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General News / Barely stuttered in default a ...
Last post by NicolasPar - Today at 00:05:16
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Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - February 15th 2020 • show
Alternatively, they should be in your quest log on the 'other' section of your skills (index) page. Upon the first room and instance you spawn in, teleportation, ground pound and bubble barrage should all be there. After you swap room instances or move to another area, say, Cantermore to Ponydale, they disappear. It's a long time bug.

Deleting your hotbar.json file isn't really ideal unless you're having no luck getting them to show up on your index page. It means having to set up all your skills and emotes again which can be a bit of a pain, haha
Introductions / Re: Hey there
Last post by z3nith - Yesterday at 00:22:00
Howdy! I too fell off from following this project from its early days and have only recently picked it back up again.
Deleting hotbar.json (~\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria\hotbar.json) should reset it, meaning that all the symbols are there like they were at the beginning. (Replace ~ with the path to your user folder)

You will have to close and restart the game for it to have an effect. I don't know if it is possible to move Ground Pound and Bubble Barrage to a different bar, since, as you said, they are not in the skills book. But that should restore it.

When you delete hotbar.json, the game will create the file again with default settings.

I used it when I lost my teleportation spell.
Thanks!  I had an issue where I couldn't get a verification email from Phabricator.  I tried again and it came through.  I set up a profile on Phabricator and posted the quest bug I had on it. 
I removed the skills from my skill bar to move them to page 2 for easier use in combat, however, I can't find them in the skills tab, I've looked in all the talents, and it's nowhere to be found. Is this a known bug, or am I just blind?
Introductions / Re: Hey people!
Last post by LeviathanTS - 2020 Feb 13, 17:32:22
Quote from: Jade_Cygnus on 2020 Feb 13, 13:47:18I joined the fandom a month ago. I was searching for unofficial MMORPGs to play, and I found a vídeo about LoE. I ignored it at first because I wasn't really a brony at the time, but while searching, I asked myself a question: Why did MLP become so popular in 2011-2013? How did a show about rainbow colored ponies gather so much attention? And people are still talking about the show?" Curiosity got the best out of me so I decided to watch a few episodes of the show. And then I became a brony lol

Also, I have a little question: How do I replace my profile pic in the forums? I've been searching for the option and I haven't found it yet :(
(Oh yeah also sorry for my bad English lol)

Also I played LoE for a bit and I'm really liking it   :]  
EDIT: Nevermind I found out how to replace my profile pic :P

Oh interesting, thanks for answering :3

A large amount of people suffering from depression find the show incredibly comforting because of it's cheeriness and innocence, maybe that's what hooked you?

The forum is rather... quiet nowadays unfortunately, it's a shame really, still if you want to talk we can continue here or you can message me, awesome to meet you either way mister or miss Jade :p
If you have not reported the bug on Phabricator, that is the best place to put it to get it noticed.
Follow the instructions here:

This will notify the team of the problem.

Thank you for your help in making Equestria great!
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