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Malaysia? We getting peoples from all different corners of the world, cool!  ;)
Introductions Archive / Re: Introducing
2017 Sep 10, 22:43:34
Prepare to be hugged to death!  ovO
(just joking)
Maybe there was traffic issues yesterday and you didn't receive you message? Try again.
What about recovering your password through the secret question that you can personally set for your account. Did you had that one?
What your account name was anyways?
A new kinda sad background  :c
Wow, so many Fluttershys ^.^
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Returning back
2017 Sep 10, 21:31:04
Oh, hey! I thought you lost interest and abandoned LoE. Even stopped replying on Skype  ono
Glad you still with us!
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

I never completly denied that Luna get possessed by dark evil powers. But I also see that Luna more or less willingly choose herself to go this path of revenge. And I still think that she still have these negative feelings with or with out dark powers that got her possessed, especially after all she been through and her 1000 years imprisonment on the moon is something that one can bare or accept.
Of course she regrets of what she became back then, but I'm also sure Luna still holds some grudge and jelousy on Celestia and fact she was banished for millennium losing all her old  friends and world she knew. It's not that easy to accept and forget.
It might sounds rude, but I just hope there will be less episodes that suck and canon breaking dissapointing episodes.
Yeah, I have pretty low expectations  :\\
Quote from: CuddlySylvy on 2016 Dec 11, 09:19:15
I still have no clue if I got accepted or not... My email is a mess
someone save me. JUST HELP MY POOR EYES!

oh wait

I didn't get in :D yay time to wait I love waiting

If you can see a new LAR discussion board in forum then you're in!  ;)
Under our account profiles you could able to see tags such as "view profile", "send personal message", "email" (if user put it) and also tag for sites (icon as planet earth). I noticed that one have dissapered from my forum profile and in forum settings I don't see no options to add/change that.

Was it intentional?
I thought The Vinyl Scratch Tapes audio fic ressurection would be hosted on Visualpony Thenarrator channel. He made contest for audition for this project few months ago:

Are you guys related or 2 different peoples with the same goal?
And 1st epidose only 8 min? Weird... I remembered that the original was around 20min or something like that...
Just don't forget the purpose of this Limited Access is to find bugs and give feedback to improve the game.
Work 1st, Fun latter  -.-
S6 finalle thoughts...  :l

Spoiler: show
I hate it... This finalle made me think to quit watching this show >:/

I have quite a lot problem with it. Some of them is my "bias" view, but other is legit. So...
An entire season finale that completly focused on Starlight Glimmer? Well good for her, but I dislike that character and completly stole the spotlight of all main 6 in the episode makes me angry. Writters forced Starlight to became part of the main 6 so easily with out proper development and earnandship. She haven't even got punished for puting entire Equestria timeline in danger. The spot in the main 6 for my oppinion should be earned and not forced by simple reformation. Even Discord after his long reformation is only side/supportive character to the main 6 and he had a lot more better and well deserved reformation than Starlight's

Next thing: all alicorn princesses got all captured. How did challengings did that? And omg writters once again show how useless Princeses luna and Celestia. And Celestia got defeated second time by Chrysalis. How dissapointing...  :facehoof:

What's the point of all mighty Discord in the story if he almost did nothing?

Another thing that I also didn't liked is how out of nowhere changling transformation to ...whatever they became happend. This feels so odd  and cheesy resolution of story plot.

EDIT: There was some good things in the finalle, but right now I'm just too upset to talk about positives...Sorry  :c

I haven't reported much bugs, mostly because I still see them not fixed over the years and developers told to not send the same bugs (even through they couldn't fix even the simple bugs that many peoples have reported multiple times  :facehoof: ). But I might just try again and go for a rampage and send big list of all bugs that I knew in hopes that this time they will be noticed  -.-
Autumn has came and I feel like it's time to change my background to something more...rainy  :celestia:

Spoiler: show
 Tara Strong (voice actor of Twilight Sparkle) asking from brony community to help her friend, 14 yeas old girl Olivia who is also friend to her 2 sons who are friends to Olivia since kindergarten to help fund Olivias huge medical bills and operation. The girl battling metastasized lung cancer diffuse large B cell lymphoma and immune system complications.

Olivia's folks have thrown everything at pursuing the medically-indicated standard of care for her disease: chemotherapy regimens, broad-spectrum antibiotics, whatever it takes to keep her alive.
Here you can find all information of the story  as well as the link for the fund.

I really felt bad for simply just reading such bad news and then leaving mining my own business. Spreading the word - the least thing I could do to help, especially to a person who might die very soon...  >.<
I still watch, but no longer as excitied and enjoy the new seasons. So bassicaly I could stopped watching at the end of S3, but I'm too addictive to this show and want to know how will it ends. Rarely good episodes do pop out sometimes, but most of the time I would say "meh" or don't agree with directions that they taking in the story of the episodes.
"Monsters can speak"
Never saw or heard that from any monsters I was figthing with  :I

"New Movement System with strafing support"

Did it removed option to move backwards? :(
I couldn't do that anymore...
When you feel something so good, that you need to use bigger words?
I ussualy in these situations use words like: Colossal , Phenomenal, Incredible!  O:

What about you?