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Topics - Silver Spark

I just got this game, and am looking forward to play it. 
I never know what to put in these boxes :c
there is one thing





I also like MLP (OF COURSE) :D  ^-^
And yes, I am brony.
Fav pony: Probably Twilight or Luna
I also enjoy the warriors: cats series.
My RP pony will look like dis:
A whitish coloured (Maybe some silver) coat, with a mostly solid silver mane (With some orange stripes maybe).  Tail will be the same.
I don't know what my cutie mark will be, I will figure that out when I get there.
I will also most likely be a unicorn to fit the name, but I might also go with a pegasus so I can fly. (If I do I'll probably switch the name to Silver Wind or something - I dunno, give me Ideas for a pegasus name I guess)  :D

so yeah..
I guess I'll update this as I think of things.
Bye for now  ^-^