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Like everytime when he is main character of the episode, they are ussualy are quite bad. But when he is not main focus he shows probably the best of his character: supportive, smart, loyal with mix of funny, sarcastic, childish and selfish sometimes. I especially like Spike in Season1-2 and in S3 premiere.
 Besides  of "how to remain honest in some tougher situations", all other things that you mention was pretty much done. Especially with AJ's stubbornness which was done in Apple buck season (the 1st AJ episode). But ok, more Applejack's episode is a good thing

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Also, I see AppleJack as second lider of main 6. If something happens and Twilight will not be anywhere close, AJ has all atributes and responsiblity to be one  :]
Quote from: OtakuMegane on 2015 Aug 23, 13:44:19
That's probably a good summary. Early on Applejack didn't see much character development.

What new things has been added in AppleJack's character development in more recent seasons beside those that we discovored in S1 and S2?
That would be "Hurricane Fluttershy". This hit me on personal level since I have same issues. I can relate so much from this episode and it become very special to me. The feels was so real :(
There is cheating in this game  :l just look above me, few peoples keep posting even through they already did
Granted. Now genie will make your wishes to wish

I wish I could speak english good  :\
Some help with navigation. Symbols on the minimap for shops, portals, quest givers and for other feature related content. Just signs on the rouds is somehow helpfull, but we need to step further  :nod:

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Well This OSW is good and the best I ever played and seen so far.

As much as things needs to be worked on

2. Max MP and Increased MP regen - Well Max MP and MP regen has (or needs) to be increased after each level I believe, but the max MP and MP regen has to be based on species. usually unicorns needs more MP than earth ponies and pegasis.

Indeed, Unicorns does need more magic or faster magic regen here is why: For pegasuses, flight doesn't require to spend stamina to just fly and for earth ponies, they already have increased speed as default. But for unicorns - all their actions including special race ability (teleportation) spend stamina/mana. With zero stamina they are weaker than pegasuses and earth ponies since those races will never run out of increased speed or flight ability even if their stamina at 0%
What about not-combat related skills? I thought that the game wouldn't focus primaly on combat or atleast it wouldn't be one of the most important things for your character development for success :(
I like to seperate shipping in 2 directions:
1) loveship - what most peoples ussualy think and create
2) friendship - friends,close friends, BF's
Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2015 Jul 22, 19:33:09
I'm a reeeaaallllyyyyy weird shipper...

I ship Shining armor and Cadance. :ajshifty:

But Shining armour and Cadance heve been married long time ago. It's nothing wrong for them to be together  :s

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And as for shippining in general I don't support it most of the times. But there is one particular audio drama fanfic that I really enjoyed because of how well made with great voice acting, music, story telling and some nice art. Family friendly...
ScarletInk? I think you would like this:
with titles like this, doesn't seems to be anywhere good. But you would be suprised. And this says the guy (me) who hate shipping  :P
Quote from: Berriswainer on 2015 Jul 13, 18:09:08
:D Thank you!, but the episode was.. weird nonetheless. I personally don't like watching S4/5 because IMO they're so bad compared to S2 or S3 (Once again, my opinion  :P)

I share the same opinion  :nod:
But I do not have no other ways to watch it  :s
I'm pretty sure buying entire seasons would cost too much and I'm not sure if I will like it as much as I expect it to be.
So I finally decided to watch Doctor Who series all thanks for inspiration of pony Doctor Whooves from MLP and all the fan content for him  (:
I decided to start at 9th Doctor, but I just can't find any videos on the internet  DD:
Send me any website suggestings, where I could watch full lenght episodes for free and in decent video quality. I'm really out of ideas and luck...  :c
Quote from: Zsaszz on 2015 Jun 07, 22:00:24
Really? I though you meant the hub logo  :P, I usually ignore the watermarks in the vids unless they're too invasive.

There is no watermarks what so ever on this guy chanel on Dailymotion and also I consedere this is the best place on the internet to watch full lenght, no commercials, original in HD episodes of MLP. Take a look and give us your opinion!  ^-^
Edit: Not anymore...almoust all videos ware taken down.... :(
Quote from: mystia aurastar on 2015 Feb 28, 11:40:32
I love the animation but not princess luna im sorry but she just is not the kind of pony that really shows true princess nature but celestia ok she teats luna like she is her own daughter and shes not a tyrant for heaven sake but anyways I did like like the animation dont bash because I dont like luna its just that she still has more too learn about being the princess,I just wish she was more like celstia :l but still a good animation

If you did understand what she had to came through, you would understand why she acted that way. Being rejected and not getting the love from her subjects as her sisters gets for centuries, went to depression, sorrow and anger and then get banished to the moon for 1000years after incident. How would you feel like?   :c
The greatest mlp animations is aways has to do with our favorite royal sisters  :luna: and  :celestia:
Childrens of the Night, Fall of the Crystal Empire, Snowdrop (indirectly) and Lullaby for a Princess  :')
Quote from: LostSanity on 2015 Mar 09, 18:14:13
Most of those videos have an annoying watermark though... so...


Are you talking about TV logos watermarks or ADS?  :/
Quote from: KuddlyKalli on 2015 Mar 25, 22:55:20

Yeah and no King Sombra as well  :s
New features? Yes, please!  8D