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Introductions Archive / Re: Hai.
2014 Aug 08, 15:02:33
Quote from: Aurora Skylight on 2014 Aug 08, 14:15:05
I once again forgot about open server weekend, and now drive is telling me i has to wait to dload.  ono
Oh well, i'll just say hi for now!

Simple solution to your no download issue. Right click the file and click Make a copy. This will put a copy into your google drive and you can download from there. Hope that helps.
I am a recent convert to Brony status thanks to the magic of Netflix. I basically turned the show on for my almost 2 year old daughter thinking it was a nice girly thing for her to watch to waste time. One thing led to another and we are both hopelessly addicted. Every time we get home she runs to the TV and says "Pony! Pony! Now pony!". I usually say ok and we watch the exploits of Equestria's least credited heroes. (No really. How many times have they saved Equestria and not a single person ANYWHERE seems to know?)

I caught the open server weekend post on Equestria Daily and dropped in to see what it was all about. The game client is currently in download so I'll find out sometime soon.