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Hehehe....we'll see about that!

I shall use his power to rule Equestria! Once he's mine, he'll become my slave once he's too powerless to stop me! But that doesn't concern you...
Suddenly, a voice of evil rang out...

You pathetic little equines. You really think you can beat back the darkness? HA! I'll show you the power of TRUE DARKNESS!
Of course! We're you're friends, it's our job to keep ya safe!
Thank you kindly. It's nice to know you and Vinyl have my back.
I spoke to Luna about our situation. She said, 'The darkness will continue to come after you, which you may have no choice but to defend yourself. I believe you may need help from your friends, but be warned, as you may also put your friends at risk. The road to the light will not be easy. If you can persevere, and understand the ones responsible, only then can we tell whether your future is a certain light.'"
I understand.

And just like that, the dream was over. Loyal woke up to see Octavia looking at him funny. She heard him talking in his sleep.
I don't think fighting's an option, considering my condition...
Meanwhile, inside Loyal's dream, he was recieving a visit from Princess Luna, explaning what happened in the week she hadn't visited.

and then, there was this clone of Octavia that began pounding me! I don't know what it was, though....have you perhaps found an answer to this darkness yet?

mention of violance of that nature is against the rules. rule 17 to be exact.
One delicious cake later, each pony was clean (still awkward), full, and satisfied. Loyal had helped to clean up the party decorations, though he didn't have to.

A while after that, things seemed pretty calm. Tavi was practicing her cello, Vinyl was....being Vinyl, and Loyal just slept.
Before Loyal could reply, sounds of snickering could be heard. just showed your formal Loyal...

She proceeded to burst out laughing..
There's not a single cake I wouldn't enjoy.
Sure, cake sounds good.

Octavia  lead Loyal into the kitchen.
Hehe, ya see? I KNEW it would work!
All it takes is a look of astonish and amazement on Loyal's face to tell the ponies they did their job well.
Ready when you are!
Sounds good!

Vinyl put her two front hooves on Loyal's eyes. But nooo peeking till we get there....hehehe...

The three ponies began to head back towards OCtavia's home.

Meanwhile, in a faraway floating fortress....

Hmmmm....looks like our little prince survived the ambush of our minion..No matter. I'll just have to send another, but one much stronger and better than the last. CLEMENT! A pony in a dark hood came running into the room, only to trip.

(Evil master has a clumsy assistant cliche. *ding*)

Y-yes, master?

Tell our special little minion I've got a job for him....

R-right away, Master!

The pony, now known as Clement, took off running into another door leading into darkness...

Soon, Loyal, you'll be all mine...and I'll use your power to rule Equestria....hehehehehehe.....hahahahahahaa.....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Back in Equestria, Loyal, Vinyl, and Tavi had just arrived. Tavi uncovered Loyal's eyes once they opened the door for a surprise.

It's very nice to meet you both. I've known Octavia is famous for her glorious cellist skills, and that DJ PON-3 plays the HOTTEST music in Equestria. Seems I'm lucky I found and befriended those ponies. ....We ARE friends, right?
For right now, I think staying with you seems like a better choice. Plus, I might need a break from protecting folks now and then until I can actually fight again. I really thank you for your kindness, know, all this time, I don't think I got your name...did I?
Mostly just sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping. Believe me, that was one of the best choices I've made ever.