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Off-Topic Archive / Favourite Planets
2016 Dec 26, 06:57:00
Come one, come all, please feel free to tell us your favourite planets, they can be either from reality or fiction.  :ellowee:
Off-Topic Archive / Weird Dreams
2015 Oct 17, 13:07:53
The very topic where you can all discuss all the weird, bizzare and crazy dreams each of you have ever had!
Halloween is creeping nearer and nearer... Are you all feeling brave, or terrified? Well how's not the time for any scares - yet. In this topic, we can discuss what your favourite things about Halloween are and what it is about them that give your the best spine tingles EVER.
This topic is centred around your choice of which planet any of you would like to live on and why. Gas planets are out of the picture because... well, they'll make you loose some gas. (FARTS)  lol
Original Characters / Pyro Heart!
2015 Sep 15, 10:21:18
My first pony OC, made by me in LoE, created to please the games great mascot Ellowee!
(I love poetry!)
Pyro Heart loves fires, he dyed his mane in flame-like colours in his colt years and he enjoys a LOT of hot food!
Just a (hopefully) good topic on the very popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, where we can talk about either the lore, characters or just the general stuff in the game.