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Redownloaded everything, got through a few pages of dryalogue and it crashed with the same error.
Very well. I know of at least one other person who was experiencing similar problems, but I'll give that a try and report back on how it goes.
I haven't played for a while and only today I went to open the game. The launcher updated it, and now whenever I try to play it crashes withing a few minutes of joining a server.  :s

I can't even walk more than a couple feet. There are 11 crash dumps that the game says I should send to the developer, but there's no indication anywhere of how I'm supposed to do that so I just kind of... have them.

Quote from: Mike Dragon on 2017 Apr 06, 23:36:29
Here you go!  ^-^!JcYU1abJ!hgummczXOOUoWn9PST3USrj6GG5mFQ3Dqr2BLEwBQfM

Quote from: Galapagois on 2017 Apr 08, 11:05:19
Updated, with a little luck our own website won't decide to block it too  :ellowee:

Yay! Thanks!

Sorry, I forgot to come back after posting that.

Only thing to sort out is getting my antivirus to stop deleting it. :T
Can someone re-upload the original Sockuestria game? I want to try it but mediafire has blocked the file thinking it's 'dangerous'.
I had an amazing time bouncing around as a Pinkie Party Pony and met so many people as well.   ovO

Quote from: Tiger Eye on 2015 Oct 11, 14:58:54
Will be Twilight's castle in Ponyville in the future? (Just asking xD)

I honestly don't know if Hasbrow would stand for that.
Personally I'm fine with the map as it is, all I could ask for is maybe some rooms in Cantermore Castle. (...and maybe less derpy jumping animations.)
The cupcakes are secretly Cupcakes cupcakes.

Oh, and Peace Keeper's mother was Rainbow Dash. :o
I secretly eating a Twinkie right now.
Secretly Dr. Evil trying to deflect suspicion.
Has been secretly licking Naura's candy before she gives them away.
Quote from: LaptopBrony on 2015 Oct 06, 11:03:02


And I haven't used flash on youtube for ages. Ever since they started with the html5 player.
*gasp*  O: They found me out! Abandon thread! Mares and foals out of my way! *leaps under coffee table*

Secretly wishes they could be Rainbow Dash.
Secretly worked at a cheesecake gactory before he was fired for eating the merchandise.

Still such a long way to go though. But on the last open server the game looked really impressive, much better than I'd expect from an Alpha.

Also does anyone have a link to the trailer on youtube? Flash keeps crashing for me.
Is secretly a bottle-nosed dolphin.
Quote from: Night Pony on 2015 May 31, 10:26:45
I will change again.  ovO

Then I will keep changing it. I will change seven times a day every day. ovO
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Gif's Galore
2015 Jun 01, 03:50:03

Only twelve more days.
Alright, thanks sleuth.

Quote from: Night Pony on 2015 May 31, 09:06:50
Until I start using your avatar.  ovO

And I will change it, and yours will break. Heheheh. ovO
It's not showing an avatar for him on his profile but if you scroll down the page you see this:

And the same page in a private browsing session:

I have also seen it on someone else's posts.

Edit: Same result when using chrome.
Edit2: Seems to be only on his comments on profiles. Thread posts are fine.