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I hate brohoof, the admins suck and over-abuse their powers. In what way?

-Grief Protection    -After premium anyone can do anything.  There's hardly any damage on the server and griefers are banned almost                               
                                                                                                          instantly therefore , IT'S PROTECTED.
-Small amount of lag -lots of lag                                          *facehoof* It's obviously your own internet. I never lag.
-ALL maps of Equestria (Including the moon)   -Sure, but limited space for user created homes. : There are THREE LARGE freebuild worlds   
                                                                                                                                                                                        or more
-24 hour server - Goes admin only alot for updates  It's still 24 hour....
-Premium (Of course) -Admins are WAY to strict on the house building test.   No they aren't, just build a nice house, there are LOTS of                green manes...
-30 Player slots -Usually smaller, and sometimes reserved slots can screw you over. That may be the case but they may expand the slots and the server is hardly busy anyway.
-Mane 6 houses   -To many copies...  ?????????

...And EquestriaCraft did make thir own map. Brohoof never gave out a DL for the map.  Brohoof have released a download link, then some people decided to make their own server with the copied and downloaded map WITHOUT giving the creator credit.
This is a Minecraft server based off My Little Pony, with all the places of Equestria.
It's a MASSIVE server, little or no lag, good moderators and admins and PONIES!

It's features are:

-Grief Protection
-Small amount of lag
-ALL maps of Equestria (Including the moon)
-24 hour server
-Premium (Of course)
-30 Player slots
-Mane 6 houses     


If you're interested, visit their forum website and register here:

make your introduction and when you're done, type in this
IP address:
and follow the rest of the instructions located through the spawn region on the server.

Also, read ALL the server rules on the website, do not ask for the rules
on the server as it annoys the mods and admins, go through the forums THOROUGHLY.

Have fun!           ^-^


There's another server called EquestriaCraft and just recently they've
downloaded Brohoof's server map and made it into a server without
giving credit to Brohoof and claim that the map was created by "EquestriaCraft themselves."
Read more about that here:

That's me...   ^-^

Video Games Archive / Re: The Sims 3?
2012 Apr 08, 07:57:55

Sims 3 Language
Because I'm nice,
I'll be uploading 3 videos.    ^-^
Spoiler: show
Quote from: dashpony94 on 2012 Apr 07, 20:49:28
I subbed, no videos yet  :c

yes...I know.....I'm still trying to do some animations,
I'll try to upload those Mane 6 cars I made on
Need For Speed.

Video Games Archive / Re: The Sims 3?
2012 Apr 07, 07:35:38
Quote from: Fudgemuffin on 2012 Apr 07, 07:33:03
I'd love to see some sceenshots, post millions here if you like. It's really awesome to know other ponies play The Sims 3 too.
I made my OC into a sim and edited the screenshot of her. x3
Spoiler: show


I'll get some images in soon I hope!    ^-^
Video Games Archive / Re: The Sims 3?
2012 Apr 07, 07:30:00
eeyup! I play Sims 3!      ^-^

I'll get some images in soon if you want!
I was on youtube and I saw EPIC PIE TIME and I'm thinking,
'Looks epic, I'm gonna watch it.'
Which led me into watching BronyCon which then led me into
watching MLP which THEN led me into joining the forums
which therefore makes me a brony.

Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2012 Apr 03, 19:29:54
I guess this means I better start making videos!    ^-^
Off-Topic / Re: FUNNY image Thread!!!
2012 Mar 27, 06:20:05

EEYUP!    :]

My own Brony Youtube Channel!

Channel is down FORVER!
"why did you close down your channel?"

Answer: For many reasons:

1. I'm still learning how to animate (I want to make pony animations!)

2. I don't have much time to make videos with so many exams and assignments!  >.<

3. I have the worst video editing program (Windows Movie Maker)

4. I want to name my channel after my OC's name (I don't have an OC yet)

5. I hardly get any subscribers even with my videos posted