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I found a positive thing about XBox One!!!

Quote from: GameinformerIn addition, Microsoft has revealed that up to ten players in your "family" can have access to your shared library of games from any console, and you'll be able to access your full library of games and play them from any connected Xbox One.

Link to entire article.
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2013 Jun 14, 20:13:21
Quote from: Teal Turken on 2013 Jun 14, 17:46:52
This image seems fitting. :P

I'm going to ask to have this thread sent off to the retirement home in a little bit.

Previously I had no reason to be scared of you but this picture is quit disturbing though.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Youtube had a derp
2013 Jun 14, 18:03:09
One of the best messages, they have it as long as I can remember.

I am wondering though, is that code something real or just programming gibberish.
Maybe one of the programmers here can explain it?

Spoiler: On a different site • show
When stating how fast the page loaded:
[ Run by Ferrets on Weed in: 0.0730 sec. ]
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2013 Jun 14, 04:40:44
Quote from: Lord of Madness on 2013 Jun 13, 22:02:44
Quote from: Little Judas on 2013 Jun 11, 06:02:34
Spoiler: show

I need more classes like this.

If you do not have the classes already, it starts sounding suspicious again.

Post Merge

Post Merge

Now that we are on the topic of cats, any one up for some curling?

Or should I say... Purrling.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 13, 17:17:09
Quote from: Deviant on 2013 Jun 13, 15:40:56
You know you're doing something wrong when...

I'm not used to my connection being so terrible.
waiting ain't fun...

What disturbs me more is the apparently, 2% in the Netherlands has a worse connection than you.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 12, 09:53:06
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 Jun 12, 08:25:28
Spoiler: show
Okay, everyone, listen up and read this here and now because I'm getting tired of seeing this happen.

The lesson for you all today is: JK Rowling did not come up with mandrakes. They do not originate from Harry Potter.

The moment that people see a mandrake, they're all "Harry Potter reference! XD"
And I'm just sitting here like "Are you bucking serious? :l"

I mean, I suppose everything else in Harry Potter is completely original ideas by JK Rowling, right?
Werewolves? Unicorns? Centaurs? Hippogriffs? Merpeople? Giant three-headed dogs? Giant spider monsters? Dragons? Trolls? Giants? Phoenixes?

I can let it slide for things like
1. The basilisk. I only knew that basilisks are already-established mythological creatures because of D&D.
2. Hippogriffs, kind of. Then again, I first heard of hippogriffs from D&D, as well.
3. Boggarts. Didn't know they're established myths until I looked it up.

True, there are some things that she did apparently come up with herself, like the thestrals. But still, why assume that something is an original idea from her and not inspired by myths and folklore?

The first place I heard of mandrakes was from Harry Potter. Did I assume that JK Rowling made it up? No. No, I actually didn't. Because I could tell that she drew a ton of inspiration from mythology and folklore.

I mean, this isn't like Full Metal Alchemist where myth references are so obscure that you don't even realize it's a myth reference. Example: Philosopher's stone and homunculus, as well as the origin of Von Hohenheim's name. References to alchemy myths.
Unlike that situation, with Harry Potter, everybody knows about unicorns, werewolves, dragons, blablablablablablah.


I did like the Merlin-character she came up with as a legendary wizard of old.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 12, 07:49:49
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2013 Jun 12, 04:17:19
Spoiler: show
Basically, my middle school was very restrictive about dresscode. I don't know if the elementary schools' dresscode is the exact same, but I do know that the middle schools told us:
1. What colors we were allowed to have in shirts, pants, shorts, and skirts.
2. Always tuck your shirt in and wear a belt. Your belt must be brown or black and must be plain.
3. Shirts must be plain. The largest that an image can be is the size of a quarter coin. This goes for jackets, as well.
4. Shirts must have a collar.
5. Shorts/skirts cannot end more than 3 inches above the knees.
6. No unnatural hair colors because they can be distracting. For African Americans, this included blonde.
7. No open-toe shoes. Pretty much no shoes that people can see your toes in, like sandles and flipflops.
8. No excessive jewelry.
9. No jeans. Nope. You can't wear jeans. Not even jean shorts.
10. Pants can't have more than the normal amount of pockets, so no cargo pants/shorts.
11. Tanktop straps can't be less than two-fingers wide. They do this to avoid spaghetti strap shirts being worn.
I can't remember their policy on piercings, but I'm pretty sure they don't accept visible piercings anywhere other than your ears.

Like I said before, my high school was a lot more lax about dress-code.
Of course, there were people who didn't like the rule of no visible piercings anywhere other than the ears.
There were also people who didn't like that we couldn't wear hats unless it was less than 40 degrees out. It especially sucked for the freshman guys who got tee'd because the seniors shaved their heads, and they usually scheduled it near winter.

No jeans?!
I can't remember the last time I went outside of my house without jeans on.
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2013 Jun 11, 06:02:34
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2013 Jun 11, 05:44:36
Studying for Instrumental Analysis, this year we have 3 exams of it, 2 of which I already failed.
There is no hope but still I have to study, which makes the studying that more pointless.
Resolved Issues / Re: any one
2013 Jun 09, 16:24:30
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Off-Topic Archive / Re: projects
2013 Jun 09, 04:44:44
Quote from: hyper drive [HD] on 2013 Jun 08, 20:31:04
Quote from: Little Judas on 2013 Jun 08, 18:38:09
You have welding-equipment, just lying around, isn't that dangerous?
nope my dad works for black eagle energy services. and he works on big pipes. so he has teached me the way of thw weld. so when ever i need to weld i got to his boss.(were good friend) and i just ask to borrow a small welder. so i only have equipment when i need it. ^-^:D

Quite an impressive skill to have, a good handyman can always get a job.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: projects
2013 Jun 08, 18:38:09
You have welding-equipment, just lying around, isn't that dangerous?
The Retirement Home / Re: question
2013 Jun 08, 18:34:00
Double Jump. As said by McSleuthburger.

And you can define the key for jump yourself, if I'm not mistaken.
Quote from: Pipkin on 2013 Jun 05, 22:27:51
Talking/playing online with friends
Walking, when motivated
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2013 Jun 06, 08:37:21
While looking up a band, I found this band-pic -->
Spoiler: show

If I saw this first I wouldn't have thought they were called "Kadaver".
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2013 Jun 05, 20:53:32
Listened to the new Black Sabbath Album
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2013 Jun 05, 18:16:52
Quote from: super_chris85 on 2013 Jun 03, 22:49:34
I never imagined that there would be this many arguments about this I just thought that it would be disproved in 2 pages but now we are making the horses vegans?

I got to a staggering 4 pages with the same topic, but in 7 replies you'll surpass me.