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Well, I'm technically still 'watching' it, but I'm far too slow. I'm in season 4 somewhere, I think, but can't be bothered to find time to watch. The creativity of the community is more interesting to me.
Changeling. Not just because my OC is one. I don't feel "love" in the same way as most people, it seems.
Oh, I see what happened. Got this one confused with the "Final two letters" version. whoops.  X3

Granted, now non-spicy food is the new spicy.

I wish the sun wasn't so blinding when driving around. +_+
Secretly puts skeletons in the closet, because nobody would actually expect to find them in there.
Cellophane -> Newspeak
Spoiler: Have a cookie if you know off the top of your head where that comes from. • show
Secretly is just a Saiyan Pony, but might become a Super Saiyan out of sheer frustration of not actually being so.
Secretly is a member of the Pancake Rebels, aka the Flapjack Freedom Fighters.
Secretly is the pancake overlord.
Unbanned for power of will. One does not simply share pancakes.
Fever's not allowed to cha cha until the french toast has been put in the salad.
Secretly is not on Earth. Instead uses wormhole WiFi to link to Earth's internet from Andromeda.
In-Game Name(s): Dark Spectre
Events of Interest: Just about anything, roleplaying is a very small side thingy and my character's backstory has been in progress, retconned, and rebooted several times since the start, don't see it stopping anytime soon.
Host: Happy to assist
Roleplay: I'll say yes and give the info, but I wouldn't expect it too often. Unless of course doing so sparks my interest, I've not really roleplayed much outside my group of friends.

OC Information
The background I have on file is much more detailed, but I'll shorten it for the sake of the app.

OC Name(s):  Dark Spectre
OC Information: A changeling that has lost memory of early life from encounters with dark magic while young. Slowly loses sanity with magic use, seeks to discover the source of his affliction, be it via bloodline or residual dark magic, and negate it if possible. If forced to fight, can burn excess love to increase physical capabilities in place of magic, but doing so leaves him drained rather quickly.

As the roleplay rules state "Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi only", I'd use the following as an alternative, should changelings not be allowed.

OC Name(s):  Spectre Flare
OC Information: Dark Spectre's main disguise. This "Earth Pony" is a member of the Flare House nobility, which they acquired through a long con and Royal Guard service over several generations. The Flare nobles are known among some of the less upstanding citizens for their ability in gathering information, on ponies or otherwise, and for the right price may be hired as informants.  If forced to fight, Spectre catches fire, enhancing his strength to earth pony levels while burning his opponent on hit. Of course, doing so drains his love rapidly, and keeping the fire around is a double-edged sword. He's also burning himself somewhat in the process...
True, the amount of hugs were amazing

The pony below likes to give and receive hugs
Had a great time, got recognized by a lot of y'all this time around.  :P

I'll be hanging around the forums, checking in everyday. Message me if you like.
Perhaps... will you pet me if I look like this?
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The pony below would like to pet catspectre