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I did....and it wasn't the darkness this time.../
Before Loyal could answer, the scenery around him changed.....Luna was gone...

Loyal soon found himself in a dream he never wanted to dream about. He found himself on the side of a road. He immediately recognized this as the road his parents died on. Things happened so quickly in the dream, up until the point where his parents were driving on the road. The vehicle suddenly spun out of control, flipped over several times, and eventually crashed.

Flames and smoke began appearing in the rubble and debris. All Loyal could say was..."No....Mother! Father! Noooooooooooooo!" He tried to break free of the dream's force holding him back, but he was unable to....tears leaked out of his eyes ucontrollably...the wind smacked against his face, combining with the smoke, stinging his eyes....he had failed to protect them.....

There was a slow bright flash of light....and before he knew it, Loyal was awake, with tears in his eyes..he looked around, and his vision eventually landed on Octavia looking at him in the bd....she had seen him cry  in his sleep.
Do they strip it each time I use it?
Yes. And I get a really strong feeling that the darkness is in some kind of stronghold or castle. I'm just trying to figure out where that is.
Yes. But my friends and I have a plan.
Loyal was having yet another dream. This time, he was in some large stone sanctuary...he wasn't sure where he was, but he had the feeling it was important. Luna? Are you here?
Loyal nodded, and the three got up, and headed towards the music shop to purchase the perfect cello for Octavia. Half an hour later, they returned home. By then, it was dark out. Loyal decided he'd head to bed, and went upstairs.
Agreed...but it's best if we set out tomorrow to find this baddy's stronghold.
Loyal is sweetened by what she said, so he did something he never thought he'd do. He hugged Octavia.
10 loved that cello more than anything.... The flames vanish..
Angry.? That's an could call me.....RAGING MAD.
Loyal sits next to Octavia.

He'll pay for what he's done....he'll pay for tormenting us...he'll pay for everything he's done to us...

The two ponies practically see the rage flames engulfing Loyal, which slightly worries them...
Loyal slowly begins backing up to go behind Vinyl, somewhat terrified with how ticked Octavia seemed...
The evil voice soon returned, full of anger.

What....why DARE you beat my minion like that! I'll make you pay for that!

Just before vanishing, the fake Loyal shot a laser at Octavia's cello, and broke it in half.

That'll teach you not to mess with me! Nyahahahahahahahahah! Soon after, the voice faded away...

Octavia didn't say a word. She just stood there.

Vinyl approached Loyal, and used her magic to drag him away. Uhhh...Loyal, you MIGHT wanna back up...this isn't gonna be pretty.
The fake Loyal tried to block the impact, but failed miserably, and fully took the blow.

When Octavia backed up, the fake was now lying on the ground, wheezing. It slowly began to fade away.

ugh, I really need a break without having to deal with enemies so often...
The fake Loyal realized it was tricked, and backed up against the wall. The three ponies began to close in on it...

We tackle it on my mark...
Magic? Heh, not a problem.

Vinyl fired a laser from her horn, causing the fake Loyal to put up a shield.

There. Now once the shield is down, we can use whatever we can to beat this thing. It'll be unable to protect itself again, due to weakened magic..
Yeahhh...about that...if this is a legitimate copy of me, then it knows the same spells I do....including force field spells. Thankfully, the force field spells drains most of his magic, weakening him. If it's after me, though, then it's likely to not use the force field on you. Which means...YOU two have to be the ones to take it out. I'll try to help, but most of my magic will prove useless.
Vinyl does the same. The two act like bodyguards, protecting the young Alicorn.

The dark mass begins to form...until it forms into a copy of Loyal.

I don't think this guy knows I don't know many spells, so Loyal could be easy to take out. Be on your guard, though. Darkness is unpredictable.