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Out of Character / Re: Eternal Winter OOC
Last post by Peace Keeper - Today at 02:08:35
Ah okay. Thanks.
Out of Character / Re: Eternal Winter OOC
Last post by Julien999 - Today at 01:30:08
Quote from: Peace Keeper on Yesterday at 14:09:32Is/was the barn occupied(like someone already in there or recently in) or abandoned?
Well, it was occupied by Apples. But nopony is there because of the storm. Instead, you'll find a trail of snow instead, which lead to a winter wolf.
Today I spent a lot of time with Random Fandom! we decided to dance in the heartlands!

Then, we did truth or dare! it probably would've lasted longer if the servers wouldn't have made everypony else spawn somewhere else! and.. i think Tranquil Wafer found her date for the gala! (te blue pone beside me)

That is all pones!
Well all of my pegasus friends (characters) are Shadowbolts, but I might be able to convince one of them to join the other side for the air show (likely Maverick). If I'm available on the day it will be held (what date is it?). Edit: NVM I have plans for that Saturday. Wouldn't be back til sometime after 10PM).

I've been practicing flying with the mouse look and 1st person view. It's pretty tricky but you can really pull off some stunts with it like taking off straight up, diving under bridges, through arches, etc. It'd be neat  if we could do actual Blue Angels moves like formation flying, knife edge pass, etc.
Legends of Equestria Discussion / Re: Psykai's Adventures
Last post by Psykai - Yesterday at 23:52:58
What a crazy day!

Derpy was up bright and early to deliver more tickets the Gala. Having found less and less ponies without tickets, she was in a hurry to make sure she spread the word as far as possible!

(I LOVE this shot!)

Unfortunately, in her haste, she took a tumble into the Cantermore Plaza fountain:

Derpy wasn't the only busy bee in Cantermore today! Gloomy Feathers took a trip to Dashing Delano's to pick out an outfit for Gala:

Whether or not he'll have a date for the night remains to be seen but he is determined to have a good time and socialize!

Once he was done, he met up with some friends at the Cantermore Cave:

Soon enough, many more ponies showed up and a game of Truth or Dare was commenced:

Though it didn't get very far thanks to strange magic that kept teleporting ponies out of the cave. Eventually, the number of ponies dwindled and Gloomy himself retreated home.

Derpy was able to complete her rounds with no more hiccups, but she was so tired and hungry that she couldn't wait until she got home to stuff a muffin in her mouth :3
Video Games / Re: What are you currently pla...
Last post by Meadow Fluff - Yesterday at 23:43:55
Hmm, i'm currently playing Kerbal Space Program. This game makes me want to kick my laptop.
@Holiday Cheer and everyone else in-game just now:
Due to unfortunate circumstances to do with our internet provider, I can't get back online tonight. Sorry about that, I'll have to try again tomorrow to get some more stuff.
That promo is amazing!
Glad to help if I can dude! And don't worry, I've a couple ideas in mind.  ;)
That's alright. I'll remove Nova from the list and keep popping the thread around when I can. Come chat with me sometime if you get chance!
Wow Even that's amazing!  You didn't have to do all that for little old me. X3

Twilight Nova unfortunately will not be able to be a Wonderbolt though due to some irl happenings.  But we'll make do.  Thank you again for putting this together.  To any pony who sees this, go check out Even's promo for the Gala!
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