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Quote from: KireiameJin on 2013 Jun 04, 07:42:39
But in many FAQs they already said that there won't be dragons, they told that they are just legends in the time where the game is set, so, this confuses me  o.O

In that case, the dragons are probably all in hiding and when Talos was making his pledge, he probably found some dragons.
Quote from: KireiameJin on 2013 Mar 06, 08:15:27
"No Dragons (Oh God, finally we get dragons in Skyrim and now they just put them away?!, that's sad  :c )"

Quote from: UESPDragons became more elusive after losing their grip on power. Their numbers dwindled over the years due to many causes: their population in Akavir was wiped out by the Tsaesci, who also brought their onslaught to Tamriel, and the dragons in Vvardenfell were overrun by invading cliff racers. The Akaviri Dragonguard and its successor, the Blades, along with other heroes, hunted dragons and their followers throughout the eras until dragons were nearly extinct.

1E 140 -- One of King Harald's armies attacks Forelhost, the last stronghold of the dragon cult.

Quote from: Torhal BjorikThe surviving dragons scattered, choosing to live in remote places away from men. The dragon cult itself adapted and survived. They built the dragon mounds, entombing the remains of dragons that fell in the war. They believed that one day the dragons would rise again and reward the faithful.

But there is also evidence that there were still dragons in the time of Talos.
Quote from: UESPTiber Septim offered those who remained protection in return for their fealty. Despite his pledge, almost all known wild dragons were killed or driven off, disappearing from sight in Tamriel.

and knowing that the events in the game take place give or take 250 years before Talos was born, there will still remain dragons in Tamriel.

--> So my best guess is that they will still release a dragon, either as a new feature in later patches, as an in-game event (like the Gree in SW:ToR) or as an expansion.
But don't expect hundreds of dragons to appear in either one of these ideas because they are near extinction.
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2013 Jun 03, 19:17:24
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2013 Jun 03, 06:10:04
Even though I was saddened by the fact that W.A.S.P. canceled their show due to the singer having a broken leg.
The replacement is none other than ICED EARTH.
Only 24 days to go... time does take its time to pass.
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2013 Jun 01, 20:28:59
Quote from: Jenzy on 2013 Jun 01, 20:12:26
Went to movie theater. Finding out seats are reserved.

Welp, looks like I won't get to see Star Trek 3D today. :\

Well, now that you know, you Khan keep Trek of it.

I wanted to convert some of my music to smaller files to fit more on my mp3
But I forgot to set it on 128kbps.

3 hours with a batch converter all for nothing.
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2013 Jun 01, 05:39:51
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2013 Jun 01, 05:37:06
I got two annoying datacrons in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Tatooine, climb on a Sandcrawler stuck in the destert, jump on a balloon (that btw takes 40 min to make a full turn),
after a 30 min balloon ride above a godforsaken desert, jump out of the balloon and try to land on a second sandcrawler,
take the 1st datacron, carefully jump down, on the side edge drop down aiming for a small platform and get the second one.
Unfortunately I missed the platform, and I had to go on the balloon all over again. Second time I succeeded.


Also, only the Tatooine bonus series and I can leave that dry wasteland. Oh how I hate Tatooine.
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2013 Jun 01, 05:17:18
Somehow your signature makes the comic that much funnier.
A friend standing by... even if he's photo bombing.
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2013 May 30, 21:00:59
That lack of proper cooling of my laptop.
Somewhere between now and 10 workdays, I will receive:
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (thanks to Sea Foam for unknowingly pointing out the absence of this record)
Opeth - Orchid

@Detective Woona: I listened to Power of the Dragon Flame and "Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness" is one hell of an epic song.
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2013 May 29, 13:08:12
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2013 May 29, 08:01:38
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 May 29, 07:04:54
Quote from: Cotton Ball on 2013 May 29, 04:16:16
Madness your gonna eat a pony.   I don't think you want to do this.


'Course he does. He's Madness.

And might I add, Madness's mane suddenly has such volume to it. o3o

L'Oréal, because he's worth it!
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2013 May 25, 12:42:34
Quote from: AlDeezy on 2013 May 25, 11:40:25
OC Remix Albums count?

As long as you bought it in real life, then yes.
Quote from: Tiger on 2013 May 25, 00:11:09
Quote from: Little Judas on 2013 May 23, 14:32:55
And if this is true I think you punched a hole in Magus Magic-Theory, a hole right where EP an even Pegasi should have been.

Might I ask what the Magus Magic-Theory is? I haven't been able to find anything about it from google-ing.

Quote from: The Wandering Magus on 2013 May 06, 12:33:21
Spoiler: my theory • show
[quote author=The Wandering Magus link=topic=642.msg24964#msg24964 date=1333207537]
all types of magic are different but essentially driven by the same thing: willpower.  They are also seamlessly intertwined with pony biology; in fact, mana channels in ponies work remarkably like Chi lines in humans, affecting every part of the body and being effected by the body in turn.  Focus points of the channels differ from race to race.

For instance, the main focus point on unicorns is obviously the horn.  Although on the outside it is mostly hardened bone, it can still feel sensations of heat, and is filled with mana channels linked directly to the unicorn's neurological system.

Pegasus ponies have less obvious magic, but their focus points are clearly distributed throughout the wings.  Although their biology is generally optimized, their flight is actually predicated on their special magic aura, which creates an invisible aerodynamic shield around them and channels the wind.  This same shield is what allows them to walk on clouds or create storms and gale winds.  It is not only weather, but also to a certain extent gravity-based, and with careful training it is theoretically possible for pegasi to control gravity much as they control weather.

Earth ponies are by far the least obvious in terms of magic.  Their mana channels do not have specific focus points that I can think of, except perhaps their hooves.  They are linked intimately with the ley energies rooted in the very soil of Equestria, thus giving them access to their plant abilities.

There is crossover between the three races whenever focus points are placed differently due to genetics; for example, some unicorns are capable of flight due to vestigial wing focus points left over from pegasus ancestry.  Some pegasi have focus points on their hooves, linking them with the ley energies and thus with the earth.
Quote from: The Wandering Magus on 2012 Apr 06, 14:36:38
Now biologically, the mana channels within the body are most concentrated in organs called mana glands.  These glands contain pockets of concentrate mana surrounded by cells which purify the substance.  Small resonance channels act like tiny biological pumps, bringing mana into magic resonance coils which interact with the aether of the Equestrian atmosphere.  When these coils resonate together, they create the magic fields which in turn create the observable effects, such as giving off electromagnetic waves.

Unicorn horns are comprised of a thick bundle of nerves called a horn chord with mana channels and blood vessels surrounding it and branching out into a biological array of mana glands.  Marrow insulates and protects the glands and chord from damage and excessive vibration.  Near the base of the horn are pheremone glands linked to some of the mana channels leading to a small opening at the tip of the horn.  These sensitive constructs are surrounded in turn by the bony horn itself, which being hard layers of dead cells has no nerves or blood vessels to damage.  Due to varying thickness along its length however, valleys in the horn and especially the base and tip of the horn can be sensitive to vibration and temperature differences.

Pegasus wings themselves are mostly similar to a mix between bird and bat wings; three "finger feather" bone structures extend from the wrist joint along with tendons connected to muscles at the base of the elbow joint on the wing.  These "finger feather" bones are crucial to pegasus magic.  The structure is similar to unicorn horns: a core bundle of nerves, blood vessels and mana channels with mana glands branching out from it, surrounded by protective marrow and sheathed in bone.  Unlike unicorn horns, however, the bones here are covered with two additional layers of flesh- a layer of blood vessel-dense spongy tissue, and a layer of nerve-dense skin, which are then connected to the less sensitive skin stretching between "finger feathers" and the arm.  These sensitive areas are protected by layers of down and rigid bony feathers.  When stimulated in particular manners, the spongy tissue fills with blood, causing the wings to involuntarily flare and the protective feathers to rise, exposing the sensitive down and skin beneath in a vestigial courting display.

Earth pony mana focus points are as of yet unknown, but are believed to contain similar constructs of mana channels and glands.

More from RAoM RP:
"Correct.  All magic, regardless of origin, is fundamentally based on mana, the massless substance which permeates every single part of the universe.  Let's start with a little history lesson."

Images of ancient magic researchers appeared around the room.

"Until recently, the specialized magics of different living things such as griffons, zebras and ponies have long been regarded as entirely separate phenomena which had no relation whatsoever with each other.  To that end, countless journals and manuscripts have been written detailing the specific properties of each field, but never comparing results or attempting to explain some overarching principle.  Alchemy, for example, would have been considered completely self-contained, and no amount of persuasion would have convinced a weather pony that it had any similarity at all beyond superficial points with weather magic."

An illusion of the familiar steam train appeared.

"It was during the transitional period of Equestria, around the time the Trans-Equestrian Railway was first being built, that my father, Lightning Scroll, a professor at the Royal Academy of Magic, postulated that all magic, regardless of origin, was fundamentally the same.  It took quite a number of years, but eventually research showed that any and all forms of magic could be effectively analyzed, predicted, and quantified using very specific equations."

"Thaum was the conventional means of quantifying magic in Classical Magic Studies, yes.  There were also Resons, Primes, and other systems of measurement.  However, most recently it has been discovered that the most accurate means of quantifying what we perceive as magic is by Magitrons, each of which is approximately 3.189 x 10^-32 milliPrimes.  That would be about 2.10 x 10^-53 Thaums for those of you who prefer using the more traditional system.  The reason for the shift is fundamental to the understanding of modern Magitronics and Inter-Magical Forces."

An image of a Thaum appeared, with the rapidly vibrating Resons within.

"Now, the traditional model up until a few decades ago stated that Resons were the smallest building blocks of Magic.  However, study has shown that individual Resons themselves are further separable into individual Magitrons.  Each magitron has only two states, In and Out.  Each Reson is composed of approximately twenty magitrons, which determine the 'flavor' of the Reson by their state."

Images of infinitesimally small particles appeared inside each darting Reson.

"Now, due to the nature of Inter-Magical Forces, every single spell, every single bit of magic in the universe, can be predicted through six simple equations which determine the state of the magitron."

The six Scroll Equations appeared.

"As usual, variables in the equation can be denoted by either the letters of the modern Equestrian alphabet or Ancient Equestrian.  Quantities here are expressed in the Modern system rather than the Traditional system, for reasons that will soon become clear."

"In summary of what we've learned so far, magic is fundamentally composed of and guided by the states of magitrons, infintesimally small particles of zero mass which exist only in two states.  The state and properties of these magitrons can be found through the six Scroll Equations."

"It turns out that the properties of magitrons are dependent on their states, but that their states can indeed be affected by the states and properties of nearby magitrons.  These magitrons, then, create very specific quantifiable effects on their surroundings, by the generation of Spell Fields.  An individual magitron of magical energy mu travelling at a speed v in one direction creates a Spell Field whose direction is clockwise around the direction of the velocity vector of a magnitude given by the first Scroll Equation."

The appropriate equation lit up.

"These Spell Fields, which occur naturally in magnitudes too small to affect any save the tiniest particles, such as nearby magitrons, are the basis of all spells and magic effects.  To illustrate, let's briefly take a look at the microscopic properties of potions."

An image of a bottle of generic toothache potion floated to the center.

"In potions, for instance, solutions and mixtures of various substances create minute channels of magitrons all clumped together inside the particles which make up the alchemical components.  Without going into too much detail, the net effect of the interacting Spell Fields is to alter and interact with specific organic compounds, cells and substances within range of the potion in specific manners determined on a macroscopic scale by the components and on a microscopic scale by the behavior of the individual magitrons in relation to each other as defined by the Scroll Equations."

"Another example of the power of the Spell Fields of a large number of magitrons interacting with each other may be seen in Unicorn and Pegasus abilities.  The actual effects themselves have long been observed and examined on a macroscopic scale, most notably by the quantification of the magical energy necessary for each spell by the traditional methodology, but the microscopic interactions have never been fully understood until now."

The figures "zoomed in" to tiny coils and glands inside the wing and horn.

"As you all probably know or will learn in Biology, wings and horns in ponies and other magical creatures contain specialized mana glands which concentrate the mana absorbed through food and breathing before channeling the substance into resonance coils.  Now it is at these coils that the overlap between biology and Magitronic theory occurs."

The zoom closed in on the coils and stopped.  The illustration of swirling mana coursing along through the coils made a soft noise like flowing water, although in actuality the noise was just to help illustrate the concept of mana flow.

"Traditionally, it was thought that the mana being channelled was somehow dependent on the biology of the wielder, as previously stated.  In simpler terms, the magic, or so it was thought, was completely different due to being a unicorn or a pegasus.  But according to Magitronic Theory, all Magic must be fundamentally the same.  How to solve this apparent contradiction?"

Vector fields with thousands of tiny arrows pointing in a circular motion around the coils appear, along with magnifications illustrating the individual magitrons flowing through, their state denoted by a small up or down symbol.

"The solution lies in the discovery that the specific Spell Fields produced, and their resonance, are directly proportional to the ratio of the two possible states of the magitrons being channelled.  That proportionality is found to be precisely as stated in the Second Scroll Equation."

The equation glowed.

"Now, when the specific Spell Fields within the coils are produced, they create a sort of push-pull action on neighboring fields.  The magnitude of the effect is related to the frequency, and when multiple fields oscillate at a specific frequency, a resonance fields is produced.  These fields in turn affect neighboring fields, and the net effect may be observed as a macroscopic Magic Field.  Depending on the states of the magitrons as mentioned before, the Magic Fields may then manifest physically as flame, antigravitational force, or other observable effects."

"The frequency, and the resonance, are directly proportional to the ratio of the two possible states of the magitrons being channeled, as predicted by the Second Scroll Equation.  The transfer is similar, but not exactly the same; perhaps the best way of describing the transfer is by relating it to the constructive and resonant interference between electromagnetic waves, such as in light amplification through the stimulated emission of radiation, or the resonant transfer of electrical energy across large distances through specifically shaped coils," replied Feather.

"Now, before we get to amplification, let's first discuss efficiency.  The process of converting magical energy to physical effect is not always entirely efficient.  In fact, it has been discovered that it is impossible within the limits of our world to have 100% efficiency.  I say 'within the limits of our world' because beyond our world there exist entities which do in fact have 100% efficiency or greater..."

He coughed, somewhat embarrassed.

"...but the study of such creatures is both beyond the scope of this course and currently prohibited by Equestrian law to anypony not bearing a research licence.  Returning to the subject at hoof, however, the result of this inefficiency is the conversion of some of the magical energy into physical energy, whether that be in the form of heat, light, or a force pushing a unicorn into the ground."

He lifted a pen with telekinesis to demonstrate the light and sound surrounding his horn, then replaced it on the table and brought up an image of a spell matrix.

"You may be wondering what any of this has to do with magitronics.  In fact, Spell Matrices were originally designed specifically to attempt to increase the efficiency of spells to the known limit.  It has long been known that imbuing certain materials, such as jade or onyx, with magical energy, generates a flow of mana.  It was also known that then placing said materials in specific patterns could create effects on spells.  I'm sure Mr. Nova and Mr. Disk, our Summoning and Dark Magic professors, are quite familiar with geometric magic of this form."

He nodded to Nova and smiled absently at Ryo.

"What was not known was that when placed together in specific patterns predicted by the Third Scroll Equation, these "runestones" were actually capable of changing the state of the moving magitrons.  By very carefully connecting or placing these runestones in specific formations, then, it was theoretically possible to convert one type of magic to another, generate spells, or, most importantly, amplify the power of spells, answering your question from earlier, Mr. Nova."

The Third Scroll Equation, a complex formula involving gradients, partial derivatives and various preexisting constants, came to the front and glowed clearly.

"As you can all see, it turns out that the preciseness, efficiency, power and complexity of a spell matrix are all directly related to each other as well.  This should not be surprising, since more complex matrices will have more points at which energy loss is possible, an imprecise matrix is prone to be inefficient, and inefficient matrices tend not to be as powerful as efficient ones."

To illustrate, an image of a simple spell matrix appeared, then separated into several alternatives, each demonstrating the relationships between the variables denoting efficiency, preciseness, power and complexity, as well as planes which measured the gradient of the three-dimensional surfaces of the matrix to denote the locations of runestones.

"One interesting phenomenon that has been observed during the development of Magitronic research was the fact that Magic Fields themselves were capable of a sort of 'resonance' similar to that of Spell Fields.  This discovery led directly to the modern understanding of Magitronics, whereby actual Inter-Magical Forces, or effects of particular Magic, Spell and Resonance Fields on each other and on the state of magitrons, are utilized to create powerful macroscopic effects.  Thus, it is indeed possible to amplify the power of an original spell or create a similar effect many more times as powerful with the same amount of mana.  It is, of course, possible to leech power from other sources... but that is another topic entirely, probably related to Binding or Summoning magic, I would assume.  As for manipulating magitrons from a distance, the first two equations show the relationship between field strength and distance."

He pointed to the distance variable in the First and Second Scroll Equations.

"Now it must be stated that the concept of a Spell Matrix is not strictly a modern invention, as Mr. Disk and Mr. Nova can probably tell you.  Indeed, official statements released by the Royal Court reveal that the binding spells which froze Discord and sealed Nightmare Moon were, in the most basic sense of the term, Spell Matrices.  That is, they utilized multiple spells interacting with each other to create a net effect greater than would normally be possible given an equivalent amount of mana.  Many seals and bindings are in fact of this nature.  Now at the risk of starting an inter-department argument, I would have to say that the key difference between the modern Spell Matrix and these ancient though very effective traditional matrices is that modern magitronic spell matrices are a direct result of our analytical understanding of the basic principles of magic rather than divine knowledge, oral tradition, trial and error, or idealized macroscopic equations.  That is, rather than creating an ideal model which works within the specific parameters of the everyday world and breaks down at extremely small or extremely large levels and complexities, Inter-Magical Forces examines the minute interactions on a scale much, much smaller than ordinarily perceivable and thus is that much more accurate when brought up to the large scale, all credit to other fields of magic, of course."
If you have an evening...
It's worth reading into.

But if you don't have time, to summarize,
Quote from: summarizing a bit of MagusMana (aka Magic) flows through unicorn and focusses itself in the horn.
but it flows through Pegasi and Earth Ponies too with as focus points respectively their wings and an unknown body part presumably hooves.

--> my own interpretation on both theories:
This would mean that every race of ponies is magic and thus can see magic happening.
This being said with the idea that the change of focus point does not change the essence that is Mana.
But then again, if all are magic how come the magic of Pegasi and EP does not result in an aura?
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 May 24, 16:12:44
Quote from: Dark_Twilight on 2013 May 24, 15:19:31
They should do the same as they did during previous event which was 3 day public gameplay (stress test).

Becouse now there will be couple hundred people replying that they cant attend.

Worry not, silly filly. There will be plenty of chances.
*Retreats to the shadows*

The shadows aren't always there to hide, one of these times, your cryptic posts will be deciphered.
Mark my words fair Maiden, the truth must always come out.
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