of this place has been lost until now. However you each will be given protection so that if you take a curse or get wounded it will automatically take you back to your team base.
That's basically everything. OH wait one more thing. There are other artifacts in the Temple you ARE going in bring me them and I aid your team in some way.
It will be a few more hours until we arrive so get to know your team.
Any questions come find me.
Original Characters / SandFire OC's
2016 Jan 25, 21:12:08
Name: Shadow Flame

Race: Pegasus

Lives: Anywhere and everywhere (Traveler)

Personality: Shy, keen on making friends, nervous for the new things, but brave for the old, and nervous of bullies

Friends: Due to wanderlust she has no 'real' friends but she has a lot of acquaintances.
Back Story: Shadow Fire was born and raised in Grand Junction. She was one of the few Pegasus who lived and was picked on by the other earth pony kids. She learned to sneak instead of fight because of this. As she grew older she tired of seeing desert and cherry tree's and instead went to go live an explorers life and went to travel the world. Learned her ability to control the weather to a very high standard from hearing legends of Commander Hurricane doing things that no pony was able to do with Pegasus magic before.

Skills: Able to control weather and make clouds to a very high standard
Spoiler: show


BLizzard Sheild
Cousin to Shadow Flame

Sparkle Mote
Earth pony
Freind to BLizzard

Essense dust
SIster to Sparkle Mote

Fireshine Dusk
Pony pheonix hybrid.
(Maybe be pegasus or unicorn)

Geo Nav
Freind to Shadow

Toffee Cream
Slime pony
Makes deserts esppically those with cream of toffee.