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I overheard that pokerus has became quite more common in this gen, but to provide more information and evidence, Someone said and noticed a streamer she watched also got it early in the story. I wasn't even sure if that's true or not. I mean I got the pokerus that early in the game, but It seems that I wasn't the only one who got it.

but the question about pokerus to anyone else who has the feeling about it: Does anyone feel like pokerus is much more common in gen 7?
Well Apparently I spend my money on supplies depending on the situation I'm in. If 1 amulet coin isn't enough for me, I just use luck incense. I normally buy like about 10 or more potions, full heals, and revives depending on how much money I have. If I want to save money over full heals, I can just produce Lum berries that way.

Another way to make money is poke pelago and you need to have isle aphun at rank 3, but of course it would take a day to get the items.
Quote from: Aqua Fire on 2016 Nov 26, 12:05:48
I don't even have a 3ds.

I dunno if there's a bundle for both 3DS and pokemon sun & moon. If there was, then it would be digital copy and the price would be expensive for the bundle. I may suggest start searching for the bundle and see if you're ok with the price. If you buy both the game and the system used, then you may wanna check for the system's conditions first such as if the controls work, top screen not broken, able to run the game, and doesn't turn on and off unexpectedly.
Those requests can only be done once, but In hano grand resort, it's only 1 per day which is putting pyukumukus back to the ocean.
Quote from: Aqua Fire on 2016 Nov 25, 20:06:30
If I do get this game, this will be the first pokèmon game I've ever played.

There's also Pokemon R/B/Y that's available for 3DS eShop so you can get one of the if you have the money on your eShop account. You can get sun & moon demo if you want to try the game out, but you're limited to some activities and you'll get some goodies prepared for the full version of the game.

As of pokemon sun & moon, it's not that tough if you're using exp share and pokemon refresh, but if you want to fully enjoy the game, just don't use exp share and pokemon refresh.

Moneymaking is tough so I don't know any moneymaking tips right now. All I know is selling Star pieces, star dusts, nuggets, comet pieces, and pearls.
Quote from: Rikaria on 2016 Nov 25, 16:53:47
@Julius: Popplio/Brionne/Primarina. I'm a sucker for cuteness/elegance~

@KirbyFluttershy: Really busy at the moment, but I'll try to ask you later.

Ok lemme know cuz I'm gonna try and see If i'm able to spread the pokerus I have right now to the other pokemon, but I'm in a middle of hatching an egg right now.
I hate to alarm everybody here, but pokerus has expired on me except 2 other pokemon with pokerus benched in the PC. If you guys want it now, you guys better let me know right away or contact me in any other way (via discord, skype, or steam). I don't know how long this will last because obviously the pokerus status is not on my party anymore, but the effect are still in.
Quote from: Julius on 2016 Nov 25, 03:01:29
Alola! I forgot to post this the other day, but here are the release goodies from Nintendo World! I'be been loving the game so far~ ^-^

Wow lucky you. I got the poster and pikachu card from target last saturday. Well When I was trying to get the poster and pikachu card at target, I thought it was gonna be at the electronics and game section so when I asked the staff around where the pokemon promotional event is being held at, I was redirected to the seasonal section to get the poster and pikachu card. I also did take some pictures of the starters while I was there, but it's on my 3DS.
Well If you and my friend were saying that it's hoax, then probably it's made to scare us. Isn't this the proof you're trying to show us?
My friend told me that this issue has been happening to legit players so we can't be too sure on this just yet and it would be a good idea to avoid this for now to be on the safe side. If there are videos shown like this on youtube, then probably those videos are the only proof and evidence we need to confirm the issue.
My Friend said it's a anti-hack thing going on so Apparently he read some of the posts around in gamefaqs. For us legit players and haven't modified the 3DS, We should be fine right? I'm just asking to confirm so I can spread this around
Wait a min. That's the glitch that my friend mentioned. She warned me about this and said
QuoteDo not save your game in a Pokemon Center or at the Battle Tree. There have been many people who have had their save files corrupted by doing this. Upon loading their game, players' character models have not loaded properly, or they have been placed inside of a wall and are unable to escape. This may be addressed in a future update, but for the time being don't risk destroying your save file

So apparently I don't have any additional information and proof to confirm this. If that glitch is true, then we may need to avoid some areas and where we save.
Quote from: Rikaria on 2016 Nov 19, 14:43:33
Online trading opens up by the time you have access to Festival Plaza, though I forgot when that happens...

Just box the Pokémon with Pokérus for the time being if you need to.

Well you could've told us that in the 1st place. I was checking out the festival plaza, but I have to go through the tutorials for that. I'm guessing the festival plaza works as spot and streetpass as well?

I probably benched misdreavus in to the PC just to let you know. If it's only a temporary trade till you spread pokerus, I'm ok with that. (not to mention that you have to skype me again in terms of online activity) plus I still have you on my 3DS friend roster.
Quote from: Rikaria on 2016 Nov 19, 09:04:31
Say WHAT?! O:

Can you "infect" some random Pokémon then trade with me later? Of course, you can pick what you want from me in return (other than Legendaries).

Well I don't know how long it will last and I haven't gotten to the point where I can trade.
Quote from: Rikaria on 2016 Nov 19, 01:15:40
My GameStop had them, anyway. They were giving them away for free along with the poster.

Darn it! I didn't ask for those pins in the 1st place, but all of a sudden, me and my friend got the poster along with the genesect event card. No one told me about that so All I knew was the poster if you pre-ordered pokemon sun & moon.

Well anyway as for my sun & moon progress, I wasn't expecting to get a pokerus that early in the game right now.
We're getting double sided poster for those that pre-ordered pokemon sun & moon at gamestop. The nearby gamestop store I go to opens around at 10-11AM PST so I only go when it opens, but if they don't have the game just yet, then I have to wait a little longer or a day. There's not gonna be many people at the time since people have school and work during that time (even though it's not the best time and day for me to streetpass people).
Looks like I made the right choice in choosing the sun version.

Anyway just to let you guys know that Target is having that pokemon promtional event this saturday (november 19) and providing a poster and a pikachu card at 11AM-2PM PST. It's ok for you guys to go if you guys want the opportunity to streetpass people with pokemon X/Y/ORAS and Sun & moon versions, not to mention meet & greet, trades, and battle as well also toys r us is having that same promotional which is november 20 as well, but not sure on the time though. I may be thinking it's the same time.
Well people got a 15-day ban for pirating the sun & moon versions, but if they did something in the past, it's permanent ban for them. A youtuber named PurpleRodri, pokefan International, and a few other youtubers have gotten a ban hammer for this. 15-day ban is nothing, but a permanent will teach those people a lesson.

Here's an article about it just in case if you guys need to know

Quote from: Stardust Dragon on 2016 Nov 16, 23:10:07
I'm sorely tempted to get both, especially after learning Alolan Ninetails is Sun only, but there's no way I'm not starting at least with Moon.  Probably going to go with Rowlet for that run.  If I get Sun afterwards, it's going to be Popplio.

Uh how'd you know that alolan ninetales and vulpix are gonna be in sun only?
I was going for all starters if there's a point where I can trade.