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Hello there!! We have a good chat today~~
Also welcome to this forums~~  :D
You can always chattin with me, and other ponies~  :3
You also can make some new friends here~~ :P
Have Fuuun!!!
Introductions Archive / Re: Hi !!
2014 Jun 30, 16:39:12
Hello there!  :D
Welcome to this forums!!
Feel free to explore here to find some fun stuff~~
You also can chattin' in chatbox too :P
And feel free to make some new friends  :3
Have Fuuuun!!!
*that profile picture is cute~
[move]Sonic Hooves[/move]
fly across here......  :P
Male Lyra Heartstrings + Rainbow Dash  :P
Rainbow Dash is my favourite pony :3
Hello!! I'm Kelvin~~ :P
I came from Malaysia
Hope I can get new friend from here~~  :D