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Banned for banning that user that banned another user that banned the user before them that banned the user before that user before that user. :P
That one day in 2013 when a friend showed me... I don't remember it all but... I just couldn't help but keep watching more and more episodes.
The only writing I can do is informational essays. Are you guys looking for creative writing or writing in general?
If this thread is open, I guess they are still accepting applications so I'll post mine here.

Forum Name: cshadd

Age: 18

Experience: Currently an administrator for a group on ROBLOX called The Pony Project which contains separate mods. These mods all conform to an adopted Constitution of moderation which I made myself that outlines each moderator's duties and powers. This project has been active since 2013. Finally, this project has its own Forum which I am also in charge of.

Another experience is serving on my school's Student Councils and enforcing each policy inline with resolutions.

Why would you make a good moderator?: I am very patient and very understanding to people who are new to things. I am able to enforce the rules and keep myself inline. My availability is very flexible and I can always spend time to help the moderation team.

Anything else you would like us to know?: I prefer working in a team because a team of moderators in my opinion is better than a single moderator. This is due to the fact that a team of moderators will also make sure other moderators are kept in line. I have learned from experience that it helps when putting two or more mods to patrol a server usually helps both of them set high standards for each other. That when one mod does not conform, the other mod has the ability to correct the mistakes.

On the side note, I have a cheerful personality.

Hope I can help you guys.
Quote from: AnthroYuu on 2016 Mar 10, 02:19:08
@cshadd From what I could guess, they might not be accepting applications right now.  Though if you put in your application now, it'll be one of the first ones seen when they are taking them, I assume.

So I should ignore that it says on the first post that they are hiring for it? I mean it says it was updated recently too. I guess I could try to send an application right now...
Quote from: Princess Darcy on 2016 Mar 09, 21:03:27
The lead of Web Design is also the Programming team co-lead if I read the roster correctly, so I'd send an email to [email protected], or [email protected]

Before I contact them, are these positions really open? Because it does not display Front End Web Developer on the front page. Or are they just part of the programming team itself? I just want to make sure before I send an application. In fact I believe I did send an application before to be a Web Developer when it actually displayed Front End Web Developer on the front page.
Spoiler: show

It says that since February 2016, you are accepting Front End Web Designers. Who should I contact for more information or an application about this? I currently am interested in using CSS3 and HTML5 for any project you guys may have.
I want to report this in the Evershade, there seems to be a clipping with the Skybox.
Darn, web developers just closed or something.
Quote from: ocbaker on 2015 Jan 26, 03:15:20
Oh, well that should be fixed! Send it to either one but wait until tomorrow as the mail servers are currently offline due to the attack we've experienced this weekend.

Has it been fixed yet?
Original Characters / OC: Alice Shine
2015 Jan 27, 00:21:29
Sparkle Shine

Full Name: Sparkle Shine
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Age: 18
Parents: Dense Shine, Flitter Clouds of Clauvedelia

Spoiler: Occupation • show

Name: Royal Guard of Equestria
Position: Captain

Spoiler: Personality • show

Sparkle Shine is usually kind and shy. She is unlike the other guard ponies, usually trying to raise morale. She is determined to follow in her dad's footsteps to defend the homeland. She will go out of her way to help others. Calling her cute will cause her to blush and anger her.

Spoiler: Appearance • show

Coat: White
Mane and Tail: Blue with purple highlights
Eyes: Green
Cutiemark: Blue shield badge with a white star

Motto: "Defending the homeland from all threats foreign and domestic."

Hi! I am Sparkle Shine and I am a pegasus for the Royal Guard of Equestria. I always wanted to join after my father, and I will continue to do so. I may be a weak pegasus but my speed makes up for it! I hope you see you around. I am The Guard.
Quote from: ocbaker on 2015 Jan 25, 13:56:12
Hi all,

Super awesome that so many people are interested in helping out!

Make sure that you email the appropriate department for your interest in helping out otherwise your offer of help might be missed!

There are two emails for web development.

The website says [email protected], but the forum says [email protected].
Are you all still accepting web developer applications? I think I sent an application.
W-well it is my first time animating... But thanks for the idea!  :D