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Art / Re: Soobel's things
Last post by Soobel - Today at 05:10:46
Forgot to share it here at This day.
Art / Re: A little art from Sopherou...
Last post by Soobel - Today at 05:06:42
Cute silver-grey pegasus :)
Are you not being offered the option of training for your talent mark at all? Or is he just reminding you you can't take part in foal-only quests and activities (like the sled race at the Winter Games) once you graduate? (Looks like you got all the foal quests, btw - Knead for Speed isn't one and technically Cloud Race isn't either, though it and Cutting it Close feel like they're for foals.)
I have done eleven foal-only quests thus far including two not mentioned on the wiki page linked below (Cloud Race and Knead For Speed, not sure if foal-only) and Windhover is still trying to convince me not to grow up because I may miss something. Is this just bad dialogue or am I missing a quest? Quests I completed, listed in the same order as they are in my journal.

  • A Treat For Taffy
  • Justice's Blind Eye
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
  • Cloud Race
  • Eye Sore
  • Foal Speed Ahead
  • Knead For Speed
  • Welcome To Equestria
  • Trouble Stoppers
  • An Equestrian Werepony In The Evershade
  • A Wolf In Horse Clothing

As per the wiki, linked below, I have done all of the foal-only quests, and the wiki doesn't mention "Cloud Race" or "Knead For Speed", though I am not sure if they are foal-only. Have I missed something or is Windhover's dialogue just incomplete or something? The unicorn and earth pony instructors never made me feel like I was forgetting something.

Foal Quests
Next Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet

Date: Friday February 26th, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: Heartland Ruins
Style: Adventure
Host: Nightstalker
All ponies, old and new, welcome.

We have a group Discord. 
You can find it at
Art / Re: A little art from Sopherou...
Last post by SapphireEevee - 2021 Feb 22, 10:55:38
woaaah!!! i love it so much!!!  <3  <3  <3  *-*
Introductions / Re: Nice to meet you, everypon...
Last post by SapphireEevee - 2021 Feb 22, 10:54:05
Hey!! Nice to meet you too!! Let's be friends :D  X3
Autumn Dawn
Bubblegum Slash
Grace Seraph
Grape Bloom
Healing Lavender
Lemon Cloud
Red Velvet
Snowy CloudDancer
Starfire Dream
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - February 20th 2021 • show
OK, I found an easier way. I was doing a lot of custom stuff and it had crisp results in the end but it was a lot of work. If you add LoE as a non-steam game to your library and you use Steam Remote Play on your phone, simply turn off the filter on SRP on your phone for "SRP optimized games" and you can play any game in your library, including LoE. If you do this you need a Bluetooth keyboard paired to your Android device for obvious reasons. You can use touch or a Bluetooth mouse for mouse input. Heck, you can use screen mirroring to mirror the phone/tablet onto a big-screen TV and play LoE on your living room TV while doing this!
I thought I would share that I managed to get LoE working on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G just now. I will post some screenshots later, after I work on it some more. Now I can play LoE wherever, without hauling around a tower containing many heavy parts! Has anybody else tried this yet?

Here we go. I took two quick screenshots. They are slightly blurry, but it works!
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