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So I've been addicted to Mother 3 lately, and I ended up playing the entire mother series I even changed my desktop to a Mother 3 theme.

Spoiler: Desktop Background • show

The series is known as Earthbound in the US, but most people probably know that already thanks to Smash Bros.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Oct 02, 21:39:58
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2015 Oct 02, 18:13:56

I had no idea that there was no sales tax on uncooked food. No wonder my food budget is so much higher than everyone elses. I eat 100% prepared food, which is taxed, ON TOP OF just plain being more expensive.

I gotta learn to cook.

Cooking is nowhere near as hard as a lot of people make it out to be, heck just read a few guides online and you'll be fine. I've always just followed the recipe for larger stuff, and for normal things like meat and such it's just a matter of making sure it's fully cooked and trying out different seasonings you like. Lemon pepper is really good with chicken but so are many other things. A lot of times cooking can be like art if you have a lot of spices. One key thing is to taste different spices on your finger first then use them if you think it'll be good with what you're cooking. You can also mix two spices you like together and taste them the same way to see if they work out well.

Generally if you get used to it and know what you're doing cooking your own food tastes much better than pre-prepared food. (And costs less.)
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Oct 01, 19:25:06
Quote from: Lync Volan on 2015 Oct 01, 18:58:51
I didn't know Dark Souls was an online type game, i only recently got the first one because someone recommended it to me and it sounded pretty awesome (as you can tell i haven't started it yet)

Yeah, it can be played online and offline. If you're online players can invade your world, or you can summon them to help you. Did you get the PC version or console version? If you got the PC version I highly suggest finding a gamepad for it. Xbox controllers work with it by default but others need to be setup. I have DS1, DS2 and DS2 scholar for PC.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Oct 01, 16:56:29
When I get summoned to help people in Dark Souls 2 as a blue sentinel, and the host fights the red phantom alongside me. Our whole purpose as blue sentinels is to defeat the red phantom for them, more often then not when they fight beside you the red phantom player targets them and ignores you then they get defeated and then you get sent back to your world because the one who summoned you was defeated.

It'd be better for them to hide somewhere that way if the blue sentinel does get defeated the red phantom is already injured and the host has a higher chance of winning.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Windows 10
2015 Sep 28, 22:05:50
I had a few major problems myself during the initial install of the release it corrupted my MBR 2-3 times and I had to manually repair it using old dos tools. I also had to turn off raid in my bios because apparently windows 10 hates that. I didn't actually use raid so it wasn't that big of a deal. But after all the troubles formats fixes and re-installs so far everything is working great now.

A few weeks after that I installed it on my laptop and my cousin's laptop, which since a few patches it seems to install fine now and didn't give my laptop any trouble or my cousin. So maybe they finally ironed it out. I decided to stay with Windows 10 for DirectX12 alone though I plan on getting a new card that supports DX12 properly.

Off-Topic Archive / Re: Windows 10
2015 Jul 21, 00:37:04
Quote from: Nuserame on 2015 Jul 20, 12:10:48
LaptopBrony with a barely usable laptop? Unacceptable!

Install some ClassicShell, stat! Configure it to disable all the hot corners, and you have yourself a perfectly serviceable OS.

Also I the UEFI lockdown sounds like a lot of hear-say. Locking that down would just cause everyone a lot of trouble as it would brick the machine the moment windows inevitably bricks itself with an update or something. Even then, if you have the machine in your hands its always get around the password.

Micosoft's likely answer to that is how Windows 10 makes OS backups at least from what I've seen in the technical preview it's capable of restoring itself to pre-use condition but you lose your apps and registry for installed programs. In fact a bug in windows 10 Technical preview crashed the OS and it gave me the option to system restore or reset the OS. I picked reset since I didn't store anything important on a Beta OS. It basically reset the installed programs startup settings and a bunch of other things which also broke the anti virus I had installed on it. It's basically a more potent system restore that brings it back to clean condition. The only thing unaffected is personal files.

They probably figure that's enough for the average user. However if they do lock it we'll find a way around it one way or another. If I'm correct even the original Xbox was the first major console with homebrew development MS will always have holes in their systems that people find.

Also Windows 10 discs won't be locked meaning they could re-install Windows 10 with that as well. The way they plan to lock it is only OS's the manufacturer allows will be able to be installed on the device so unless they allowed Linux you couldn't install it without breaking through the security first, which is pretty dang stupid on their part there are still many reasons to run a dual boot OS or liveCD/LiveUSB OS's.
You can't always go by brand though my sister had a six core AMD processor and it out performs my 3GHZ Intel processor. Both of our PC's are about 5-7 years old though I got a new GPU for mine.

My intel is only a dual core but most games still only use 2 cores anyways though a few are using 4 cores now. Every now and then AMD has a gem that outperforms some of the intel processors, back in 2005 the AMD athlon series tended to fair better than a few of the intel processors for awhile. Also clock speed is not the most important aspect of a CPU it's clock combined with a number of different factors and features in the CPU itself.

Another interesting note is a lot of AMD GPU's perform better with lower required watts/voltage than a few Nvidia GPU's It's one reason AMD GPU's can be really great for budget gaming and still run a lot of games at 720p/1080p medium to high settings with an average PSU.

However in this case it'd be best for you to go with the intel i7 CPU, AMD was better back around 2005 but currently intel has had the best processors since 2010 but their performance comes with a higher cost. Cores do not matter much at all right now. Most games can only use 2 cores, a few games can use 4 cores but unless something has changed recently then most use only 2 cores.
Off-Topic Archive / Re: Windows 10
2015 Jul 17, 05:30:43
Well, it was only a matter of time before MS screwed something up again, they're now trying to give manufacturers the ability to block other OS's from being installed on your device when you buy it, it's going to be a feature in a lot of new OEM devices with Windows 10 that will only allow you to use Microsoft approved OS's. Meaning if you don't build the PC yourself it's not likely you'll be able to install Windows 7, 8, or Linux (Unless it was approved by MS, or the vendor selling the PC.) on it as Windows 10 will be locked into it, and if they want to go further, the manufacturers may even lock the bios as well.

Sources :

In the apparent name of supposed security they're going to make it much harder or impossible to install a different OS aside from what came with the device.

Honestly this is a really bad move on MS's part, they're going to cause themselves even more trouble. I know I will now only ever build a PC myself. I don't like a company telling me what I can and can't do with the device I bought especially when it comes to dual booting OS's. Linux can not only be used to fix a broken system but to easily recover lost files as well as fix corrupted or broken/cleaned partitions especially if it's on a separate HDD.

The reason I mention MS even though the manufacturer can choose whether to use it or not, is the simple fact that Windows 8 PC's introduced this crappy gimmick and many companies will likely end up using it.

Some of the Linux developers are finding ways around it but the fact that this was even tried at all is very annoying. :l I may even stick to Windows 7 on my current devices to stop showing support for such actions in the future.

If I'm correct this feature will also block LiveCDs/LiveUSB's such as the ones used to boot temporary OS's.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2015 Jul 15, 16:58:32
I got through all the stories in Birth by sleep.  ovO Now I'm replaying KH1 and KH2. I watched the 358/2 days thing rather than played it.

Terra's story was awesome I loved the final boss fight. Aqua is probably my favorite character though.

When I replay KH2 it's going to be the remix version. I didn't get KH1 remix because I heard not much changed in it story wise and I only had enough for KH2.5.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Jul 12, 14:21:35
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2015 Jul 12, 12:35:08
Spoiler: show

You completely misinterpreted the point of that comment...which I clarified in the very next line. I wasn't suggesting that employers just randomly fire people when they hit 40. Why on Earth would I think that? That would not only be incredibly bad business practice, it would be illegal age discrimination. The point is if you're over 40 and have never once been eligible for public assistance of any kind then it means you've made it through the majority of your working life with nary a hiccup. You've never once lost your job or ended up with crushing medical expenses or endured unaffordable rent spikes that forced you to seek outside help. Have you got any idea what a miniscule percentage of the population can say that?

The point was that people who have never run into any serious hurdles in life need to quit looking down their noses on those that are temporarily down on their luck in a way they've never been. If you're going to criticize my post, then at least criticize it for a point I'm actually making.[/spoiler]

I think part of the reason I misinterpreted what you said was because the of the word "Privileged" Despite the dictionary meanings of the word people usually use privileged to mean something given freely to someone and or not worked for.

Sorry for the misunderstanding on my part.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Jul 12, 02:59:52
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2015 Jul 11, 09:09:38
If you're over the age for 40 and have never received any welfare benefits in your life, then you're a VERY privileged human being, it means you have always had a reliable source of steady income, a privilege not everyone can boast.

Just because someone hasn't ever received welfare doesn't mean they're privileged, people work for their jobs and not all jobs get rid of you once you turn 40 because different people from different places offer those jobs and not everyone thinks someone is useless after they reach 40.

Most posts you seem to make are satire insults to people of different groups, simply because they're not in the same slump. Life isn't fair and just complaining about it all the time and insulting others is not how you get farther in it. People work for what they do have so they don't have to get welfare and leech off a system designed for people who can't work. According to you these people are privileged though, and yes there are many people who even if they barely get by refuse welfare so that other people who actually need it can get it with less problems. Lord forbid someone have good intentions suffer for those intentions and be labeled privileged because of it.  :l

My family is in that group, we refuse welfare and some days we got by simply by eating rice or other minuscule nutrient food like packaged ramen which was not healthy to eat. We may be doing better for now but we've had debt issues before and anything can cause them again.

Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Jul 01, 04:55:52
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2015 Jun 30, 17:18:41
Sounds like a pretty shady ISP to me. I've never heard of any internet plan that imposes data limits. Well, unless you're using dial-up like a caveman.

Sadly nearly every ISP in the country has a data limit now, you'd be hard pressed to find one that doesn't (though they are out there). They usually put them in their ToS so you can't see them that well unless you've read through it all, or somewhere on their website where you have to look for it. The only services I've seen that don't are dial up providers. I've never once seen a data limit on dial up because dial up is so slow it doesn't need one. Many rural areas are dial up only as well though DSL is rapidly expanding in rural areas thankfully.

Average dial up rates are 2-5KB/s Average DSL is 256-1000KB/s So they impose data limits. Comcast has a 250GB (unless they updated their policy again) a month limit so does my ISP CenturyLink which sucks because we have the technology to not have limits imposed on us yet they do. 3g/4g providers have a 5GB a month limit, 3G's average rate is 250KB/s 4G around 900-1000KB/s+(due to some instability it can sometimes go higher or lower.).

As for my annoyance the ISP's in this country and their imposed data limits which they could easily surpass if they bothered to upgrade their service.
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2015 Jun 10, 16:19:22
So close to E3. So close. There's a few games I'm interested in seeing more of this year.
Thanks, there's really no other way for me to get one except through trading or the GTS which I always worry every time I use it.
Quote from: Rikaria on 2015 Jun 10, 12:50:23
Seeing as I already have a female, Modest Ninetales with Drought on my Y, I'm more than willing to do it. Just one more question: any Egg Moves?

Hypnosis would be cool if that's alright.  ^-^
Off-Topic / Re: Today's Smile
2015 Jun 10, 13:53:41
So for awhile now I've had a water damaged 3ds that I had to replace the battery on, but the L and R buttons still didn't function correctly anymore. Today my cousin gave me his old limited edition fire emblem 3DS because he has a limited edition version of the 3DS XL now.
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Jun 10, 13:46:10
Quote from: Chibalt on 2015 Jun 10, 13:22:48
Unfortunately the cost of living in many areas, particularly in the US, is significantly higher than what you get working a full day for minimum wage, sure, minimum wage should not be enough for luxury, but in those areas it tends to simply not be enough for basic costs and needs, many of which are needed to be able to even get a higher-paying job, thus they are stuck in a low-wage job unless they suddenly get a lot more cash which they really have no source of, not even in work, so they pretty much get stuck in a low place.

I already mentioned the costs of living in the area I live in the US on the previous page. You can get land and a house for $256-300 a month on a 15 year loan and with careful management can still buy food and handle your utilities. In Missouri the prices aren't too bad granted I do not know much of the other state's costs, what I mentioned was mainly about Missouri and my general area. I do know that even Texas and Pennsylvania  has cheaper counties to live in you generally have to do a lot of research it's best to search as many counties near you as possible and check all individual prices.  ^-^

But yeah I think this is going way off topic now...
Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Jun 10, 13:12:24
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2015 Jun 10, 13:01:29
Spoiler: show
Not making your kids ashamed to to blue-collar work would be another plus. Throughout our childhoods we were told over and over that a college education is the only way to a comfortable future and that if you don't go to college you're doomed to be stuck in low wages your whole life struggling to scrape a living together. The truth is blue-collar, public-sector jobs usually pay living wages, and have better job security than white-collar desk jobs in the private sector. The problem is millennials don't want to do manual labor because our parents always portrayed such jobs to us as symbols of failure in life. ("If you don't want to end up digging ditches or driving a garbage truck for a living, you'd better get yourself a college education!") The truth is careers in things like construction and waste management are actually decent paying jobs that require no upfront investment like college-level jobs do.

I never did understand the hate for those types of jobs, heck you can get paid $21 an hour for working at CostCo but CostCo requires previous experience to work there. You start out at $11 an hour and you get a 50 cent raise every six months because CostCo is ran on seniority rather than job position. So as long as you do your job you get paid good and it rises the longer you stay two of my cousins work at CostCo and they love it.
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Off-Topic / Re: Dumb things that annoy you
2015 Jun 10, 10:37:25
Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2015 Jun 10, 09:59:09
Spoiler: show

So you're agreeing that people need to set realistic goals instead of reaching for the stars and getting upset when they don't grab one, right? Cause that's the point I was making. The idea that we can all be whatever we want if we just work hard at it and never give up is a fairy tale. One that's been fed to an entire generation to the point where millennials feel like failures if they don't achieve their life goals.

Bottom line - In this life you cannot be whatever you want to be, you can only be what the world will let you be, nothing more. Not everyone can be the CEO, or the president - yet that's what everyone aspires to be, to reach the top. There are always thousands rank-and-file workers for every one CEO. That's how it's always been, and that's how it'll always be, you can't have a corporation of all CEOs and no workers. Yet we've been raised to feel like failures at life if we don't achieve our dreams, which is simply a flawed worldview.

You can't tell children that anything is possible through hard work and dedication, it's not, and it sets people up for disappointment and self-blame when things don't work out the way they wanted them to. It's like throwing a chicken leg in the middle 10 homeless dudes and saying "fight for it!" then after the fight you walk up to the 9 who didn't get it and say "Well, you could have had the chicken if you had just fought harder!" Which is true on an individual level, but not on a collective one. No matter how hard they all fought, at the end of the day only one of them could have the chicken. You knew good and well that 9 hobos weren't getting any dinner that night, so why are you making them feel like it's their fault their still hungry?[/spoiler]

Partially but my main point was people who constantly complain won't get anywhere in life because they've already given up on trying and believe everything and everyone is against them. If you fail then try again because you've only truly failed when you give up. If you can't be a CEO find the next best thing you want to be you should mix dreams with realism.

It's not a lie telling your children they can be whatever they want. It's very true but does that mean it will happen no, does that mean it won't happen no. The point is the possibility is still there and if you tell your kids the more realistic view they're going to have a very depressed life, and they won't have any aspirations at all for what they want to be when they get older. No one is a failure unless they give up. The point is to have dreams to strive for maybe they're too big when you're younger maybe they aren't too big at all it depends on what you do in life and how you react to the situation and if you adjust your dreams according to your situations.

I've never cared for striving to be at the top because the top is meaningless, all I care about is having a place to live and having a job, friends, and family.