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The Retirement Home / Re: Do you hate me?
2012 Jul 08, 08:19:08
Topic locked. Intentionally or unintentionally causing unwanted drama on the forum.

Quote from: Forum Rules14.) Controversial Posts - If you believe something is controversial, questionable, or against the rules do not post it! The likelihood of it being against the rules is high if you, yourself, are unable to determine whether it is following the rules.

- Wolfs Ghost
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Art / PSA: Commissions and Free Art
2012 Jul 07, 05:09:38
Public Service Announcement

Good day every pony, and various of other creatures that we have traversing through this wonderful forum. We here at Legends of Equestria pride ourselves in our claim of this game being 100% free, and the last thing anyone wants is this project being shut down for legal issues. That is why you are currently reading this thread.

We have a lot of talented and aspiring artists who frequent these forums, we also have a lot of fellow Bronies who would like to have a commission of their own pony done by these artists. I'd like to first say that there isn't anything wrong with people paying money in order to have a commissioned pony for themselves, it is however wrong to go about doing it on these forums. The last thing any of us want is for Legends of Equestria to be shut down due to a legal dispute that could have been stopped before it even became an issue in the first place, and what that means is that... you shouldn't ask for commissioned art work on our forums, for multiple reasons of which I won't explain.

Many of the artists here have off-site profiles in which you can contact them to discuss your commission and payments, please do it that way. We will be deleting all commission requests, and money discussions should they take place on these forums.

Lastly, almost all (if not all...) of these artists do free art for everyone to begin with, and enjoy drawing as a pass time.

Summary: Do not discuss commissions and payment here on our forums, as it will be deleted and both parties will be warned.

Thank you for reading. You may return to your regularly scheduled browsing,

Wolfs Ghost
The Retirement Home / Re: Confession Thread
2012 Jul 07, 04:18:43
Fifty-six pages... and I only managed to make it to page three before concluding that this topic should be locked. Come on people, it's nice to confess things, yes, but keep them within the rules. Topic has been locked and moved.

Wolfs Ghost
-- LoE Writer and Moderator
Writing / Re: Guide to English Grammar.
2012 Jul 07, 04:13:15
Updated: 7/7/2012 (July 7th, 2012)
Quote from: SweBow on 2012 Jul 05, 19:21:22
Okey, let's stop worrying now.

Quote from: thegrandfunkasaurus on 2012 Jul 06, 00:54:47
Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, but I know how people can get online. Just a heads up, if anyone starts badmouthing other games, my banhammer will fall upon you with the fury of a thousand suns. Extreme fanboyishness is my personal berserk button.

With that, the topic shall be locked.
-- Wolfs Ghost
LoE Concept Writer and Moderator
Original Characters / Re: Non-pony OCs
2012 Jun 24, 23:55:34
Topic moved to proper locations.

Concept Writer and Moderator - LoE
Off topic posts removed.

LoE Writer and Moderator
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2012 May 05, 05:02:20
Music Archive / Re: Post your theme song!
2012 May 05, 05:01:40
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
2012 Mar 23, 07:37:44

Just heard the song on Pandora, and also just fell in love with it for some reason.
Video Games Archive / Re: Mass Effect
2012 Mar 23, 01:09:00
Quote from: The Stars on 2012 Mar 22, 22:03:59
Finaly finished with my Mass Effect 1 Renegade playthrough   :D

Gotta say though, the ending was pretty dark and epic at the same time. I mean, let the council die, let humans rise up as the dominant, feared race in the entire galaxy. XD Still, gotta love Renegade Shepard at times though.

Renegade (as I see it) is the "get it done, and do it right, no matter the cost." While Paragon (again, as I see it) is "By the book."

See post below.
I managed to get pure Twilight with a mixture of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
Video Games Archive / Re: Mass Effect
2012 Mar 21, 20:18:40
Quote from: Malkies on 2012 Mar 21, 14:40:04
True enough.

Also, Zero Punctuation reviews Mass Effect 3
Not sure how I still find him so funny even when he's bashing my favourite game

Thank you! I've been waiting for him to actually get this up.
Quote from: The Mysterious Artist on 2012 Mar 21, 17:23:29
Quote from: Vector on 2012 Mar 20, 19:50:06
Also, if anyone is wondering what happened to the 2D team contest, that will be up after this one is over due to the old forums exploding during the contest. If you drew anything for that contest, just submit it again once it resurfaces. Sorry for the inconvenience.  x3

So will the deadline be a another date for the 2D drawing contest?

Video Games Archive / Re: Mass Effect
2012 Mar 21, 14:26:06
If they make another Mass Effect game, it will be set in the same universe, possibly allowing the player to play as a different character during the Time that Shepard is around, or during the First Contact Wars (Which took place thirty years before the events of Mass Effect 1.)

There is PLENTY of History in the Mass Effect Universe to form a game around.
Video Games Archive / Re: Mass Effect
2012 Mar 21, 08:07:35
Quote from: Malkies on 2012 Mar 21, 07:12:32
Quote from: McSleuthburger on 2012 Mar 20, 21:41:21
i mean i wasnt really upset at all at the ending but whatevs it is the ending so everyone will have to deal with it

The only part that had me really angry was the Normandy part.
*is having a hard time dealing with it* :c

I suggest those who haven't beaten ME3 to not look at the spoiler.

Spoiler: show
For me, the Red ending, was the classic creation tale, it was also so similar to the ending of Battlestar Galactica that I didn't have a problem with it at all. The Normandy part, I enjoyed mainly because it's something that gets the player to thinking (or at least those of us who enjoy speculation) of how life was after the Reapers.


Statement Released by Bioware.
News Archive / Re: Welcome to LoE!
2012 Mar 21, 07:58:45
Quote from: Tiger on 2012 Mar 21, 07:51:38
Lol XD
But that wouldn't really have mattered, because the two days after that I wasn't able to get here for some reason. It just kept loading and loading :/

From what I've heard, our current host is just temporary so I would expect something like this and any other bugs to appear from time-to-time, though hopefully everything will fix itself later on.
News Archive / Re: Welcome to LoE!
2012 Mar 21, 07:48:14
Quote from: Tiger on 2012 Mar 21, 06:08:31
Took me forever to finally be actually ABLE to post here :| Why must someone accept us first before we can post??

That had actually been turned off, and the only reason it took for ages for someone to accept you because it took me five hours to notice about eight people waiting to be accepted. XD
News Archive / Re: Welcome to LoE!
2012 Mar 21, 01:14:01
Quote from: wildfire283 on 2012 Mar 21, 00:31:35
when will you guys continue work on the pony mmo and also whats your prediction of when it will come out are you close to finishing it or will it take another year or two to finish

Production hasn't stopped. As for the rest, I can't give you an exact date.