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Quote from: WoomyToon on 2017 Oct 28, 22:42:50Hi! I discovered a pretty common bug in the game that happens a lot to me and my friends.
Usually when we're Unicorns, sometimes the standard attack moves and teleportation won't work!

If anyone knows how to fix this- this would be very helpful.
Thanks!  0:)

I commented about a teleporting problem when they just had open server weekends...(sigh)
hey everypony, I am glad to see that LoE is now full time. :D
Is any pony else having issues with teleporting? (between lands, not just into a house or thru a gate)
I often just log out on teleport without a error message...

Just stopped by to check things out, looks great, wish i could log to the grid to check it out, but as i cant yet,
(keep up the great work fillys and gentlecolts!)

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Quote from: Tiger Eye on 2016 Jan 10, 16:13:14
Awesome changes and updates!!! I can't wait to go to Sugarcube!! And try every change in our Equestria!!!

Me too!!! Just couldn't help thinking that the image of the stampeding pinkie pies in your post is like everyone trying to log into the grid when it opens, and we end up by crashing the sim. LOL  lol
Quote from: FlashRainbow on 2016 Jul 30, 17:02:53
Can anyone help me? My game's crashing aways i tryto traveling to sweet apple ochards. Pls Help ono ono

Me too! did this last time the servers were open as well :o
Just a thought, anyone know if the windows download works on a windows smartphone?  ovO
(I don't own one personally though)
@Thundergirl .. Yep :] i had all that too..  :c  given up already...
Kinghearts, there is a known issue (bug) with some of the teleports, the program will crash and log out.
Also if you haven't done this, disenable or temporarily turn of your virus protection to see if that helps also.

windows 7 32 shouldn't have any issues, but there is a problem with some mac OS'S.
Quote from: LilacIvy72 on 2016 Jul 29, 09:35:04
How do you get on the game it is my first time D:

This will start you off, when it is downloaded, you install it like any other program in your pc.
Is there something wrong with coltorado server?
i get a message that it cant load my ponys, and wont let me create one,
but the other servers seem to be ok. :I
Windows 7 32 bit.. download the viewer, install ... aaannnnd I'm in! :D

Hmm, I am still finding the teleport crash/logout issue.
I know it is a reported bug, but i hoped it would be fixed by now. Oh well. :/

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Oh by the way, i love the way the NPC Guards approach you and wave at you! lol
General News / Re: Announcing Release!
2016 Jul 19, 08:49:08
YAY!   :D

This youtube link was my exact reaction to this news !
Wonderful news!

Let us hope that LoE has worked out the teleport crashing/logging out issue this time, or very soon.

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after a few deep breaths i am over the excitement of that news, i had a few thoughts. ( strange, but true )
Firstly, how do we get everyone of pokemon go to log into the game when its up? ovO
secondly, if we do this, will everyone rush to get in here and lockup or crash the servers? O:
thirdly, i think its time i stopped worrying about all these thoughts! lol
Quote from: Mogeko on 2016 Jan 17, 01:21:18
why you so smart?

Actually if this person is greek, alpha and beta are a and b in greek.
or maybe they just did a science when they were a little cutiemark crusader. lol

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Anyway, Had enuff today im logging off (sick and tired of tp's not working) DD:
* kaylyn imagines you in the shower.. ovO

Anyways, i logged on ok, but about the only teleports that i can seem to get to work is the ones on cloudsdale to other parts of the grid (thats only two teleports) i really dont know if it is just me or not, i crash and log out each time i try.
Seems to be good otherwise! :D
Yep I can confirm that NONE of the ponydale teleports (except for the mines teleport) are working.
Those diamond dogs in the mines are so scary my pony fainted lol. lol
Gees, whatever you fillies and gentlecolts have done, its wonderful,  O: it seems there is no lag (latency) im only on dsl btw, Im very derpy when it comes to the  w,a,s,d keys for movement. :P maybe if I had a joystick lol.

I crashed out at the train station trying to teleport to apple acres I think it was, the teleport behind the train anyway if it wasn't.

:D :D :D

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AND.. I justlove those ponydale guards... It took me a while to work out that they were NPC'S. :D
None of the teleports at all are letting me in to ponyville (ponydale) DD:
Quote from: equestrianAce on 2015 Apr 11, 19:49:29
I still need resolve on the NPC targeting circle problem.

This sounds too obvious, and you can think anything you like about me, but in windows machines anyway, if you left click a NPC you get a circle, if you right click you get the talk box. Edit. Then left click the word Talk in the talk box, don't click the horse.
If this is not the issue, please add it in the bug reports section of the forum.

Im guessing you knew that already, but I just thought I would add it.

Quote from: Tiger Eye on 2015 Apr 11, 13:23:16
When it's loading to Caanterlot....
Spoiler: show

EEYUP, I got into canterlot ok, but crashed loading into heartlands.

This one is a reported bug,
If anypony finds any more, there is a bug reports section you can add it in there if nopony hasnt already  :]

Just dont say anything about clopping! >A<
Quote from: Amore93 on 2015 Apr 10, 22:12:44
Anyone else getting this after they log in?

Server Listing
Cutiemarks .. Downloading
Items ... Downloading
Abilities ... Downloading
Skills ... Downloading
Recipes ... Downloading
Item Atlas .. Done

Please help :(

As Rainbow dash said, try closing and reopening the game.
At least that works for me.

The game seems to run great! no lag/latency,
Some of the NPC ponys wont talk to me, but maybe they got nothing to say.
I cant seem to teleport to heartlands. i keep getting logged out.
Great works fillies and gentlecolts! Keep up the good work!
Quote from: pfiutek1 on 2015 Jan 25, 05:28:47
I cant go to heartlands. either i have a picture of it or aerial view or crash game

I can't teleport from cantermore to heartlands either. all I get is a log out and a crash log file
Also Europa server seems to be the only one letting me log in at the moment.
The server end guys and gals will get lots of data from this, but as users go, its not the best.