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Introductions / Re: A new soul in a new world!
Last post by Night Striker - Today at 19:57:12
Welcome to the forums, GooCorn! Funnily enough I almost forgot that LoE existed too until it just ranomly popped up in my head in August lol Anyways, it was nice meeting you, hope to see you in-game later! ^-^
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Nightmare Night Costumes
Last post by Sky Arrow - Today at 19:48:49
Sky Arrow: would wear a Link costume , Mango Pop: would wear a Toko Fukawa costume , and Yin: would wear a Hermoine costume
Introductions / A new soul in a new world!
Last post by GooCorn - Today at 19:03:41
Hello people-or ponies- or whoever reads this. Some time ago I found this game and have had it drift in the back of my mind till suddenly I thought, "Wait. Its been a year or two, I bet its open by now!"

And what do you know? It is open.

See ya around maybe?
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
Last post by Misty Fly - Today at 18:55:35
I.m here Shady not sure about everyone else
Out of Character / Re: Malware (OOC)
Last post by Nightshade Star - Today at 17:06:01
@Misty Fly
@Peace Keeper

Secretly has Washington on their side
Poor chubby-woofy... ono No wonder he's so scared of being abandoned. ono

... Scarlet is totally not leaving that room.
Probably not, given how many buttons do various things, but I don't see why you would need to ask, since you can just test it out by yourself.
Original Characters / My Oc: FrostWing
Last post by Hexterus - Today at 14:06:51
I'm pretty new here so lemme just post my OC. This is a hybrid pony so I hope it's not too Mary Sue-ish.

Name: Frostwing

Pony-Type: Pegasus/Griffon hybrid

Age (Human Years): 17

Gender: Male

Frostwing is a male Pegasus with Griffon qualities. His mane and the tip of his tail is a dark teal while his body is a dull blue, but not all of him is this color, his wings and body from the neck up are a soft grey. He has slightly larger wings than the average Pegasus, and his tail is the same as a griffon's tail.

While he doesn't exactly have the brightest of colors in pony standards, his eyes make up for it with it's striking blue contrast.

Growing up, Frost had always been unwilling to be around his own kind, he had always feared that they would make fun of his abnormally large wings or strange tail. Even now, after being accepted into a pony community, he'd rather not strike a conversation.

His cutie mark is the little dipper constellation.

Image of him:
Spoiler: show

FrostWing was born in a rocky land far away from pony lands. His mother was a Pegasus pony while his father was a Griffon. Frost would ask her mother why she chose to be with a griffon, she would simply reply with a small chuckle "It's because us ponies never know when to stop loving".

His father was never around much, he was usually out flying or looking for any beast that may be near. Each time he left it would take longer for him to come back, until he disappeared completely.

After the disappearance of his father, Frostwing and his mother journeyed to a small pony farmland in the middle of what appeared to be nowhere. They were both brought in with open hooves and smiling faces, although some of those smiling faces seemed to stare at Frost longer than he was comfortable with.

As he grew up in this small farmland, he stayed close to his mother, much to her disappointment. "Why don't you go outside and meet new friends? There are many ponies your age to play with." She would say with a hint of sadness in her voice.

But no matter how many times she tried to encourage him, he would not. He couldn't stand those prying eyes trying to catch a glimpse at him every time he left the comfort of his cottage. So instead, at the darkest of nights, whilst every pony was asleep, he would fly to the top of his home and stare at the night sky. The stars all seemed to dance in the air and create beautiful pictures that only his eyes could see, encouraging him to fly up and join their endless dance. The stars were his friends, and nopony could tell him otherwise.

Woah ok so yeah that was my first time ever making a backstory for an Oc lol. I hope it's not too bad.
Out of Character / Re: Ponies: Lost In Space [OOC...
Last post by Gamepaw - Today at 12:40:09
In the RP itself, I`m gonna have to explain two of my other characters to Scarlet for sadness.

Also, thanks. :D 
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