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Pinkie Pie trots quickly through the hallway looking back and forth from pony to pony, wall to wall, poster to poster. She is so distracted by the things around her she does not look in front of her and slams into Crescendo, they tumble to the ground.
QuoteUnfortunately I dont think I have really converted anyone. If I did they definitely havent told me they watch the show. They should know I'd be happy about it my tumblr is mostly MLP spam haha

Yes my tumblr, facebook, twitter, and rl are all spammed with ponies.

My theory is that MLP is unavoidable. I have yet to meet one person who has watched it, who does not fall in love. It's addicting, like as soon as you watch your first MLP episode, you just want more, and more, and soon enough what do you know, you're a full blown brony!  ovO
Summer of '11 I discovered some pony/brony spoofs and decided to see what it was all about, and here we are!
((I have also converted many a pony into bronies in the past year. <3))
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2012 Apr 06, 01:13:45
DJ Pon-3 is best, no contest.!