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Cloudy got up off the couch and took her saddlebags with her. She went up to her bed and put her stuff down beside her, as she laid on her bed.
It was late in the night. Cloudy was laying on the couch, thinking of what to do. She'd already taken a walk through of the apartment, but she didn't want to sleep in her bed yet.
Cupid laid there and didn't move.  She was too tired from scooting.
It was now 9:47 (or 21:47) at night. Cloudy... well... she was wide awake, yet she started to worry about FakeSmile (she was thinking about calling her smiley, but she wasn't sure how she would feel about that.)

((wow, I didn't expect the roleplay to go on for this long!))
Cloudy, as always, was pulling an all-nighter. She Opened up her laptop and played minecraft.
Quote from: Nameless Whirlwind on 2016 Feb 01, 12:52:02
((Question: To join do I need to paste my OC information? Or can I just jump in?))

((you can just jump in))

Cloudy set down her saddle bags, and locked the apartment.

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Quote from: Misty Fly on 2016 Feb 01, 13:22:59
//so noone is gonna RP with me?

((I'd rp with you, you'll just need to go to the apartment building))
Quote from: BlazingSun9001 on 2016 Jan 29, 15:01:06
((I can join, right?))

Name: Blazing Sun
Gender and race: Mare Unicorn
Personality: She's sort of friendly, and while it sometimes looks like she's not paying attention, she cares for everypony.
Age: 17 Years
Talents: Most to least important to her: Combat, Energy control and adaptation, Her 'solar panel' ability, video games. (Might add a fifth, but not sure.)
Appearance: Pure white coat with yellow eyes, and a white and yellow mane and tail that is shaped a little like the sun. Cutie Mark is an object from a game she loved but never got to play. The object is the Light Medallion, and the game (Since her ORIGINAL self had 3 different forms, one of them belonging to Earth) is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Likes: Most things fighting-based, video games (Except poorly made ones), the sun.
Dislikes: Evil, being too weak, the dark (She's not afraid of it, she just doesn't like it's relation to evil).

((Of course :) ))
Quote from: FakeSmile on 2016 Jan 30, 10:18:55
Fake Smile just nodded and smile. She thought the mare would have more questions, since they did just meet. She figured Cloudy was just being shy. Smile felt a bit awkward and didn't know what else to say. Silence filled the room as she tried to think of something to say.
Fake Smile: Uhh. . . .You can go check the rooms upstairs if you want. Its pretty much one big room with a bathroom and a walk-in closet. I wen't ahead and bought another bed; the bed to the farthest right is mine though.
The mare glanced over at a clock on the wall and a small frown formed. She forgot that she had some errands that needed taking care of, and one of her stops is going to close soon. Looking back at Cloudy she added,
Fake Smile: I actually have to run a few errands in a bit. I can leave a key for you if you got stuff to move here. The extra key is in my office so once you're done with the upstairs, just stop by there. Its the room across from the bathroom.
The mare finished as she pointed down the hall toward her office. Before making her way toward her office, the mare shot Cloudy a smile.

Alright, I'll see you in a bit.
Well I don't really have any questions, its nice here.
Yea, I've seen this place but I've never actually been inside.
((You can join if you want :3))

Cloudy got up from her seat, and threw her cup in the garbage (she ordered tea).
She followed Fake Smile to the apartment.
Cupid, getting tired from scooting, face planted, and napped.
Quote from: FakeSmile on 2016 Jan 27, 21:34:06
Fake Smile took a sip of her drink for a long time again; she had to think of a way to properly answer it. The mare didn't mind more pets but she was more concern about the cats. She have one cat currently living with her, and that was sort of close to the truth. Once she took the mare to her apartment she would figure out the rest. As she drank the last of her frappuccino  she replied,
Fake Smile: We aren't reeeeeally suppose to have pets. . . But I got a cat! She is an ol' gal so she won't cause you much trouble!
. . . If your dog can uh, not attract attention then it should be good.

The mare finished with a smile as she pushed her cup to the side. The mare sat for a bit in silence as she tried to think of what to ask next. To get her thoughts going, the mare tilted her head side to side which caused the bells on her hat to jingle. After a bit of thinking she smiled as she came up with another question. Happily she asked,
Fake Smile: Hold on, I thought of another question! This might be the last one, since I can't think of anymore. Can you like, take care of a house? I mean, I'm not a slob but. . . I tend to forget to clean up after myself. BUT I did clean up the place a bit for ya to look 'round.

"Yea, and I don't mind if you leave a little mess around. I grew up with a brother and a sister.
(The sir is not pleased.)
Oh no.. It's fine.. As I was saying, do you have any problems with small dogs?
Well-  Cloudy was cut off by the stallion who yelled.  She looked towards Honest jack and Ink Comet.

(Yea, Cupid is Cloudy's wolf. So she might show up in the rp I made.)

Cupid quickly gained ground on the other wolf, yet she stopped in her tracks when she smelled pie.

(Yea, they should talk for some funny moments.)

Cupid got up and yawned, as if she just got finished with a nap.

(Also, i think I should add that Cupid sleeps whenever she face plants, or whenever you put a tissue on her.)
Seeing red, Cupid tried to catch up, yet she tripped and face planted in the middle of the train set, the train circling her.
Yes, I am an artist.