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(whoa, cool owo)

secretly plays Monopoly every week with friends
It matters because cookies.

What is the purpose of a Question Mark?
Thread Games / Re: X a Y
2017 Jun 30, 21:25:19
Sparkle eats a chocolate
Granted.  But all you can do is wish now and nothing will happen.

I wish for lemon drops.
shoot >.<

oh well, I might make another one with Nameless in it once he joins back in officially or my art style improves again.

new space pic :3
An Apple laptop.

I guess i'm a computer pone now : 3
Secretly eats popcorn for breakfast
because it doesn't exist.

Off-Topic / Re: The mentions thread.
2017 Jun 16, 09:18:55
Quote from: Nightshade Star on 2017 Jun 14, 17:54:45
@Peace Keeper

sorry ^^; my boyfriend was visiting irl for a week last month and then I had finals and then my grandparents came to visit xD school is officially over on Wednesday for me, which means I'll finally have time to be more active XD
I honestly don't see the resemblance, so I wouldn't worry about it ^^
Pardon the silliness, I was tired when I did this

Spoiler: doing this AGAIN because I changed my OC AGAIN • show
1:What's your OCs favorite color?
Ocean Blue and sunset Yellow/orange (forgot which one i wrote down and I'm too lazy to check if it was yellow or orange.  Pretty sure it was orange :P)

2:Where does your OC work?
Freelance performer/singer around Manehattan

3:What's your OCs favorite food?
Strawberry Shortcake

4:Does your OC have a favorite drink?
Pretty sure I wrote down warm apple cider with whipped cream in the file i have for her

5:How old is your OC?

6:Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
Does Super Hearing count?

7:Is your OC in a relationship?

8:What are some of your OCs strengths?
Optimistic, caring, friendly, not easily defeated, cheery, good singer

9:What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
Oblivious, acts before thinking, a little stupid, weak magic, physically weak, reckless

10:What is your OCs favorite outfit?
Hairclip she got for her birthday

11:What is your OCs spirit animal?
Still don't know what this is :P

12:Is your OC currently in school?

13:What is your OCs earliest memory?
Im pretty sure it's still a nightmare she has about being eaten by a shadow. 

14:Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?
Whats a cellphone :P

15:What makes your OC angry?
Seeing those she loves hurt.  Also math.

16:When is your OCs favorite time of year?
Spring i think :P

17:How long can your OC hold their breath?
like... 5 seconds.

18:What is your OCs favorite holiday?
Hearts and Hooves Day

19:What usually bums your OC out?
Homework (as a filly), being lonely (now)

20:What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
probably cookie pizza, if that's a thing.

21:Who is your OCs best friend?
Harmonic Hues and Soprano Sonnet (more of mai OCs)

22:Has your OC ever been arrested?
nopety nope nope

23:Whats your OCs biggest secret?
I don't think Sparkle really keeps secrets ^^; she's secretly a crystal pony, but she doesn't even know that :P

24:What does your OC smell like?
Strawberries probably

25:What time of year does your OC prefer?
I think spring? (too lazy to check)

26:What race is your OC?
(crystal unicorn to be exact)

27:What languages does your OC speak?
Whatever the native language of Equestria is, and probably a little city slang.

28:Does your OC like anime? Western Cartoons?
If anime is a thing in equestria, Sparkle would be into it :P

29:Can your OC swim?

*throws Sparkle in water*


30:What would be your OCs favorite movie?
The cheesiest romance you can think of :P

...or Frozen.  Frozen is good.

31:Does your OC believe in fairies?

32:Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
Sparkle isn't college age yet, so no

33:How many family members does your OC have?
5, not counting herself.  (3 if you don't count her birth parents)

34:Is your OC a huge fan boy/girl over anything?
Frank Sinatrot

35:How flexible is your OC?
Schedule wise? Extremely
Physically? ... Not very flexible

36:What if they were gender bent?
Sparkle would be the most annoying stallion in the world if she were a stallion :P

37:What was your OCs first word?
(probably trying to say music but failing)

38:Does your OC have any pets?

(cri ;~; )

39:Who is your OCs biggest enemy?

40:What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
Jumped off the side of Canterlot Mountain (in an RP)

41:What is your OCs motto about life?
Stay positive (or sing about everything)

42:Does your OC drink coffee or tea?

43:Who is your OCs biggest hero?

44:What color eyes does your OC have?

45:Does your OC like reading?

46:Is your OC loyal?
Very loyal

47:Does your OC tolerate violence?
Not under normal circumstances.  She'd only resort to it if she had to fight for her life.

48:What social class is your OC?
Lower end of the middle class

49:What country was your OC born in?

50:Does your OC cry easily?

51:What is your OCs favorite genre of music?

52:How does your OC feel about insects?
She'd probably think the slow moving ones like caterpillars are cute, but anything flying would freak her out.  Except maybe butterflies.  She wouldn't have the heart to hurt any insect though, even if it was bothering her.

53:What are your OCs hobbies?
Singing, Reading, Watching movies, Hanging out at a café.

54:Does your OC use any medication?

55:What gender is your OC?
Mare (Female)

56:What kind of clothes or accessories does your OC wear?
None.  When she's performing she'll have various dresses though

57:Would you call your OC adventurous?
Yes.  In theory, anyways.  Sparkle wants adventure, but she's never experienced it.

58:Is your OC social?

59:What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?

60:Does your OC enjoy nature?
She would probably enjoy it if she saw it.  She's never left her home (which is the huge city of Manehattan) so she hasn't really seen a lot of nature, or woodsy areas.
That sounds like a good idea ^^

I'd assume that would start with Virulent explaining the situation to everyone, but that's up to y'all

also WELCOME BACK NAMELESS!!!!!! :D *explosion of confetti*

we missed you dude <3
Hey guys.

I'm guessing the hault in this RP's activity is due to finals with school going on/coming up, which is understandable, but I'm a bit worried about the state of the RP.  Should we maybe get some plot stuff moving again soon?

After finals, of course :P

@ScarletInk @FakeSmile @Maplewood @Gamepaw @Julien999 @Super sayian pony @F1r3w0rks
True xD

The pony below me has an UTAU voicebank, or at least knows what UTAU is.
[Granny Smith]: what's that?  You have no purse?  Well why would that be a problem?

sorry, somehow a pony came into the real world and got onto my computer.  I hope you fix your purse problem soon.

So we know what happens if a tree falls in the forest no we don't, but what happens if a BUSH falls in the forest?  Does THAT make a sound?

yes it does.
False.  I don't know what a space samurai is but it sounds cool so would that be true???

The pony below me hates math.