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You guys may wanna take a look at this regarding about the people who got the sun & moon versions only also the videos have been removed in the process as well.
I just PM'd the guy and answered your questions. He said
QuoteThe game started leaking during the very early morning today I believe, in a certain site that the word filter won't allow me to mention by name. I don't use that site but it eventually spread to Twitter, which I use actively. I follow a few 3DS modders/hackers that eventually managed to get the game. I'd link one of them but a) I don't know if you'd be ok with that, and b) Getting the games through that method is illegal, so I'd rather not spread the leaks. A lot of information has already been datamined, such as changes to old Pokémon, abilities, as well as base stats of new Pokémon, their movepools, etc. I've been avoiding plot details as much as possible, but I do know screenshots for that exist.
so apparently we can't spread this around even though the "word filter" part on what he said is part of that forum rule that we can't break so pretty much the info stops there.

What we said about nintendo taking actions in this matter is normal and they do have the right to do so in removing videos off from youtube, twitch, and other social medias and as my friend told me if they do find out who leaked the games, then probably we're guessing that it's not gonna be pretty.
You'll find it here. The person's name who said that was AC3D.

I'm pretty sure you guys didn't overlook into this matter before this happened.
I believe that my suspicions are correct. The sun & moon versions was suppose to be released worldwide at the same date, but not at a early date. To include the part of the information from here, I picked this information up from someone and said
QuoteIt is true, some people have access to the full version of Sun and Moon. They weren't obtained through legal means though, they downloaded the preload and managed to hack the game to be able to play it. Nintendo has already started taking actions about this on places like Youtube and Twitch (yes, someone was actually streaming the game) and getting those people banned or blocked. Be extremely careful of spoilers on social media.

It seems that you guys missed that part of the information and didn't say that people would be able to get access to the full version of sun & moon and downloaded the preload and hack the game. All of this would start going around in the social media and nintendo have already started taking actions into this matter.

At Least provide more information where this is coming from other than social media. Like My friend said and told me and I'll say it right out of her words
QuoteScreenshot or provide proof or it didn't happen
Well I hope you guys are right otherwise it may end up having bugs & glitches like X/Y had before. Remember when people got stuck in lumiose city after saving inside that city and then couldn't move in the process after loading up the save data? We don't want that to happen in Sun & moon version do we?
I believe that the game isn't finalized if it's released that early before the release date. If people would get sun & moon that early, then it's most likely that the game will be unstable until the update arrives.

Maybe you can elaborate more on this so we can avoid them at all times.
Every new generation of pokemon will get harder from this point on including pokemon mystery dungeon series so you gotta be more careful what you do.

I do have to agree with rikaria and my friend on Pokemon Z release. If we said that if pokemon Z is not happening, it's not happening. You gotta Deal (or wing) with what we got so far and move on to the next version.

Speaking of Sun & moon versions, I probably missed the pretty wings. I haven't thought about getting them and completely missed the chance.
Quote from: LostSanity on 2016 Oct 27, 17:36:02
I don't play the metagame. Too complicated.

It'll mostly be to annoy people since 80% hate me anyway and they can whine about 'cheating' all they want as I just laugh as I continue to use it.  ovO


With final evolutions revealed...

I'm seriously considering choosing Rowlet as my started now. That final evo is too freaking great.

It'll depend though. We'll see.

Rowlet final evo + Ash-Greninja= YOUR GONNA LOSE.


It's most likely that most people won't battle against you if you don't play by the rules other than anything goes rules regardless of the battle format. if you're planning on playing FFA battle (the battle royale to be more specific enough), then you should be good.
Quote from: LostSanity on 2016 Oct 25, 17:36:13
Since 80% hates me anyway...

I'm starting to seriously consider using Ash-Greninja in Sun.

Just to annoy people.


It depends on the battle rules. If you're using Smogon's rules, they can be strict sometimes with the tiers and banned pokemon so I don't play by those rules. The official pokemon Battle rules, well it all depends on the restrictions. If you play by Anything Goes rules, then it's ok to use ash-greninja by that kind of rule.
There will be at certain parts of the game that you have to switch pokemon according to your situation and what starter you're going with other than popillo or lacking water types in your team.
Quote from: LostSanity on 2016 Oct 18, 17:45:20
So... the demo's out.

I'm not sure I should play it or not...

I mean... a part of me wants Ash-Greninja... but the other part of me thinks it's cheap and possibly cheating I guess?

I can't seem to make a decision here... help?  :s

Well You should get and play the demo. The Sun & moon demo treats as ORAS demo except that you get ash-greninja this time. It cost about around 3k blocks to your SD card. It's not cheap and possibly cheating. It helps how you will start sun & moon when they get released to the retail just like ORAS demo.
I thought the demos like that doesn't take that much space in the SD cards like ORAS demo. My friend told me about it and said that both her and her brother doesn't have room in their SD cards and according to their problem, their SD cards don't have that much space as they started out. I don't know what they have been doing to get their SD cards full that way, but If I had to guess, it could be the DLCs they've been getting (or 3DS themes).

I do wonder if we're gonna get pokemon sun & moon 3DS theme like we got the pokemon super mystery dungeon and other pokemon 3DS themes.
Quote from: Itty Bit on 2016 Sep 20, 21:48:11
Guh, I've been looking for an unburdened swirlix for ages, and I'm having no luck. If anybody can help me in this search, I would greatly appreciate it ^^;

Well It's possible to obtain one from X/Y's Friend safari, but the downside parts are who has the fairy type friend safari and the pokemon you're looking for so it's not gonna be that easy to find one. I'd help, but the thing is that I have a shortage of fairy type safaris.
My friend told me that there's been a problem with this pokemon go update. She said that this update killed it for her and told me that "They put an update that keeps rooted and jailbroken phones from playing the game" so she said that the only possible solution to this problem is to remove the root if that's the possibility of removing it so if you guys are having this same problem, i may be guessing that you can just do the same solution as she did.

As for pokemon sun & moon versions, I heard people are waiting for the starter evolutions and conflicted on who to choose.
For those of you guys that are still playing pokemon go, the pokemon go plus device will be released on september 16. I'm pretty sure they'll sell out fast as i told you guys before so it'll be hard to get one if you didn't pre-order the device.

now as for pokemon sun & moon, if raticate gets an alola form, then it's most likely that persian, exeggcute, pichu, pikachu, and cubone will get an alola form as well. The photo mode looks nice even though it's bringing back memories of pokemon snap although with new scoring and comment system as well except for apples and pester balls.
It looks like pokemon go died out too quickly. It lost 15mil active players since last month (july). Looks like I was right about pokemon go dying too fast, but hopefully if the update comes with new pokemon and Pokemon Go Plus, it will regain players back also not to mention the amount of lives people spent when playing pokemon go.

here's the news on pokemon go from facebook

QuoteAxiom Capital Management's metric of the game's daily active users showed the game had a peak of about 45 million on July 17. By Aug. 16, the number of daily active users was just over 30 million.
I heard that pokemon go will be enforcing their bans although I'm not really sure how long these bans will last, but the banned players will be given a means to appeal their bans. I don't think these pokemon go players should get a 2nd chance in the game even though one of those cheats is just hacks and the others are bots, 3rd party ads, and such. hopefully they'll learn their lesson someday.
Do any of you guys have problems logging in to the official site? cuz i'm trying to check the newsletters on the official pokemon site, but it's not letting me.
Heads up for those of you guys that are still playing pokemon go.


After reviewing many reports of in-game cheating, we have started taking action against players taking unfair advantage of and abusing Pokémon GO. Moving forward, we will continue to terminate accounts that show clear signs of cheating.

Our main priority with Pokémon GO is to provide a fair, fun, and legitimate game experience for all players. If our system has determined that you cheated, then you will receive an email stating that your account has been terminated.

If you guys got false banned, just go here

as for the new pokemon, isn't it suppose to be tortunator or something like that? my reaction to this new pokemon was, great, another explosive pokemon.
Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2016 Aug 14, 16:30:54
Am I the only one waiting for Team Skull to be in the anime for the SOLE reason of hearing their voice acting? I just know it's gonna be GLORIOUS.

Well Usually the antagonist teams like team flare and skull are meant to be revealed later on in the anime. The Sun & moon the anime series are ways off so we're still on X/Y/Z season right now. It's most likely that japan will reveal it later on because they're a couple of episodes ahead of us in the US and the new episodes in japan are every thursdays in the US.

anyway I was reading up on how hyper training works on serebii so apparently i suppose it helps adjust the pokemon's IVs if i'm not mistaken.