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Off-Topic Archive / Re: Cute Image Thread
2012 Oct 23, 22:02:32
I'm bbbaaack  ovO


Credit: They said no URLS of pics... so it's on the pic.
How did some of you get clothes anyway? And I think half the people on have never posted on the forums.
News Archive / Re: Want to play?
2012 Sep 30, 23:48:58
It's still on guys! Don't delete! I'm on Luna right now :P
News Archive / Re: Want to play?
2012 Sep 29, 23:10:01
I can't open the torrent... Somepony HELP!  >:O >:O
...Rarity's voice....I like it better for her than the shows.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Chicken Smoothie
2012 Sep 25, 10:35:32

This dog... what?
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Chicken Smoothie
2012 Sep 24, 10:39:46
I have an adult male lion  >:O

And like 6 lionesses.
The Retirement Home / Re: @"want to play?"
2012 Sep 23, 14:07:10
Will our stuff be saved for the release?
News Archive / Re: Want to play?
2012 Sep 23, 14:04:34
This.... YES!!!!

Sorry for caps but I think it was called for.
The Retirement Home / Re: OC making game
2012 Sep 08, 17:43:07
Name: Asid Rain
Gender: Female
Race (pegasus, unicorn, etc): Earthpony
Talent: Survival, exploration.
Personality: Brute force, stuck up, but caring to the helpless.
Physical Description: Short, slender. Tawny body with a gold mane and tail. Dark red hooves.
Equipment, if any (trident, etc): None
Important info/background: Kicked out of a powerful bloodline because she was born tawny instead of black.

Another pony-fied OC. This one is my favourite OC from FH, she's really a wolf.
Quote from: Gracie Sky on 2012 Sep 06, 21:21:59
This critique is for Nightshade by BlackVortex.

One look at this pony's name and I can tell she's probably going to have some sort of talent regarding the night or darkness.

Her history is a little scary to me. Having an ear bitten off by a hydra, running away from school, and being a troublemaker. The encounter with the Hydra scares me the most, though, because Hydras are always bad news to ponies. I don't really know whether or not I would approve of giving a pony a scar, due to how traumatic this would be. Of course, it's your character and it's not completely out of the ordinary for ponies to get attacked by Hydras, especially if said ponies are being particularly foolish with wandering out in Hydra areas.

Nonetheless, it seems this fiasco was quite troublesome long after it happened. It seems to have turned her into a sort of rebel. Every time I read about a pony who spends a long time being alone, it makes me a bit sad, since there's so much friendship in Equestria looking for her. Then again, maybe it's not her time to discover friendship. It took Twilight quite a while to find it, after all.

Now, one thing I do like about this character is her ability to foresee the future through the stars. That's definitely something you should focus more on, since the night sky is infinite, and so are the possibilities with this talent. I'm not sure what the marking on her shoulder means, but I'll leave that to you to surprise me with when the time comes.

Thanks! Now I must Wright why these things are like that....

1. She was a rebel because she hated boarding school... and only that. Her personality was inspired by the song "Junk-yard society"
2. Who says she has no friends? She's more like... just street-smart and thinking others are kinda dumb. (Think Marina's personality there)
3. Yes, I know... but she dose't even know that's her talent.  It's more like a fate.... *Insert Wolves Of the Beyond Reference here* She only knows that star-gazing is her talent, but she gets strange "Visions" after. 
The Retirement Home / Re: OC making game
2012 Sep 06, 19:18:21
Name: Invader
Gender: Female
Cutie mark: Tribal, neon green glowing markings.
Race (pegasus, unicorn, etc): Pegasus
Talent: Invasion, spying ext.
Personality: I don't know...
Physical Description: Large, thin black pony with a black mane and tail, neon green streak in her forelock.
Equipment, if any (trident, etc): None
Important info/background: My fursonia, ponyfied... really a false vampire bat  ^-^

She's very work in progress (As a bat)
The Retirement Home / Re: Count to 1000!
2012 Sep 06, 19:12:52
Yes.  ovO
Music Archive / Re: BACON!!!!
2012 Sep 04, 22:52:17
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Chicken Smoothie
2012 Sep 04, 18:59:13
Make that 7
To find out who's Queen!
Spoiler: show
The pearly ponys! Why did I not see this coming? In G1 there were pearly ponys that were all shiny.... also transparent ones filled with glitter.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Chicken Smoothie
2012 Sep 04, 12:37:32
I think I have 5 lions now. o.O