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Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2012 Apr 09, 18:19:07
It was the year of 2011 and on a beautiful summer-evening in July.
I was just on my PC watching some pictures on Memebase,
yet, my thirst for comedy was not satisfied.
Even though all the category's were seen, all but one, Bronies!

Intrigued by the colourful ponies, I spent the next 2 or was 3 weeks
laughing at all those comics, convincing myself that my interest was
because of boredom, denying myself the full experience.

Until one faithful night, I was visited by an old friend, he was the one
who made me realize I shouldn't be listening to my conscience,
something that made me feel guilty for laughing.

With great haste I began acquiring the entire fist season.
Along with my good friend I watched it every night of the summer
Since then I consider myself a Brony...

Spoiler: In loving memory to my good friend.
Your appearance might have changed but you're still the same to me. •