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I cycle through backgrounds myself.  On my laptop I just changed to a 230 wallpaper pack I got HERE.  Before that point I was using a Background Ponies wallpaper pack with 50 wallpapers in it, I think.

Quote from: Icy Shield on 2017 Sep 10, 22:17:27A new kinda sad background  :c
Found a higher resolution version of it HERE.  Shame the original source (Deviantart) seems dead.
Quote from: Fluffle Puff on 2017 Sep 11, 23:30:07one vote for bug hors pls
Thread should really be titled along the lines of "Which is your favourite of the Mane 6 (Plus Spike)".
Seems I never replied to this thread?

Anyway, like a lot of people I heard about the show when it was first airing, a lot of posts about it.  Back then, I visited the /b/ board, and every time I refreshed the main page, there was a pony thread.  Being someone who liked cute things, as well as cartoon/animated works in general, I gave it a go.  I was pretty much hooked after just a few minutes of watching it.  It seemed a pretty well made cartoon, and the community was generally quite good.

It's the only fandom I've really latched onto, even moreso than I ever did with Disgaea.
I don't really play MMOs myself.  I've given a few a try over the years, but for the most part I can't get into them.  Often the gameplay is just not to my taste, to say nothing of the endless grinding a lot have.

So far I've put the most effort into Final Fantasy XIV, I made a couple/few characters and got to a halfway decent level for a non-MMO fan (I think I hit the mid to late 20's on one character?).  I think it was an Arcanist class?  I also had a white mage type character that I didn't get so far with.

I wanted to like TESO, but that felt like a generic MMO with TES lore elements more than anything.  If it played like Oblivion with MMO elements I would have been all over it, probably.

Most of the handful of others that I've tried I only lasted until the mid teens or so in terms of levels.  I think the first MMO I really tried was Shaiya (I liked the light/dark style of the mythology backstory it has, and the art was good for a F2P, at least at the time).  I THINK I tried WoW Free Trial when that first came out too.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: ocs
2017 Sep 10, 10:46:05
In terms of the Brony Community as a whole?  I'd say there is a definite preference towards unicorns (Because MAGIC!) and Pegasi (Because FLYING!) over earth ponies because well, they're the 'plain' race.  Alicorns are a popular choice for those that like OP or 'edgy' characters.  I see the occasional zebra or griffon OC, and I've run into a few changeling OCs as well.
A changeling race would be interesting.  Not sure how it would work, balance-wise though.  Also, would they be considered enemies if discovered by otherwise neutral factions?  It could make for an interesting game, but the problem is so many people would choose the race that it would be hard to really keep it under wraps.  Would they go with the new golden changelings (TBH, I'm behind by about a whole season at this point, so I haven't seen the ending of S6).

Still, it would be interesting if it was somehow possible to obtain the race to use.  Make it very difficult so not very many people would be able to use it.  The emotion feeding mechanic could be handled by having the player required to spend a certain amount of time in a population center interacting with others in order to charge their character up, lest they suffer a penalty.  Being discovered would require the player to flee the town and hide so they could apply a new disguise.

Not sure how one could handle the floating player names though.  A mask being applied to the name would be a questionable thing to allow.  I mean sure, mods would be able to connect a mask name to the actual player, but still.

It's an interesting idea to consider regardless.

As to the other choices:

Griffon - They could be based directly off of peagsi, with a few modifiers.  Like, maybe with different balances to their top speed, agility, etc.

Seapony - Just wouldn't work, unless a lot of effort went into making them viable.  Like introducing a lot of sea/lake locations, and giving seaponies the ability to travel over land (perhaps limiting the speed to a brisk walking pace).  Nevertheless, it would be a massive undertaking to make sea environments interesting enough to make the race an interesting choice.

Draconequus - Same issue with Changelings, in that so many people would choose it, and balance issues to boot.  They'd have to make it a variant of unicorns in terms of powers, and not much more powerful (with some negative traits to counter any buffs, like a potential for spells to go 'chaotic' and misfire with random effects).  I'd just say "Nopenope" to this as a playable race TBH.
Of the Mane 6 plus Spike?  Fluttershy.  Though I probably identify with Twilight most (manic feakouts notwithstanding).

Of secondary characters, Maude Pie is my favourite.  Well, my current avatar should say as much, no?

Best Princess is Luna IMO.  Funnily enough, my current sig is Celestia, but that image was so good I had to use it (made most of it grey, but fading to colour in certain points, like her cutie mark).
So yeah, ShadowHoof here.

I first heard about this waaaay back when Equestria Online fragmented and most(?) of that team founded 'Legends of Equestria'.

I played an earlier beta version of this game, and I plan to give the public beta a go as well.  I'm hoping it'll be fun!

Been a Brony since discovering the show while S1 is airing and I have too much pony merch (somebody stahp meh!).

Been listening to that a lot these last few days.  I even went through the trouble of creating a .SRT for it, mainly for my personal use but I did share it.
Skyrim - I keep coming back to this time and again.

3D Fallout Games
TES (Oblivion and Skyrim)
Disgaea (Tactical Strategy RPG series)
Borderlands (FPS with RPG elements)

Megaman X / Super Mario World - I 100%-ed both of those, and beat them over and over again.
Skyrim SE.  Just...Lots of Skyrim.  I switched to that after having a FoE save that amounted to days of playtime.  I still haven't quite finished the main story with that game, even with my most recent long-played character.

Anyway, as to Skyrim.  My current character is an Orc spellsword (SpellWaraxe, rather).  I played on Legendary difficulty from the start which entailed a lot of reloads due to tough fights, but after some time I finally got my crafting skills up to snuff so now I'm kicking all sorts of arse and not even bothering to take most names XD  Only tough enemies like upper tier bandits and Deathlords tend to take more than a couple hits from my waraxes.  To say nothing of my ability to use Alteration and Illusion spells with impunity.  With my crafting maxed out and my character made into a badass I finally ventured into Bruma from the Beyond Skyrim: Bruma mod.  Pretty well done, that.

I also played Agents of Mayhem a bit when it came out.  Should get back into that.
Yeah, I'm not a HUGE fan of it, but it's alright.

It's a parody of "I'm a Barbie Girl" song by Aqua, if anyone reading this didn't know.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: MLP Fanfics!
2017 Aug 23, 22:53:32
Well, this thread hasn't been very active, but it's still on the first page sooooo...

I read a LOT of pony fanfiction, if I'm being honest.  Basically, every story I read (as in, words on a page) these days is a MLP fic.  I still have non-pony stories in the form of audiobooks, but even some audiobooks are MLP related.

My favourite MLP Fanfic is probably "A Voice Among the Strangers" by Tystarr and its companion novel "A Stranger Among the Voices", though the latter is incomplete.  There are a load of others I have liked a lot of course, including the ever popular Fallout: Equestria and Past Sins.

Currently I'm reading "Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends".  It's set in the Mojave wasteland and has nothing to do with FoE (Aside from being a crossover with Fallout anyway).

As to writing, I started one years ago but never finished it (Bad Shadowhoof, bad!).  I've started another one, got a few chapters in, but I've been slacking.  I haven't posted any of them yet, I wanted to be well underway with several chapters of backlog saved before I started posting, good thing.
General News / Re: The LoE Forum is Back!
2017 Aug 23, 22:36:43
Good to hear!  I also took the time to log in, I haven't posted since late 2014.  I know I played an early beta version of this as a unicorn and I remember the teleportation travel feature being buggy, so when the open beta comes out I'm looking forward to seeing improvements.
All time fave is probably...

Etna (Specifically from Disgaea 1.  I prefer that design):
Spoiler: show

Nothing really tops her in my book, though there are other characters I'm fond of in Disgaea, as well as other games.
I'll be grabbing it day one on BD.  A 3D and/or Steelbook version if I can get it.

Ohhhh, I can just see the steelbook design.  I hope that if it does get a steelbook, they go all-out on it.  It could turn out wonderfully.  The movie will probably be good too XD
Video Games Archive / Re: Dragon's Dogma
2012 Jul 31, 06:56:40
I haven't played in a good long while, but I was primarily a sorcerer (Maelstrom and Bolide FTW!).  Though I played some other classes just for a change of pace.  My character is one or two ranks from max Assassin vocation.

I have yet to actually complete the game (The post-game I mean).

My name there is Shadow of Death.  I rarely change my image, and never my name (Always Shadow of Death).  If I ever DO change it, it will probably be Shadowhoof anyway.

People who regularly or occasionally change their name and/or pic (mainly do both at the same time) confuse me.  I'm terrible at keeping track of all but the ones I chat with regularly.
Animations Archive / Re: Teen Titans
2012 Apr 18, 09:13:52
Teen Titans is great.  I'd like to get in the comics, but there is a bit much to choose from, plus tracking down issues...

I have all the DVDs BTW (all 5 series sets, and the movie).

Raven is my fave character BTW.