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Port Blue - Joe Cool

Jumpy, percussive electronic track made under a name that typically releases ambient styles of music. Also, the song is called Joe Cool. Can't go wrong there~
I could post an acronym, but I feel like that ain't legit. I'll work with Tsetse ^^;


Every Port Blue song ever along with plenty of anything else Adam Young makes <3

And also that amazing new Relient K album "Air For Free" ^_^
Introductions Archive / Re: *vibrates*
2016 Aug 01, 16:37:12
Thanks so much to all of you for the welcoming! :D

I had an amazing time on the OSW-- and I cannot wait to hang out with y'all more ^_^
Introductions Archive / *vibrates*
2016 Jul 29, 17:12:55
Ayyy!~ <3

Hey y'all, I'm ToothpasteThy! Although I often go by different names like Toothie, Toothy, Toothi, Tooth-o, Thy, ~ <3, Amiiscel, etc.. I'll take whatever you can give me! ^-^

Hm... What to say about me...?

Oh, I got into the fandom around October of 2013, and I've been a big fan of the fandom's original works of music! I'm also a big fan of traditional artwork of the sketch variety~ I've tried my hand/hoof at both of these, and it's fun-- though there is much yet to be learned! o3o

Uhhh... I also took a test earlier today to see what element of harmony I was most like. Apparently I have kindness. Welp. Now I feel the pressure of expectations.

Really, I don't have much to say about myself unless we get chatting sometime-- which I would love to do! ( beware the memes )

I also love watching Bob Ross paint. Judge me pls~

I look forward to meeting y'all~ ^_^