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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2016 May 09, 14:41:36
Quote from: Chishio Kunrin on 2016 May 08, 15:57:29
I saw a post that made me mad. :l
A dad said that his 7-year-old talked back to him, so while she's at school, he'll log into her Minecraft and destroy her village.
Okay??? That is a HUGE OVERREACTION!!!! >:O You are a mean father! All he had to do is say "Since you're so keen on talking back to me, no Minecraft when you get home from school today." That's all he had to do! But no, "I'm gonna destroy her village. I'm gonna destroy her hard work that she put hours, even days, of effort into!!" For a 7-year-old talking back to you?? That makes you seem like a huge brat!! She's a child!

It really sucks that there are so many parents out there who don't understand a single thing about gaming. There are parents who say "You can only play a video game for one hour a day." That's not enough time, at all! I can honestly say, as someone who plays video games, that is absolutely not enough time! You barely get anything done in an hour! You can barely have any fun in an hour!

It's like those parents who say "You can only watch an hour of TV a day." That's only two episodes (maybe one, for some shows)!! What, do you expect your kid to only be interested in two shows, and that's it??

Stop limiting your children's fun to one hour a day!!!
Stop underestimating how much that progress in a video game means to someone!! You know why it means something?! You know why we actually feel hurt and upset when you destroy our progress?! Because we put time and effort into that, and we're proud of the progress we've made!!

Him destroying her Minecraft village, to me, is equivalent of if she had been spending days building physical arts-and-crafts things, he brought her home from school, sat her down, and then smashed all of it with a baseball bat right in front of her!! She put time and effort into that, she was proud of it, and it made her happy, and you just irreparably destroyed it!!! For talking back!!!

That's cruel. D; I hope it was a joke...

I had a client who told me a story about when he was younger his dad smashed his computer in front of him because his dad was upset that he'd been spending so much time on it or something. DX