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Hi. It's my first time writing a suggestion here, so please excuse me as I don't know how to formally write a suggestion.

I would like to suggest new sizes of the health potion as stated in the title above. Currently, health potions are only obtainable from Rear Echelon in the Heartlands, which is very hard considering the long journey. Health potions should be made available in hospitals like those in Ponydale and Cloudopolis. Health potions size M and L should also be included as the current health potion only heals 300 each, which is pretty less.

I suggest the health potion M to heal 500 HP, costs 200 bits each, while the health potion L to heal 1000 HP, costs 500 bits each. Honestly, I don't actually care how much it costs, it could be made higher, because currently bits are quite useless because I am lvl 50 and keep on grinding dragons.

As always, I hope this suggestion can be accepted. Keep up the work in developing the game!  ^-^
Quote from: Thundergirl on Today at 06:56:14What's the difference between flye armor and the other armors for high-lvled players?

Frye Flye is just aesthetic, it doesn't give any extra stats
Quote from: Ferro_the_King on Yesterday at 09:48:02You have to be Earth pony, because sprint+jump is the key. Oh, and I made it to the Ponydale library top platform (About 8 jumps, i forgot to count. Some of them quite difficult) just today :D

Others I can do in Ponydale are:
The School (Easy, 2 jumps)
The Hospital (Somewhat easy, 2 jumps)
The bathtub on a big tree (Moderate, about 5-6 jumps)
Windmill (Easy, 3 jumps)
The Theathre (Moderate, Wasn't counting)
Bowling Club (Easy, 1 jump)
The train station (Moderate, 2 jumps)
The big solo tree behind SCC (I have no idea, I was just foaling around :D )
And some other unidentified buildings lol

Wow, that is seriously impressive. Might give some of those a try with my earth pony character  ^-^
Glad I could help  :D
Thread Games / Re: true or false? (guessing g...
Last post by Silverbeat - Today at 10:32:07
So, so true.
Let's see...I've got Silverbeat & Busta Rhyme as my two top ones. And then Hopeful Horizons, Pawprints, Lucky Star, Techno Jam, Misty Twister, Cheetah Dash, Summer Breeze, Rocky Roads, Diamond Sky and Mint Condition. I think that's at least two  X3

The pony below me has an OC that is based on themselves, or a friend/family member.
Introductions / Re: Hello
Last post by Silverbeat - Today at 10:19:00
Hi! I'm Silverbeat. It's nice to meet you ^-^
I arrived in the fandom pretty late, myself. Once I saw the first episode of Friendship is Magic though, I was hooked  :D And the community is awesome. I hope you love it here.
Anyway, it was good to meet you! Hope to see you around sometime :)
Original Characters / Re: Hello, I'm new here!
Last post by Onyx Quill - Today at 09:28:53

If my parents let me

The pony below has at least two OCs.
Legends of Equestria Discussion / LOE Slow?!
Last post by Zetto - Today at 07:11:09

I am a BIG fan of LOE, and I've played a few of the open access releases back in the day, it was still really slow for me, and it still is now, in a sense, sometimes the game is virtually unplayable for me, I run a windows vista, and the game runs at about 20 FPS for me, so about the same as a dolphin gamecube emulator which runs at about 15-20 FPS, and the thing is....That's how fast the game runs with the LOWEST quality and fastest options. I REALLY need help this is the only computer at my house, and to play something like this that had so much put into it is a dream for me. please, please please help!
What's the difference between flye armor and the other armors for high-lvled players?
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