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In this event I had lots of fun, I also won on the last round WOO HOO. Anyways, here are my screenshots! Didn't take any in Cantermore :( but I think those in Ponydale look great!

Music / Re: What song are you addicted...
Last post by Sky Arrow - Yesterday at 22:45:58
This song has the best beat I've ever heard
It was a nice game today, thanks everypony! Hope to see you next week  ;)

Followed by some also funny parkour lessons:

Spoiler: show

Pony Off-Topic / Re: Nightmare Night Costumes
Last post by Night Striker - Yesterday at 20:17:21
It would be super cool if LoE had holiday-exclusive items! :3
Quote from: RainbowPegasus on Yesterday at 13:57:34How you want to do this is upload your image to something like

I think you mean "imgur" not "imjur" lol
I have not seen it but I might in the future.
Quote from: Sorunome on 2017 Oct 16, 17:25:53How can I verify what LoE is actually doing to my computer?

Honestly, this is something I think about with most games. Games are a very attractive attack vector, after all.

In general, it is very difficult to answer this sort of question definitely. Note that even if you have the game source, and you have thoroughly inspected it, you still can't fully trust that the Unity platform it uses is not collecting and forwarding information.

But there are solutions out there for running less trusted software. For example, I run the vast majority of my games in dedicated accounts. This way I keep them separated from everything in my primary account. And I do the same thing with web browsers. For some accounts, I even prevent them from accessing the internet, using the firewall.

This isn't perfect security, nothing is, but, at least for me, I consider it good enough. I even think it is a bit overkill. There are certainly more elaborate solutions one could try, but I'm comfortable enough with this and I really like that it incurs basically no performance loss.

But if you really need high level security, you should have a separate, dedicated, game machine that you use for nothing else. It can even run on a separate network, if you are so inclined.
Hide and seek starting in 15 minutes in Cantermore!
In about one hour, the hide and seek event starts (according to!!! Everypony ready?
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
Last post by Thundergirl - Yesterday at 16:09:59
Quote from: Ferro_the_King on Yesterday at 10:58:01They're not racist, they are nationalistic. A lot of French people speak either English or German, but they usually don't want to. It has to do with their nation's pride and some historical grievances (100-years war, WWII and so on...).
I actually was in France, when I was a kid and since I only spoke English and a little bit German by that time, they didn't wanted to speak to me at all. I had to start every conversation with a phrase "Excuse my bad English, I am from Czech republic". Then they actually would speak to me in English without any problem lol

Τhat's what I mean, you have to pray to some of them to speak English to you and give you directions lol . They do know English and some of them speak it very well, but they don't want to talk English to you idk why.
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