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A week went by quickly. Nurse Redheart came to check on Loyal every few hours, only to usually  find him asleep. She didn't mind, though, as other patients did the same thing.

Before he knew it, Loyal was rolled out of the hospital, assisted by Tavi and Vinyl.See? Told ya I'd be out before you knew it.
Loyal gently smiled. Don't worry, I'll be out before you know it...I've been in hospitals several times before, and they were for much worse reasons.
A while later, Octavia and Vinyl arrived at the hospital. Once checked in, Loyal was taken to an emergency room.  A white coated pony with a cutie mark of a red cross and four pink hearts on each corner was examining him.

Hmmm....well, you have suffered some injuries, but thankfully, none of them seem to be fatal. It's just some deep bruises. They'll take about a week to heal, as long as nothing else happens to your body.

Octavia breathed a sigh of relief, thankful Loyal wasn't in danger.
Wanting to end the feud, Loyal shot a small energy bolt at the imposter, praying it didn't hit the real Octavia by mistake.

Thankfully, the impostor got hit instead. It froze, with an incredibly creepy look of horror on its face. It began to swell up like a balloon, before eventually exploding in a cloud of darkness.

Octavia was relieved that the impostor was gone, but now she had Loyal to worry about. He had gotten injured from being punched so many times.

Vinyl and Octavia ran over to Loyal..

I don't even know what happened..I....I'm....I'm so terribly sorry if I brought you two into this....
Loyal watched as the two ponies double-teamed on the Octi imposter....he was somewhat hurt from the fight, so he couldn't really help..

mention of violance is against the rules. rule 17 to be exact.
Octavia and Vinly rushed towards the forest and were shocked to see a second Octavia pinning him against a tree.

mention of violance is against the rules. rule 17 to be exact.
Octavia and Vinyl heard another cry for help coming from the forest to the left..

I wouldn't worry too much, Tavi. Sure, he['s a cursed Alicorn, but he's got powerful magic. I'm sure he's just having the time of his life right now. What could happen?

Both ponies suddenly heard an audible "Somepony help meeeeee!"
Loyal nodded, Don't worry, I'll be back soon.

He went out the door, and began his walk. There wasn't much to say about the walk. Loyal usually walked through town, and to the plains connecting the forest.

Loyal finished walking through the town, and arrived at the plains at the forest. There, he saw an unusual sight. It was Octavia...but how did she beat Loyal here?

O-octavia?! What are you doing here? I thought you had a bit of cello practice to do!

Octavia didn't reply. Instead, she slowly approached Loyal, with an annoyed look on her face. She then stopped, crouched down, and attempted to tackle Loyal onto the ground, which was successful. She then attempted to punch Loyal, which he kept dodging. He tried to pry her off of him, but she was somehow difficult to remove. He could only think of one other option...


Meanwhile, back at Octavia's home...
Loyal headed out the door and down the stairs. He was somewhat surprised to see Vinyl ALREADY eating away at her omelet.

One delicious breakfast later, Vinyl and Octavia were satisfied. Since Loyal knew that both ponies were to be busy soon, he figured he'd pass the time by walking. He turned to Octavia and asked,

Say, is it alright if I go for a bit of a walk? Don't worry, I'll be careful. Takes awhile before the darkness finds me again anyway. ALWAYS does.

Loyal nodded in understanding, and headed up the stairs. He quickly found Vinyl's room, decorated with DJ discs and spotlights.

Vinyl was asleep on the turntable, snoring.

Loyal approached the DJ, and gently nudged her. Vinyl...wakey wakey...
Thank you. Trust me, it's more delicious than it looks. Loyal noticked Vinyl hadn't gotten up yet. Err....should I go get Vinyl? I made one for her, too..
Loyal hears Octavia entering the kitchen Good morning, sleeping beauty! I already have breakfast made. I do hope you like omelets.
Loyal managed to slip out of her hoof, and got out of bed. He looked back, and smiled. Octavia looked so adorable sleeping like that...

He headed downstairs and decided to return the favor by making breakfast for her....his famous omelets. He got got out a chef's hat and apron and got to work.
Loyal attempted to sloooowly slip out of Octavia's grip without waking her..
The ground began to shake, meaning Loyal was waking up.

As soon as Loyal was awake, he felt  something firmly wrapped around him...he looked up, and blushed when he saw Octavia asleep on the bed with him, hugging him.

They seem to want me for something, but I'm not sure what. If I'm captured though, it might put everypony in danger...what should I do?
(Peace, sooner or later, Octi and Loyal will unknowingly cuddle, darn it! You missed the chance for Octi to get into bed WITH Loyal! XD)

Yes....I do have some issues...there's this mysterious darkness that keeps pursuing me in dreamland AND in you have any idea what it could be...? It worries me...
Well, I'll need to get a good chance to ask her, and-- *clock chimes, signaling it being time for sleep*

Octavia got up, and was just about to reply, when she realized something. Since Loyal had saved her life, the least she could do was a favor for him. She decided she would consider allowing Loyal to sleep in her bed, as well. Plus, he'd need somepony to  wake him up in case he had another nightmare.
Possibly. One night, I had a dream...I heard voices around of them mentioned something about capturing and using I was needed for something. I'm not sure what, but I do know that I must do whatever I can in my power to ensure I DO NOT get caught. Who knows? Whatever they need me for, it's likely to put everypony in danger.