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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2017 May 17, 13:18:06
One of the things that annoys me the most is when a civil discussion about something is interrupted by memes. Like, you're talking with someone about a new game or something that came out, and someone just butts in unwarranted and spams skeleton war crap or dat boi for the next five minutes.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Game Progress?
2017 May 02, 13:17:38
Quote from: McClaw on 2017 Apr 28, 12:03:26
"Done" is a relative term for digital games. How many as complex as LoE have you seen that were offered as "done" didn't have additional content or features introduced later?

Well, I don't think a game like LoE could be truly be 'done' (maybe years in the future, when development stops. If it ever does, I know games that are running on 12 years now.) but it can at least be 'developed enough to the point of release and play' at some point, and I think that's what people are referring to here.
I took the test and it said Fluttershy, albiet I don't like her. Too real to the real-life me for me to enjoy her, perhaps.

I like Dash, though. If I could be Dash, I totally would. Being able to fly fast and go really anywhere on-the-fly (unintended pun) is something that certainly appeals to me. I mean, heck, my OC is pretty similar to Dash as well, albeit with a more military background.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Re: Game Progress?
2017 Apr 28, 10:23:12
The game is close to being done, as stated above, and I'm fairly positive they're working hard on it, and I wouldn't be surprised if the testers were really enjoying it. I think the impression of no work being done on the game is just from the lack of blog or news about new features or what they're doing. For instance, AoE (the fallout equestria game thing) sometimes puts up news/blog posts of some features they're thinking about, working on, or planning for and sometimes just their thoughts on certain mechanics.

They don't post often either, though, so both could probably use a bit more news or update or something to keep interest peaked and remind everyone this isn't abandoned.

Patience, I suppose, is our best tool here. I played this game in the most recent mass-test and it was loads of fun. Even if the game was just released with that old build, I would put hours into it. And I hate almost every MMO I've played with a passion. This is like, one of two I actually like. Blame it on the flying horses, I say.
I'm playing Night in the Woods. I watched a full playthrough of it, 9 hours, but I went on the wikia and realized the guy I saw missed literally most of the game, so I decided to play through it myself. It was incredibly hard finding a full, no commentary run of it, and I wasn't willing to search for another hour for one that actually was a 'full' game run. As in 100%, so I'm getting as close to that marker as I can.
I would actually like to. Unfortunately, I have completely forgotten my password because I only used it for WoW and HotS, both games I stopped playing a long, long time ago.

Good luck trying to find someone. If I manage to scrounge it up or something, I'll try to get back to you.
I like the idea of having a scuff or a bruise, but I'm not sure if there should be a full animation or a super detailed damage system. If you're low on health, maybe have a small, cartoonish # mark as a 'bruise'? Or maybe a bandage. Simple, non-graphic stuff like that has been seen on the show (If I'm correct, it's been a while since I've watched it.) so I don't see why it wouldn't be inappropriate for this game.

If not for damage, my OC constantly scuffs and bruises herself. Maybe add it as an option in creating a character? Not sure how it would work out, though.
Hm. I can't really say I have a set of all-time favorite games, since no game is really perfect. I have been enjoying these games recently.

Red Orchestra 2
Battlefield 1
Rainbow Six: Siege
Mount & Blade: Warband
Arma 3
Fallout 3
Monster Hunter 3

... and probably a couple more I can't come up with right now.
Original Characters / Re: My second OC.
2013 Aug 19, 12:55:22
I think it makes her special to have one color.....
And if I do choose more color's I'd force you to make up a name.
When I say 'Late Fillyhood' I mean she's probably like 14 or 15 years old, not old enough for people to consider teens (even though they are). By then I'd assume they could take care of themselfs and wouldn't need to be sent to an orphanage. And maybe that house she lives in belonged to her parents?
Also, she DOES visit Twilight's Library but that's only on occasion, so I didn't want to put it as a hobby because hobbies are things you'd do when you have free time, while visiting Twilight's Library is more like once every week or two.
The reason why I don't have likes and dislikes and personality is because she isn't very social. Nobody knows what her personality is, or her likes and dislikes and hobbies and stuff.
Original Characters / My second OC.
2013 Aug 18, 14:04:48
Well except for the fact that it's a unicorn this is my most developed OC yet because I forgot most of the details for my other one.
Name: Gray
Gender: Filly
Race: Unicorn
Body Color: Gray
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Do I have to?
Hobbies: Unknown
Cutie Mark: None
(Code for the pony creator version on the Media section: Dv/+Rv9/+vr6pubGAgAAEAUAAAAAEOQp99PMzPQDRgAG)
Spoiler: show
At young Fillyhood, Gray's family was convicted of a crime that they didn't do and all of their belongings were confiscated, except for their money because they kept it safe, hidden somewhere so that Gray might one day find it when she's older, smarter, and actually goes to school. She is in late Fillyhood now, with her own house and she can take care of herself, but has very little schooling and probably most fillies that come out of school know more than her, but she can still outsmart them. Gray is not her real name, as that is unknown, since Gray is not very social, usually only leaving her home for buying food or visiting Twilight's Library, that she lives beside. It is unknown where she gets her money, as she has no job. Also, some ponies spread nonsense gossip about her losing her color after her parent's died. It is nonsense... right?

Feedback appreciated.
Original Characters / My first OC
2013 Jul 17, 21:15:33
Well, I'm new to this. Very new. So I don't have a name yet. I'm bad at naming things.
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Body Color: Purple
Eye color: Yellow
Hair colors: Dark blue, and light blue (same for tail)
Hobbies: Writing
Cutie mark: Quill, ink, and paper (not shown in code, need somebody to draw it)
Pony code: 2G4900001069289400993800201FEF600UO1C3G000000001W16A3EC9619BFE0F107F3FCC004CB2
(that is for the pony creator)
Background: None yet, still in developement.
I say Nikola Tesla.
And I have proof to back it up.
image removed
any questions / concerns pm me

Ahem... Even though I just did something that might cause an uproar (If anyone even cares about this topic), Please do not fight over who is better.
Quote from: Pinkie Pie on 2013 Jan 21, 00:37:42
Character creator to be adorable. :3

But... you already are adorable...

I would definantly chose Save File and Extra life.... So, after I die, I can easily go back to before I died and avoid my death.

But, if there was an option to go to any place at any time (even if its not real), I would definantly chose that one.
And if there was one for transformation... I would go with that along with it.
I am from EO and i have been procrastinating about making an account here for months somewhat. I really hope I can get settled in well with the website. I usually am like pinkie, but im a bit nervous right now. >.<. Derpy and vinyl is obvously my fav pony.  :P