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Sure... (Nervousness dies down a bit)
*slides sketch pad in saddle bag to make sure no pony sees it*
( my name is spectral pastel ) I like sitting by myself... It's kind of embarrassing when someone sees me drawing....
( Hi FakeSmile)

I'm sorry... I don't.... (Puts sketch pad away before Eleanor can see the sketch)

( realizes is all alone in the school yard and pulls out her sketch book ad starts to draw )
( a white Pegasus mare with a cyan and rainbow tipped mane, slate gray eyes,  and her cutie mark is a paintbrush with a  rainbow wrapping around slowly approached he school yard, out of breath.) I.. PROBABLY need to make up WAY more than one assignment.... ( sits on a bench in the school yard )
(cloudy peaks out of her big tent and yawns) is it time for bed yet?
Canterlot Archives / Re: Land of Equestria
2014 May 06, 16:58:40
hi  :D im cloudy i know i dont talk much i just wanted to say hi  ^-^ :')