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Canterlot Archives / Re: Tundra Tread RP
2012 Sep 01, 15:49:28
Raven rolled her eyes. "I don't care what this is. But it's insane."
Canterlot Archives / Re: Tundra Tread RP
2012 Sep 01, 15:43:24
Raven looked anoyed. "What??"
Whoa. That's alot of text :I But thanks.
Canterlot Archives / Re: Tundra Tread RP
2012 Sep 01, 15:37:33
((Since I'm late, I'm just going to start here.))
Raven opened the door, slamming it. "Who the hay sent me this?!" She held up the letter, looking annoyed.
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2012 Sep 01, 00:40:45
Quote from: Pinkie Pie on 2012 Sep 01, 00:21:57

Awwww! So adorable!
Raven woke up. I must have fallen asleep. She thought to herself.
Animations Archive / Re: Um... what?
2012 Aug 31, 23:46:37
Um...what is right...
(This looks fun.)
Spoiler: show

Name: Raven
Forum name:BlackVortex
Occupation: Teacher
Subject: Biology

Raven paced back and forth at the front of her class room. She glanced at the clock, sighing. Finaaly she sat down and looked over some slides for the prodegctor. "At least today's lesson will be interesting- the wildlife of Equestria." She stood back up, only to sit back down.
The Retirement Home / Re: true or false?
2012 Aug 30, 23:36:26
Nope. I don't know what it is....

The pony bellow me likes waffles.
Introductions Archive / Re: Ohey :3
2012 Aug 30, 23:24:28
Welcome to LOE!
I shall now put them all on one thread!

                                                                                                                         Ponys (More to come)

Name: Raven
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (Ages differently because of the breeds crossed.)
Cutie mark: Pure black Raven feather.
Talent: Forestry
RP Colour: This
Pets: Huracain's Last Breath, a female Greater Equestrian Night Fury

              Family Tree
              Mother    +    Father: Drifting Tides
              Raven, Sparrow + Staid Glass (Unicorn)
                                         Fay (Unicorn)

Looks: Pure white, mane and tail, along with her body. She has a tail closer to that of a mythological unicorn, that of a lions, and a more bumpy alicorn (Horn) She has dark redy-brown eyes, but they shine so they appear light brown. She is a Equestrian unicorn-Mineralogical unicorn hy-bread, but she doesn't know. She likes to were lots of jewelry and make up. most ponys just think she is an albino, so they never wondered about her origins. She is tall and thin wich is simply a result of the breeds. (Not like Celestia's height or even Cadince, more like how Twist is slightly taller then the other fillies.)

History: Her mother was a Mythological Unicorn, so she was abandoned with her twin brother at an orphantige in a poor section of Cannterlotte. She and her brother were newborn foals at the time. The workers found that she was much thinner than her brother, (Which of coarse is natural for the breed) and thought that she was sickly. She was told this all her life and eventually came to believe it.(It helped that it was true, she just would not believe it at first.)  Her brother was adopted quite quickly, and left to life in Ponyville. (Her brother was grey, so there was no second thought about his coloration.) She never was adopted and thus gained a cold and distant personality. She likes to be left alone, and is happiest when in a forest. She studded to work in forestry, and gained her cutie mark for it. When studding, she became fascinated with Bio Luminescence. When she learned that the best place to see examples of it was the Everfree, she caught the next train to Ponyville, were she is living currently on the outskirts closest to The Everfree.

Name: N/A Nightshade
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Cutie mark: N/A, but has a crescent  moon-shaped, glowing mark on her shoulder, and white, glowing stars (How they look in the sky, like dots) trailing from her shoulder to her rump. Only on her right side.
Talent: Reading the stars and the moon to foresee events in the distant future
RP Colour: This
Pets: None
Looks:  Earth pony. Light blue coat, long lavender mane and tail. Her forlock covers her left eye, and her tail is a split 3-point. She has light green eyes. She's short, and a little chubby. She only has one ear, her left one is missing.
History:She was born in LassPegasus. She was born normal, and treated as such. One summer when  she was 5, her and some friends decided to go into a wild area away from the city. After about half an hour of walking, they came upon a hydra. The hydra attacked them, and her ear was ripped off by it. When they got home, her parents were horrified, and took her to the Emergency Room. They couldn't do anything about it. When school started, they sent her to boarding school. She hated it. She cased alto of trouble there. Finally, she ran away. After a week of being  alone, she was taken in by a bunch of other runaways. When she was 7, she found that her talent was star gazing- but, by doing it, she was able to read the stars and foretell the future. Her cutie mark never appeared, but on a blue moon, a strange making appeared on her shoulder. She left the group of ponys, and now lives on her own, travelling from place to place.
Personality: She's a street-smart tomboy. She also has a bit of an ego, and likes to "teach" runaway foals. She can be very kind, but most likely is not. Water terrifies her.

Name: Huricane
Gender: Female
Age: 2000 (20)
RP Colour: Red
Looks: Purple  Night Fury, smaller than most. No ripped wings, but small scars on her ears, and red makings. Oh here, I drew her a pic:  http://][IMG][/img][/URL]

History: When I figure it out, I will put it here.

Art hoard:
Spoiler: show

By Devmoder011

By Cutiebone

By ShadowHeart

By Ezmira

By Lary

By I Like Lobsters

By Firefly][IMG][/img][/URL]

By I Like Lobsters

By  Kamikaze

By Cutiebone

Thanks to all artists!

If I missed some art you did for me, give me the link so I can put it here.
Original Characters / Re: Skyler's daughter
2012 Aug 30, 21:21:00
This OC... I like it.
Thanks... I will try that...
I just can't get a fursoina.
I'v tried. Many times.
So anyway, if anypony has any suggestions or designs I could have, please tell me!
I'd be very thankful to whoever.

The only 3 things I know I want are:
1. Must be ether a wolf, street dog, bat or domestic cat.
2. Has to be female.
3. No sparkle/dogs/bats/cats

So, please give me suggestions or designes, along with names.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2012 Aug 30, 18:36:40
The fact that no mater how hard I try, I still can't get a fursonia.
The Retirement Home / Re: Name game
2012 Aug 30, 13:58:06
Trying one of my other ones!

I type that one allot...
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2012 Aug 29, 13:22:15
O___O I don't get it...
Welcome to LOE
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2012 Aug 27, 00:42:16
Quote from: Book Smarts on 2012 Aug 26, 20:20:00
Eating a mint and accidentally swallowing it hold  O: , the mint powder stings the throat and caused my eyes water


I did that... With a lemon Toxic Waste candy. (Those super sour ones. If you don't know, there so sour that they have a warning label on them.)