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Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 18:51:31
"I decided I wouldn't attempt making another friend until the time was right...but we'll talk about that later. What task are we to perform here..?"
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 18:03:28
"You haven't been picked on the way I have....being called 'overprotective', and saying I 'baby' don't know what it's like having others misunderstand your instinct job....I defend others, not be overprotective about hurt hearing that so much..."
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 17:32:30
"No. But hopefully, the citizens here are friendly...maybe even willing to become friends...I tried making friends in Ponyville, but..." Loyal sighs.
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 16:58:43
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 16:07:08
(By the way, wasn't the point to help Loyal make new friends...? It's starting to seem like you changed the plot to meeting new ponies yourself..)

The three ponies conversated until the train eventually arrived at the Crystal Empire.
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 15:53:14
Once each pony had paid their bits for tickets, they board the train. Soon after, it starts moving.

Mist and Marble notice Loyal is amazed by the train, and the nature it passes.

"Who knew being on a train seemed so magical?" Loyal commented.
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 15:19:42
"Well, how much are the tickets to the Empire?" Loyal got out a bag of bits he was carrying around. "It seems I have....126 bits."
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 15:07:25
"And are you the pony we were supposed to meet?"
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 23, 14:50:45
(You could have just put *they enter the Canterlot Bakery*, ya know...)

"So, this is where to meet that mare, huh?"
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 20, 17:39:03
@SSP Please, stay out of this RP...
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 20, 11:18:01
(You just said she was heading towards Canterlot, why is she suddenly going into Sugarcube Corner? That's in Ponyville!)

"Loyal Defender. But just Loyal is fine."
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 19, 12:54:11
"Well, all right." Loyal replied, and began to follow her. "What's your name, by the way?"
Canterlot Archives / Re: A New Friend
2016 May 19, 10:08:59
"Oh...well, I don't think she's around here, whoever 'she' is. But if you know what she looks like, you can tell me, and I'll let you know if I see her."
Canterlot Archives / A New Friend
2016 May 18, 16:51:27
Young Loyal Defender was alone. Ever since he had moved from Canterlot, he had tried to make friends. But for some reason, most of them said no. Most made fun of him, saying he'd never accomplish anything by being overprotective of everyone. But that wasn't true. He didn't act overprotective. He defended anyone he cared about. Still, it hurt him inside.

So here he was, staring at a pond, at his own reflection. He sighed. "Things were so much better in Canterlot. Everypony was so much, they all just make fun of me....I wish I at least had one caring friend.." A single tear streamed down Loyal's cheek, and into the water. He heard movement come from behind him. He turned around to see a light pink pony with a curly purple-and-cyan mane standing there. "What, have you come to make fun of me, too?"
I have decided to try and make a list of some LoE friends I know, and turn their names into Organization XIII names. Only Kingdom Hearts fans will understand this list. You can let me know what you think of the list if you like.

LoE Organization Names

Loyal - Yollax

Invultrois - Voilutrix

Chrisgotjar - Ragixchtor

Alastor - Strolaax

Peace - Xepace

Ellowee - Wellexoe

CrabApple - Braxlecapp

Leviathan - Xaventhial

Sugar - Graxus

Lightspeed - Digexsphelt

Bakasan - Nabaxans

Arcen - Xarnec

SandFire - Frixsaned

Off-Topic Archive / To My Friends
2016 Apr 06, 02:32:09
Hey, it's me, PinkiePieHugs.

I wanted to know how things are going in chat. Is Alastor and Peace Keeper and the others (excluding Misty Fly) okay? Does anypony really miss me? Did any internet trolls come by?

I'm not so hot myself. Somehow, now my sister wants to play in my room everyday since she got her phone and laptop taken away, and her wanting to play every single day is annoying. I'm also not so hot because due to a little problem with e-mail names, my YouTube account was nearly deleted. Let me just say that not being able to come into chat to calm my nerves really sucks. I hope I can come back BEFORE the end of April, since I'm innocent. And this stress keeps piling on and on and on, and it's not going well...I really miss you guys...

And if anypony locks or deletes this topic, since this is for my friends, you're a big mean-meanie mean pants for blocking my message so they don't know how I'M doing.
Off-Topic Archive / Ban
2016 Apr 03, 01:36:38
Look...I know what I did was wrong...I know I never should have been rude to Misty. He was actually quite rude to me first. I wanted to say that it isn't my fault I got banned. And, I will be honest. Some mods, like Perry, didn't understand me. He instead lectured me, which was not necessary. Chris seemed to understand, just told me to talk to Perry. But I wanted to say...I'm sorry. I'm sorry for threatening Misty. I'm sorry for acting impolite on the chat. I'm sorry for not ignoring him. I just wanted to have a good time, and be with my friends. I never wanted it to be like this... :'(

Please...just give me another chance, and I can prove I can reflect on my actions and be more mature.
Video Games Archive / Let's Plays
2016 Feb 14, 23:41:35
I have decided to make a new thread that involves videos of Let's Plays of games on my channel:

This will be updated every now and then.
I know one thing I'd love to have fixed: The incredibly annoying lag. It's also what got me kil--err, DEALT WITH (EG FTW), not just my probably bad combat skills.
Does this mean that the servers are open now? I completely missed the last one, even though I check every Friday to see if they open or not. Last time...

"I was not prepared for this..." :/

Also, exactly WHEN do they open each month? I get confused with this question, and I would like an understandable answer.