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General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 13, 10:17:04
It's been awhile. It's very exciting news, I only wish there was something for me to do, since I'm a lonely wolf pony. I pretty much explored everything and decided to complete quest after when game will officialy come out due of bugs, constant disconnections and very long loading screens.

Skills, minigames, interactive features - please let it happen! :D
Anyways, it's good to see the progress of this game ;)
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Collectibles
2016 May 28, 10:13:30
Quote from: McClaw on 2016 May 28, 08:27:36
My opinion:
They're relatively large, so unless you've got a lot of space trying to get them all can become a problem.

Buying them to leave them in their boxes or otherwise undisplayed is treating them as an investment.

So perhaps the best thing to do with the large Funko figures is to buy just those ponies you want as companions / guardians / icons / references / etc. There's nothing wrong with only getting one or a few.

Not to mention when you only few or just 1 favorite one makes them very special for you. I have only 4DE Fluttershy and she is centre of my attention that she doesn't have to share with any others pony figures/plushies  :3
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2016 Apr 11, 19:17:01
You realize new york wasnt built overnight,  right?  Thats how it looked in the 1800s. Just because a city has skyscrapers doesnt mean its super modern.

Furthermore,  if anything ponyville is even more modern than manehatten.  Just because they have more traditional architecture doesnt mean anything,  havent you noticed how usonian the interiors of their houses look?  Modern furniture?  Ceiling fans? Electric lighting? 

Come on, man. Even since season one weve been seeing factories with assembly lines and robotics,  hospitals with telemetry and x ray,  theatres with modern sound equipment and stage lighting,  modern coffee shops,  bakeries,  and restaurants....

If youve been thinking this show was set in the rennassance era all this time then you havent been paying much atrention,  im just saying...

I know...It's hard to explain, but i just don't feel that magic and atmosphere that I ussualy get from different episodes. Like some gray dull walls squeezing me. I don't think I like this  :c
Quote from: McClaw on 2016 Apr 11, 08:45:04
Spoiler: show
Manehatten may not have the same fantasy elements as the other prominent locations, but it does tend to reflect how major urban areas such as London and New York City looked in the 19th century -- which is the period Lauren was going for when designing Ponyville.

Spoiler: show
 You mean 20th century? I'm pretty sure 19th century looked a bit different. And still what's the point  adding it to show? It breaks the whole atmosphere and looks a bit too bizarre. I think 18th century city designs would fit better
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2016 Apr 05, 05:41:53
Spoiler: show
I gotta say, from a logical standpoint they picked the worst city imaginable for this plot.

Manehatten is a metropolis, what are the odds that there's only one shop in the entire city that sells that particular product? Pretty close to zero. Could have just taken a taxi 4 blocks down the road to the next closest bag shop.

Ehh...disregard me. My INTP is showing again.

Spoiler: show
Speaking of Manehatten. Always when I see it in the show, it feels so out of place. We got Canterlot, Crystal Empire, Ponyvile and many other towns with interesting/fantasy style town design and then...modern big city from real life :l . Doesn't fit to overall MLP designs that was intreduced in the show. I wonder if Las Peasuses will the same? I hope not
Quote from: Dawnstar on 2016 Apr 02, 11:28:19
Spoiler: show
Cadence wasn't holding back the Frozen North's weather though. She was just holding back King Sombra.

The Crystal Heart was not damaged or destroyed when the Crystal Empire returned. It was just hidden at the top of the palace spire, but was otherwise in perfect working condition which meant that it was still holding back the weather of the Frozen North as well.

When Sombra finally made it inside the city the blizzard didn't follow him.

Spoiler: show
 But still it's just a blizzard. Shouldn't be impossible for powerfull alicorn (especially if there is 2 of them) to hold for atleast 1 day. I bet Discord could have hold blizzard for as long as he wanted, considering he could manipulate the reality and laws of physics
Quote from: LostSanity on 2016 Apr 01, 17:46:43
You and I should be friends. Seriously. I can't seem to find anyone who has a similar opinion to mine when it comes to NOT REDEEMED character.

I guess not many want to talk on negative aspects of the show or just simply ignore it. Or maybe just don't care as long as there cute ponies on the screen.

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Quote from: Dawnstar on 2016 Apr 02, 00:11:47
Spoiler: show
I don't consider her to be the 7th main character at all.

A character who was only recently introduced, as a villain no less, and is rather suddenly redeemed can not be considered on the same character level as a primary cast that has 5 seasons of development behind them.

Yeah she's Twilight's pupil now, but at best she'll get put in a "major supporting character" role like Discord and Spike, but with more screen time than the former and likely less than the latter.

As for the blizzard. It required a powerful magic artifact to hold back the weather of the Frozen North. This means the weather that far north is a lot like the weather of the Everfree Forest in that the ponies are unable to control it. Except the northern weather is like Everfree's on steroids.

Granted, with how many times Celestia and Luna have been missing or incapacitated it does cheapen their roles as "guardians of Equestria" even if it was the first time they actually did something useful against the "threat" this time.

Spoiler: show
 Well of course you couldn't hold blizzard forever even if you're alicorn thats why crystal heart artifact was for. But Cadance on her own held a barrier against blizzard (evil shadow blizzard?) that brought king Sombra for full 1 day or more.

I thought writters intentionaly were making royal sister missing or disarmed for sake of moving story plot otherwise it would have been a short episode of royal sisters defeating evil with 1 or 2 powerfull spells. I was waiting for moment where they could shine and save the day (especially for Celestia). Yeaaahhh...Gods they are not. Not even demi-gods if they keep that way.
Quote from: LostSanity on 2016 Mar 26, 18:37:05
I'm going back to working weekends and I'm going to have too many DVR recordings to watch on Sundays. So I decided to get myself to get used to doing it on Saturdays instead.

What am I talking about? I watched the premier today of course. Instead of on Sundays like I normally do. This is for the best since I'll be working weekends again after this weekend and I'd might as well get used to it.

How I feel about this should be quite obvious. However, either way, for obvious reasons I will put in spoilers. With a simple warning:

Read at your own risk. Because this shouldn't surprise anyone. In fact, most probably won't like this. So either read it and then ignore it and don't respond to it, or don't read it at all.

Spoiler: show
Oh look. It's NOT REEDEMED character. NOPE. GO AWAY NOW.

She's not going away... this is going to be a LONG episode...  :l

I'm waiting for content I don't have to ignore...


Don't teach her anything. She doesn't deserve it.  :\

Still waiting for content... Part of me begins to hope she FAILS.

Crystal Empire. The baby alicorn that I decided to overlook because it was took cute to hate. Yep. Still feel that way. Her magic is... scary...  :I

Plus she can fly. As a baby. I now feel sorry for Scootaloo.  :')


God... I was FORCING myself through this. I'm not even kidding here. I hate FORCING myself to do ANYTHING.

Sunburst is an interesting character. However her excuse for everything she did is still ridiculous. I don't care if she regrets what she did. Go die in a hole as punishment. No I'm not joking. She needs to go in a hole and die in it.  :l

The baby causes the problem. Awkward but somehow not surprising.  :s

So... am I supposed to forgive NOT REDEEMED character just because she helped to restore the Crystal Heart? lolnope. Not even close.  :P

Not surprisingly NOT REDEEMED character and her friend are the key to resolving the issue. Which... I suppose isn't surprising.


Sorry. I really am. But...


Too much emphasis on trying to get people to forgive NOT REDEEMED character, which for me, will NEVER happen.

This... isn't the start I wanted. It's not looking good for my future in the fandom.

There were a couple of funny moments and I liked the Flurry Heart antics. That's about all I can say about it.

With that... I wait for episode 3 and hope it's MUCH better.


Spoiler: show
 yeah, that is 1 of 3 reasons why this start of S6 I really hate and considering Starlight Glimmer gonna be 7th main character?Oh, god NO....

The other 2 reasons would be: Flurry Heart beaing an alicorns. I have nothing against her, but she complete destroyed headcanon that only natural alicorns are immortal. I thought Celestia and Luna were special, I thought they were naturally born alicorns! Even Luna said was suprised and said they they never seen this happening before... I'm literally destroyed inside... And speaking of royal sisters. Celestia and Luna dissapointed me. Even together they could barealy hold and failed in the end to hold snow storm. Are they really that weak? How did Twilight even beat Tirek in S4 if even combine power of 2 alicorns is not enough to stop blizzard?
Unicorns existed in Runescape way before mlp appeared on tv. Just because in some games have unicorns or pegasuses doesn't mean it's refference to our show.
How can peoples live normaly in hot countries and deserts? It's really unbareable for me when temperature 35+C and beyond... :x

I just can't understand how people live,eat, sleep and work in those conditions. In cold countries or at winter you just wear some clothes and you are okay to go! While at hot weather you can only get to the point with no clothes and further it only get worser and worser and there is nothing you can do about it! Air conditioners doesn't counts since you can't take them everywhere (and just imagine holding an air  conditioner above your head 24/7 unlike clothes) and require electricity.
Quote from: HerpyDooves on 2015 Nov 30, 17:57:25

Not the right dimensions, but when a picture is this good, I can't help myself.

Wow, amazing!  :celestia:
Can you share source of this picture, please?
Quote from: IsingMLP on 2016 Mar 02, 19:41:07
I am very excited for this movie! :D I hope we get something interesting and not as disappointing as say... the Star Wars prequels. PS: am I the only person who likes Equestria Girls? o_O

Huh? This is odd. Personally I enjoyed Star Wars prequels a lot more than Star Wars ep 4-6 (+7) and still don't understand why people dislike them  o.O
I hope it won't be a school drama in paralel 5th dimension universe like with EqG, uueeaagh... :x
Perhaps it would be some kind of adventure type of movie. But I'm quite open for slice of life type of story movie, considering slice of life are my favorite type of episodes in the show  :]
А вот здесь (найти можно на основной страницы Legends of Equestria, а там кликаеш на Media или Pony Creator) можно заранее подготовить свой персонаж. Сохранить код (ctrl+c) и потом вставить в игре (ctrl+v). Но програмка "Unity" тебе нужно будет установить как для создания персонажа на сайте, а также в игре.  (:
After S4 finale, I don't think writters would make him go back to his evil roots again. But he is indeed is best as a villain. He is spirit of chaos and disharmony for pete sake! He can't be 100% reformed, it's against his nature. I just wonder what will he do when Fluttershy pass away or if their friendship will end in some way.
I found myself enjoying a lot of sad pony songs. This is the newest that I lisen a lot latelly
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
Spoiler alert! Don't read any further if you didn't watched S5E18!

After recent cmc episode, we saw that they finally get their cutie marks. As much as I'm proud of them, this also could be a sind that show is getting close to grand finale. Although I could be wrong.
Before I became a brony, I almoust didn't lisen to any music. But since then I was interested what fandom music are there and found many great songs and I still mostly lisen to brony music. One of the oldest brony musicans I lisened was Aviators. His music is still are top hits when ever he release a new song  ^-^
So, let's start at him

when ever I think of pony music, classic Octavia symbolize it for me

Rock, even before I became a brony, rock was always and still is my favorite music type.
Rock helped me deal with stress or atleast it released my anger and express it in music. This was  especially common and harsh when I used to go to school. But even through those days are over and I no longer eperimence that much negative emotions, I grew up with rock and I love to lisen to it even when I calm and happy  X3

A   8,5/10 I really do love the colors choises on this pony with dark blue coat with white main. This is something that I would have if had oc, but instead of dark blue, mine would be dark purple. My only issue is that her hair looks a bit weird and feels like it's detached from her head...
S   N/A /10  :P
PT  9/10 Totally agree!
Ponies in armour, isn't exiciting? Share your favorite images of them!

I don't know about everyone else, but I really love knights with some cool armour.
Let's have a pony knight duel!  B)

Shy Knight
Spoiler: show

All hail the Empress!
Spoiler: show

white and snowy pony
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Mountain pony
Spoiler: show

Give some love to AJ as well  :]
Spoiler: show

And finally the most known knight in Equestria....Somra
Spoiler: show

That's enough for now. And now I wish to see some of yours!  :celestia: